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Sasha may have read this bumper sticker somewhere...

歡 迎 [pronounced huān yíng, huān yíng] means “JOYOUS WELCOME” in Mandarin Chinese and of course you know who Sasha Obama is, (no introductory necessary). So S.O. is speaking Chinese in her early stages of intellectualism. Read what the 9 year old presidential family member has been talking about:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Talk about a high level language exchange.

President Barack Obama’s nine-year-old daughter, Sasha, wanted to test her developing Chinese skills this week while Hu Jintao was in town.
Just whom did she want to practice them with?
The Chinese president himself, according to a White House official who recounted the story on Thursday after a formal state dinner the previous night.

“The president pointed out last night at the state dinner that his daughter, Sasha, is a very young girl but her class is studying Chinese,” Ben Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser, told a video conference with Chinese bloggers. “She’s under 10 years old and they’re studying Chinese, and she wanted to have the chance to practice her Chinese with President Hu.”

The anecdote illustrates Americans’ desire to get to know China better with more people studying the country and doing business there.

Continue the ‘chinese lingo’ read HERE.

I used to jam JIN a few years back, but I don’t fluently speak Chinese.
I’ve left the art of doing so to Sasha O. – I hear she executes most beautifully.

I’m Qui [Pronounced: Key] lol!
[Pronounced: Huān yíng huān yíng – qǐng zuò].
[Translation: We Welcome you anytime].

Hot dog! Now you speak Chinese! lol!


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All Hail! All is well with The Queen!

I’ll tell you WHAT about ARETHA FRANKLIN: She doesn’t have cancer.

How’s that for a bill of health? Highly refreshing.
Media news stated that she had PC
Perhaps the result of some real “sensationally ill” guessing?

Here’s what the queen of soul had to say about the rumors she’s heard about herself:

“Well, there was just so many wild things out there and just so many things being said that weren’t true,” she said Thursday. “I just felt I needed to address it a little.”

Who would have said such a thing? Who would “karma seek” such a feeling?
Folks need to think before they speak, it’s their future that their dealing.

Surely everyone knows that. 🙂

Well now we have it straight from the mouth of the melodic angel,
I’m Qui
Giddy about ARETHA’s good
. To feel good is always my angle.