In Griot, Music, News on January 21, 2011 at 12:55 pm

All Hail! All is well with The Queen!

I’ll tell you WHAT about ARETHA FRANKLIN: She doesn’t have cancer.

How’s that for a bill of health? Highly refreshing.
Media news stated that she had PC
Perhaps the result of some real “sensationally ill” guessing?

Here’s what the queen of soul had to say about the rumors she’s heard about herself:

“Well, there was just so many wild things out there and just so many things being said that weren’t true,” she said Thursday. “I just felt I needed to address it a little.”

Who would have said such a thing? Who would “karma seek” such a feeling?
Folks need to think before they speak, it’s their future that their dealing.

Surely everyone knows that. 🙂

Well now we have it straight from the mouth of the melodic angel,
I’m Qui
Giddy about ARETHA’s good
. To feel good is always my angle.

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