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Trudging uphill w/Phil

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Todays run of Dr. PHIL Housewives was pretty good. I am honest in saying “I have not been diligent in watching the saga” – but each time I tune in, it’s feline relative.

A whole lot of cat fighting,
nail biting,
minus the scripted writing.

I dig it! So WHO are the WOMEN on the HOUSEWIVES panel? Meet:

So much fun!

Todays episode found Alana digging deep into Gloria’s britches
No foul name calling, just a whole lot of profane wishes.

Gloria said she didn’t give a F#CK and felt invoked to yell out: SHUT THE F#CK UP!
Alana then inserted her piece without any ‘grease’ and things got rough.

Alana felt Gloria was disrespecting the Dr. and the others with her sailor charms.
Tempers flared – no feelings pared, thank God it didn’t result in swinging arms.

Rachel was looking pretty innocent – but has bigger fish to fry of her own –
Unprotected sex has planted a seed and her gestation time has grown…

Rachel and her beaux are courting; she’s got some knowledge, but doesn’t have a job.
Rachel direly needs to get a grip on reality and Dr. Phil pointed out ‘the knob’.

He arranged a corporate score for Rachel- by way of a high potential job interview.
Rachel used the “like” and “you knowfiller lingo – the whole way through.

She pumped herself up and padded her political skilled truths,
but when asked about Arizona’s SB 1070Rachel didn’t knowwhat it do‘.

A job may be what her life duly thirsts,
But she will definitely need professional coaching first.

Jennifers husband just ain’t right – though as of late, he’s been softening up.
Jen says his current behaviour is repulsive and that she’s really had enough
of feeling sorry for herself, and living alone with a husband that constantly cheats.
Jennifer will be laying it all out on the table for “our closer scrutiny” on next week.

Kimm was pretty quiet today and Michelle did a slight show of ‘lay low’.
Michelles biggest comments came when ROBIN dropped in on the show.

Other than that Alana and Gloria hogged the spotlight indeed.
They did such a good job – I’ll be sure to tune in again next week.

I’m indeed a ‘feline she’ – who works and plays from home – best,
I’m Qui
Digging the “Camp Patsy She’s” for sharing the ‘truths of their heads’.