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There’s hardly a prettier face,
with tighter ab work space

in the female [make-up] DNA trace,
than the exhibition of “wash board abs” on Madison Chase.

Madison is a childhood friend of mine, in fact, she’s Katrinna Mathis‘ little sister. If you knew Kat then you’d have immediately recognized that Madisons svelte features scream β˜›β˜›MATHIS Manufactured. From what I’ve heard, Michael Mathis (their dad) is one tall, handsome glass of good mocha DNA; however from what I have seen, it is their mother Sonja who holds all the cards of beauty in her reflection and is in youthful mint condition. Ooo La La. At first glance, one may think: the family surely owns a hyperbaric chamber, but the truth is — they do not own a hyperbaric chamber β˜›β˜› they do have MADISON and the benefits are priceless.

Madison Chase Fitness Boot Camp

I hadn’t seen Madison since I was in the 8th grade until she popped up on FIT TV along side KENDELL HOGAN. Kendell was the session host, but your eyes can’t help but to drift to the right hand corner of the television screen (known as the sweetheart spot) where Madison is hard at work on her supportive calisthenic display of strength. She makes it look easy but the bulging muscles in her calves, thighs, abs, and arms say anything but. She’s the real deal and she’s definitely the ‘calorie burner’ that many of us need to feel. Me first. lol!

Kendell’s boot camp workout plan and motivating vocals inspired me to want to do it,
But looking at Madisons physique accomplishments – encouraged me to get through it.

Her discipline is unmatched and her dimpled smile is encouraging along the way.
She’s the perfect work out gal at the ‘start of’ and ‘end of’ your selfless day.

If we work hard for others, shouldn’t we work even harder for ourselves?
If you’re working on a fitness goal, you deserve to have Madison on your shelf.

Mix up your routines with this sister of lean
DVD’s are coming soon via her website scene.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to grab fitness and get serious with it,
Madison says you’re just her DVD type in: “GIVE ME 15 MINUTES”.

I don’t do new years resolutions – I do my best keeping Hersheys chocolate at bay,
I’m Qui
Ready to step my game up and GET FIT with MADISON CHASE.

Check her out. Its to your benefit: I’m CHASING her down as we speak. πŸ™‚ …I so need to get into my fat burning zone. lol!

A REEL Good Time

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Yes it was! Yes it was!
A REEL Good Time filled with networking hugs.

We walked the red carpet rug with David Smalls and Tangela
and was snapped by PAUL β˜›β˜›photo journalist w/The Examiner.

I had a blast at the 5th Annual TBFF last night.
The company was great and the films were tight.

There was M. Legend Brown & Sharice Henry Chasi
who reeled a side of schizophrenia – that was insightful & mentally nasty.

There was Michael Graysons short film piece “The Assignment”
A show of corporate espionage and retribution – gone violent.

Then “The Caucus” showed up on the silver — and I was one happy lady;
for I am the co-writer and director of the witty and insightful baby.

“The American Dream” and “Katrina’s Son”
both went hard and bore “reel weight” in their sums.

Hanny Lee was responsible for the show of: “The American Dream”
While Ya’Ke‘s work on “Katrina’s Son” ripped a big hole in the American seam.

Yes – It was deep ya’ll
“Katrina’s Son” was a direct & metaphoric wake up call.

“Take Too Long” was an animated film about Hurrican Katrina too.
It was sobering and sad – but was ‘a filmmakers truth’.

Also in the house, was a Rob Underhill film
his sole actor: Mike Wiley — can’t help but to win.
Last year Rob hit us up with “Empty Spaces” an Emmett Till spin
This years point of view: “The Wolf” was “on said topic” again.

I was crunk last night without the ‘juice or the gin’ or any other kind of stall.
I even walked the red carpet with SOULFOOD’s moma: Ms. Erma P. Hall.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me and came out – I felt the love,
I’m Qui
That REEL thankful she – who enjoyed your networking hugs.

The TBFF will be in full swing tonight, Friday and Saturday
so annytime is a good time to drop in and “Support Convey“.
That’s WHAT WE DO – Hey-ey!πŸ™‚

In REEL Element


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TBFF Red Carpet & Qui Films

This time last year I was a “first time spectator” at the 4th Annual TBFF. While I cruised the streets networking “what I want business to be” — I heard a commercial on K104 about the festivals being in progress at STUDIO MOVIE GRILL in Dallas. I called Katrinna Mathis (my best girlfriend since 8th grade) to see if she wanted to roll out with me. She was like “bet!” I scooped her up and hit I-30, to 35-N, to Woodall Rodgers, to US-75, exited Royal Lane, bought a couple of $8.00 tickets and IT WAS ON! We were in! Kat and I enjoyed it immensely. In fact, Giancarlo Esposito was the Guest last year and little did I know my mild mannered, shy consumed girlfriend had a CRUSH ON GIANCARLO since the reel of (Spike Lee’s) SCHOOL DAZE. She whispered it to me while in theater watching festival films, so…naturally after the event came to an end, I bought one of Giancarlos independent films and got in line behind other spectators to see the filmmaker, shake his hand, ask him to sign my copy of his film and to RAT OUT my girlfriend. lol!

As I approached the front of the line and Mr. Esposito — I initiated with “compliments to the artist” and of course I gave him my famous ‘back popping hug’, then I immediately went into, “This is Katrinna – my best girlfriend since 8th Grade, and she just told me that she has a crush on you and has had one, every since you let Tisha Campbell lick your scalp in SCHOOL DAZE (Julian – Dean Big Brother Almighty)”. His eyes widened with surprise, he laughed and said, “Oh really – so I should be hugging her!“, then he squeezed the mousy happiness out of her. It was the highlight of her month. I know it was. Awesome time. He encouraged me to enter into the festival next year and followed up with, “If you need any help or someone to look over your film – at anytime – Email me.” Great! We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I’ve been on fire every since.

I immediately came home and wrote a column entitled, “The Reel TBFF“, where I chronicled this statement:

The Texas Black Film Festival has only celebrated it’s 4th Annual this year and to be REEL honest with you β€” I can’t wait until next year. In fact, I’m working on submitting an exhibition or two of my own. Why not? I’m black, I live in Texas, I’m festive and I’m an aspiring filmmaker. The conditions are perfect for me to utilize my Panasonic HVX200A digital film camera, my Final Cut Pro software and my formal writing and film education.

Upon posting those words I KNEW I had to follow through.

February 7th, I received an email from the TBFF that my short film “THE CAUCUS” has been selected for screening on opening night of the TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL [Wednesday 2/23] following the RED CARPET EVENT @ 7pm. Giddy and goofy about the news I hit up Katrinna and you’d have thought she had won an Oscar — she was so excited and ‘ret to go. In fact, she asked if she could ride with me again – Of course I said yes! Kat hit me up last Tuesday to make sure we were still on & to invite me to her b’day party at The Cheesecake Factory in Arlington @ 7pm on (2/19) Friday night. While I was in route to the Parks Mall, (where the cheesecake factory is), Kat texted me and said, she’d rescheduled her b’day celebration for Sunday. –No problem. We were still on schedule for the TBFF Wednesday too.

Kat died in her sleep Saturday morning at about 6 am, the day after her birthday (2/20) — Lupus complications. So you see, today is an emotional high for me, and I remain optimistic in my purpose moving forward. Though I really hoped she and I would have made the TBFF an Annual girlfriend thing…and in someway, I guess we still will…

So here’s the part of the story where I tell you that I’m excited!
I didn’t knock the FILM FESTIVAL HUSTLE – & am glad I tried it.

I’ve read — quite a few indie filmmakers with blogs, (paralleling myself)
tout about not being able to conquer ‘the film festival’ tale.

I respectfully understand
that festival panels have a heavy task on their hands:
picking which films they will show to their captive FF fans.

Many films are submitted but only a few will be chose…
It’s a process — like Life…and so it all goes
that you have to step up to the plate many times in professional fun
to position yourself to hit a HOME RUN.

and when you do swing — hit it out of sight!

Well it’s HUMP DAY and Red Carpet Time is here,
I’m Qui
a “Loving the journey” She – saying “Go for your dreams w/o fear!”
A WIN β˜›in Your bin☚ is seriously near.
I’m REEL’y in your corner…may we always keep it REEL.

About LIFE…

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Don't sleep on it

Baby, that’s the gospel!


It used to be ALL GOOD in my hood

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***To read the JULY 2012 UPDATE on this article
Please click on the RESPONSES button below***

K104 has been [97.9] BEAT OUT

It hasn’t been the same since NANNETT LEE left the gang…

[RADIO in Dallas, TX] What happened here? Dallas was known for playing the crunkest street jams on the radio and K104 was at the helms.

The year was 1993 – SKIP MURPHY was on the scene and NANNETT LEE was a part of The K104 Morning Team. The laughs were great, the community support was fantastic and no one could rally up the people for a good cause better than K104 and The Morning Team. It’s true. They became an a.m. staple. Only K104 could start the day off with a corny inspirational “I LOVE SCHOOL” song sung by sunday school kids and have the whole community not only ‘love it’ but actually look forward to it at the start of their day. Once in the car and in route to work/school the a.m. chemistry and 4-1-1 couldn’t be beat. We laughed. We cried. Sometimes we laughed until we cried — and the community was on one accord.

Then there was GREG STREET at 6 o’clock and shortly thereafter we were introduced to SKIP CHEATHAM and Flava TV. Remember that? Good days.

The summer of 2003 one of my homeboys from TN rolled through Dallas on business – I was playing chauffeur for the weekend. I asked him about his music preference, (which CD he’d like to listen to) – he quickly replied, “K104 is cool. Dallas is the only city I can travel to and not have to bring a ton of CD’s. The songs they play are stupid sick compared to the local air waves in Memphis”. What a compliment. He hasn’t had IT work in TX for a minute, but I’m sure when he does visit again he’ll bring “a ton of CDs” because the music here is garbage and the morning show is anything but something you want to wake up to. [smh *shaking my head*]

When K104 was at the top of their game: WIG was the Producer of The Morning Team and SAM PUTNEY (fan of a “big legged woman” ;)) played the Weather Man. I say “played” because I don’t think Sam had the necessary credentials to be a meteorologist, his assistant or his gopher — but it sure was fun to hear his take on this crazy Texas weather among other things. Their chemistry was proper and raw with Skip Murphy and Nannett Lee heading up the a.m. party. At the time, Skip Cheatham was the new kid rocking the afternoon slot. Flava TV is how we largely became familiar with the good-looking golden brown brother who really couldn’t host his way out of a box – but he looked great trying.

It was good times. Then all of sudden we wake up to β˜› NO NANNETT LEE. No Nannett Lee? Wait! Let’s rewind…The path that Nannett was on before she dropped into former radio host oblivion was gastric bypass surgery and getting fit. She was also hosting a weekly comedy night at Addison Improv: “PHAT TUESDAYS”. It was quite the popular weekly and was my whole reason for even socializing at the establishment. Nannett Lee is someone you WANT TO see. The amount of fun you could have in the presence of Nannett’s Comedy was SO BIG it made her look like a waif. That’s saying a lot, considering at the time she had to be in upwards of 250 +/- lbs on a 5’3 frame. She is hilarious and affectionately relative. Her fan following is HUGE. Which is cool, because Nannet looks almost half her former size & is apparently in collab with some other show doing “finger food cooking”. I found a couple of videos on YOUTUBE of Nannett cooking (2010) – Check ’em out: Click HERE.

K104 and The Morning Team

Chris Arnold, Skip Murphy, Nannett Lee, The WIG & Sam Putney

Anywho, to make a long story short – Nannett got fired, for some bull corn excuse
and Skip Murphy took the opportunity to tell the public and β˜› β˜› insert “the juice”
that was a cross breed between “maybe” and “factual truth”.

But it really seemed like the “air-it-all-out-show
was nothing more than a kick-in-Nannetts-side on the low.

Skip Murphy said something about her, HR & “being tardy”
Then one year later ol’ Skip lost his seat at the party.

K104 landed on her feet and scooted Skip Cheatham into the spot
But then just a year or two later – lil’ Skip slipped the knot.

Management (in swift motion) duly CUT HIM too —
as well as their ‘loyalty to family’ per the listeners view.
and now the station is boo boo. lol!πŸ™‚

Oo-oo-oo You know I just wonder why
Blacks don’t support blacks but will criticize their lacks – as if a high.

There was no reason for Skip M. to act like Nannett’s firing was on point,
Then without telling listeners before hand – he, too abruptly exited the joint.

Skip Cheatham was quick with the rebound; and a REBOUND is all he was.
He was boring as hell, but gave 150% each spell –so I give him “respectful” ❀HUGS❀.

What the station did wasn’t right and all of its loyalty has gone away.
I’m not interested in getting Wild with Buck or listening to ‘the green’ Lady Jade.

K104 today gets no car play when I’m in the drivers seat,
I’m Qui
and if I want to hear that “trash called radio rap” I digitally search: THE BEAT.
Ooo Wee you never should have gotten rid of Nannett Lee.

Taking a BATH or Getting HIGH

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I first heard of MDPV this morning on CNN’s A.M. Fix with Kiran Chetry and T.J. Holmes, (since John King has left us for FOX NEWS as of recent). It seems that smoking patchouli (incents) went out with the FALL of last year, once law enforcement investigations & the media busted up “the party”. But if they thought for one minute that taking the incense off of the market would keep the kids sober — think again. Those that choose to get high have traded in their patchouli for “IVORY WAVE” or some other bath salt stimulant containing MDPV.

Read what one hallucinating MDPV user wrote on Erowid Experience Vaults:

I found it odd there wasn’t a vault for this chemical. That should have been my first clue about this stuff. It was so cheap though, I couldn’t resist. A lot of people on the internet were saying it was weak and not to do it, so I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal.

Couldn’t find anything really about IV dosing, so I decided to try that when the intranasal thing wasn’t doing it for me. It gave me a rush, I was surprised! I was wired, and feeling really good. So I did more, a lot more.

In less than 2 days (even with sleep) I developed psychosis. I have a lot of experience with stimulants, and have tried over sixty types of drugs and RCs with only one psychotic episode (did coke every day for a year and took 3 or 4 phentermine tablets that night) I started seeing people, mostly police officers outside my windows. At the time, I was selling drugs and had just sold some to a friend of a friend. I started thinking that I sold to a narc and I was in deep shit. I’ve never been so paranoid in my life!

There were cops everywhere. Then a special forces team came in at night and put their guns to my head. There were a lot of auditory hallucinations such as police radios and people (sometimes people I know) talking to me very clearly. It all was very real and vivid. I think this stuff may cause brain damage. At the moment, I’ve been experiencing extreme short term memory loss and balance loss. It has affected my speech as well, with sentences coming out jumbled or not making any sense at all. There’s a lot more that happened but it is very difficult to write at the moment.

In short, MDPV is incredibly addictive for me and caused horrible side effects at high doses. I’ve done pretty much every drug in the book, but nothing fucked me up quicker than MDPV“.

WOW! He said he has done every drug in the book —
and MDPV was the worst of the highs on the hook.

The user also said his speech was seriously slurred
during the MDPV ingestion surge.

Wait!? His speech was slurred & sentences wouldn’t come out right —
Isn’t this what happened to [News Anchor] SERENE BRANSON on Grammy night?

Anybody selling bath salts in low dose grams for $49.99
knows good and well it ain’t for cleaning your behind.

CLUE: Wouldn't you need MORE SALT for your BATH than this?

It’s for a bad trip — an alternate state of mind…
I wouldn’t be surprised if BRAIN BLEEDING is what we later find
is the consumers end result of this sensation reported rash.
What does a 3rd world country manufacturer know about “a good salt bath”?

Hygiene isn’t tops on any 3rd world country list
But what is rising in ranks is this bath salt bliss.
Don’t lose your mind to this….

Here’s a forum read – you don’t want to miss: PARTYVIBE.COM
At least read the posts before indulging in “bath salt” fun.

I just thought I’d let you in on what party high is currently poppin’…
You can outlaw weed – but the HIGHS won’t be stoppin’.
If a HIGH is what the people want — the internet facilitates coppin’.

LOVING a lot…

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Loving a lot on VALENTINES DAY 2011

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I’m loving the feeling.
The artic freeze is gone and the aftermath is appealing.

I’m LOVING a lot about LIFE and I’m duly on my way…
Our film “THE CAUCUS” will be debuting at the TBFF in nine days.

I’m also loving smart fashion and clever styles that never rest –
Just ask MICHELLE O. who recently sported an H&M [$35] dress.

Oh yes! It doesn’t always have to be a “go for broke label and price” –
Michelle rocked the MATT LAUER interview & she looked superbly nice.

Drake has a rumor out these days – or maybe he’s just in a ‘P&R rut’.
Drake wants to leave Weezy and Young Moneybecause they smoke too much?

I’ve verified nothing – I just heard it over the air ways:
Drake wants to go to ROC NATION and kick it with JAY.

I’m LOVING a lot – including the fact
that Rap Artists have opportunities in the industry like that.

Ain’t no shame in moving over a coast or two. The game certainly doesn’t stop.
And Young Money shouldn’t be mad at all – They’ll always be BOOT HOT!

I’m LOVING today being Monday, because next Wednesday is soon to come,
I’m Qui
Happy Valentines (on and offline) — I’m anxious about the TB Film Festival fun.

“The Caucus”
World Premier
@ Studio Movie Grill (75 & Royal Lane, Dallas – TX)
Wednesday – February 23, 2011
In the 8pm-10pm block
Red Carpet Event kicks off at 7pm

I’ll see you there. πŸ˜‰

On 2.14.11: Nat `King’ Cole’s TV show gets digital release (AP) (click highlighted link to read AP report).

About PAUL

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The Real Negrodamus

Oh yes – About Paul Mooney… He is one of the most funny, wise and tactfully blunt brothers that I have ever observed. Surely you’ve seen him on David Letterman, or talking about Oprah on an occasion, or just being Negrodamas on The Dave Chappell Show?


Well perhaps you remember him from his DVD “KNOW YOUR HISTORY – Jesus was black“?

No? Yes? I thought so! How could you NOT KNOW Paul Mooney. The brother is edgy and real. Almost too real to be on film, but not really. Thank goodness for DVD’s and edgy comedy show productions that bring Mr. Mooneys wise comedy to life.

☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ✈

Paul was born August 4, which makes him a Leo and even bolder than that– he shares the same birthdate as President Barack Obama. In fact Paul wrote a comedy sketch for “The Richard Prior Show” called “The first black president”. The sketch depicted the 40th President of the U.S. to be black. Could you imagine if our president (also born on August 4th) would be so brazen and forth right with his “recollections of history” and “out look for his own race” while honing the U.S. throne? How real…how scary. White America would be lost. If you happened to catch “The Richard Prior” skit in the headlining video – please tell me you cracked up hearing Richard Prior say, ‘White America is anxious to get below 5% Unemployment, but Unemployment in the hood is at 45%”. 45%? Why??? ‘ Talk about side cracking funny. The skit also predicted that there would be black owners and coaches in the NFL…30 years before today. That’s so much more than “comedy” and today it is noted “history”. I thank God it was filmed/televised.

Know Your History - Know Paul Mooney

Here are the goods on Paul Mooney per

Paul Mooney became a ringmaster with the Gatti-Charles Circus. During his stint as ringmaster, he always found himself writing comedy and telling jokes, which would later help Mooney land his first professional work as a writer for Richard Pryor.

Mooney wrote some of Richard Pryor’s routines for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, co-wrote his material for the Live on the Sunset Strip, Bicentennial Nigger, and Is It Something I Said albums, and Pryor’s film Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling. As the head writer for The Richard Pryor Show, he gave many young stand-up comics, such as Robin Williams, Sandra Bernhard, Marsha Warfield, John Witherspoon, and Tim Reid, their first break into show business.

Mooney also wrote for Redd Foxx’s Sanford and Son, Good Times, acted in several cult classics including Which Way Is Up?, Bustin’ Loose, Hollywood Shuffle, and portrayed singer/songwriter Sam Cooke in The Buddy Holly Story.

He was the head writer for the first year of Fox’s In Living Color, creating the character Homey D. Clown, played by Damon Wayans. Mooney later went on to play Wayans’ father in the Spike Lee film Bamboozled as the comedian Junebug.

Paul Mooney initially appeared in the sketches “Ask a Black Dude” and “Mooney at the Movies” on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show. He later appeared as Negrodamus, an African American version of Nostradamus. As Negrodamus, Mooney ad-libbed the “answers to life’s most unsolvable mysteries” such as “Why do white people love Wayne Brady?” (Answer: “Because Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.”) Mooney was planning to reprise his role as Negrodamus in the third season of the Chappelle’s Show, before it was canceled.

In 2006, Paul Mooney hosted the BET tribute to Black History Month titled 25 Most @#%! Moments in Black History. In this show, he narrated some of the most shameful incidents involving African Americans since 1980. The top 25 moments included incidents involving Marion Barry, Terrell Owens, Wilson Goode, Michael Jackson, Flavor Flav, Whitney Houston, and Tupac Shakur amongst others.

How many black folks do you know
who will stand
toe to toe;
and face to face with the truth?
Beyond those in the Bible, the 13th disciple and Ruth —

Who could it be?
None other than Mr. Mooney.

He’s well respected, he’s wise, he’s good looking and he’s black.
He writes comedy, he motivationally speaks and he even acts.

Richard Prior may be deceased but PM continues to keep it real
about what’s going on in foreign hoods – our racial bads and goods
and of course with what’s going on atop of the hill.
Is he someone that you can feel?

Is he too strong for general purposed TV?
Perhaps indeed — so go out and cop his DVDs.

About Paul MooneyI just wanted to bring him to light,
I’m Qui
On a Black History Scene of comedic rights and insight.

I was wondering amidst all of Pauls wisest absurds
why he would ever agree to bury the “N Word”?

–May I never be skerd
to use the N-Word.
Because my race counter parts certainly will…
Thus “to not bury it” is my appeal.

It is a WORD. However tough.
I understand its meaning – I didn’t make it up.

[or click here if video doesn’t open for you:]

The 1st Black President Skit
Written by: Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney
30 years before President Obamas Administration

The Caucus

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“THE CAUCUS” is the name of a short film Directed by Qui. It’s witty, educational and straight to the point.

The year was 2008 and the first black presidential candidate was fighting to be the democratic nominee. African Americans turned out in droves to vote in support of such a historical play in process. Technology made the presidents campaign a success and it was technology that facilitated the cell phone call that leads us into our 2 minute witty and insightful short film that has been chosen for screening at this years TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL [February 23-26, Dallas, TX]

Qui Films is the name of our production company – drop in on us: Qui Films and Qui Movies. We definitely are looking forward to you coming out and supporting us and the TEXAS BLACK FILM FESTIVAL on February 23 – 26. Let’s make history together, let’s keep caucusing, and may we always, always, always keep it REEL.


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Steelers vs Packers SUPERBOWL 45

So I hear The Steelers are in FW & the Party is in Sundance Square.
I don’t know what you’re up to tonight – but me? I plan to be there.

Wave if you see me smiling about –
and I’ll be sure to mention you in my updated #shout.

I’m that chic that’s feeling good on Super Bowl Weekend,
I’m Qui
& long after the moment passes – I pray “this feeling” won’t end.

I’m that always HIGH [on Life] Ms.
Let’s do it! πŸ™‚

‿↗⁀◕ β–‘ U β–‘ P β–‘ D β–‘ A β–‘ T β–‘ E β–‘ β—• β€β†˜

The Steelers rocking SUNDANCE SQUARE in Fort Worth, TX 2.5.11

Last night was wild. Last night was fun.
Big ups to HB, Lady E & the ‘SUNDANCE Run’.

I’m a native of FORT WORTH also known as ‘The Funk’.
Where the bartenders are always giving and the scene eludes bunk.

The strippers were in full force – causing green to rain hard on the land.
I didn’t strip, I was posted up in the chauffered whip –
with ‘the leaders of the band’
networking necessary business at hand and embracing late hours with no sorrow,
because we know hard work today will pay off in big dividend/dollars tomorrow.

Last night was a delight!

The Super Bowl is in a few more hours & we shall soon see,
which one of the conference winners will take home the trophy.

Oooo Wee! Yes siree – I’m happy & all too pleased
to see the sun shine bright and warm up life properly in ‘Big T‘.

It’s a beautiful 41 degrees
the high [@ noon] will be increased
by a radiating degree of 3. πŸ™‚