Me without You

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Bidding the MEDIUM adu

Gosh. Did you see the MEDIUM series finale? Heart gripping & tear ripping (yes- I cried).

Allison Dubois finally became a lawyer and trying a big case, for the DA just 7 years post Joe Dubois death in a plane crash on his way home from work in Hawaii.


Yep! That’s how the show opened up and steadied it’s 60 minute course on NBC last Friday. Leaving many of its faithful viewers sitting in shock through every commercial waiting for the “explanation” as to what the heck happened to Joe — did he (with certainty) die and why are we opening up the episode 7 years in the future? Wow!

Allison and Joe Dubois’ spirits were destined to intertwine completely throughout the life of the sitcom script and the writers saw to it. Joe Dubois ultimately died 41 year prior to Allison’s death, (Allison died of natural causes @ a nursing home residence). The minute her spirit was released from the confines of her body – there Joe stood to greet her simply saying, —

Joe: Hi.

Allison: You waited.

Joe: Of course. Are you ready?

Allision: Do I get a kiss?

Joe: From now until the end of time.

Then the big kiss scene sealed it and Sly & The Family Stone jammed us into the credits.

Very dramatic. I’m sure this is reading like an old 1920’s black and white film, but it was clearly 1080i.

Bidding Adu to The Dubois'

OMG! A tear jerker. Allison lived a widowed life for 41 years post Joe’s fatal plane crash accident, became a lawyer, raised their 3 children by her self, and a slew of grand kids, (framed pics in her nursing room implicated).

The episodes title was befitting: “Me without You”.
Wow — What a “deep scenario” to go through.

And who knew this was where the story line would end?
You never saw it coming by the way it all began.

I applaud the producers and the writers who never let on
just how abrupt the end would be. So subtle – yet strong.

Parallel Point made.

A lot like real life — but you’d be happier to know –
The real life medium who was portrayed on the MEDIUM show

is indeed alive and well – as are her children and her Joe. 🙂
I just thought that was something you might want to know.

So it’s over and done with and we all had fun.
Where there’s life and death – there will be a MEDIUM.

History tells us…

Im Qui
Absolutely enjoying Life & doing what I do.
Flipping the title to say – there’s no ME without YOU.

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