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THIS American Morning

In Griot, News, Politics, Sports on February 4, 2011 at 10:01 am

CNN is good for yielding me an ‘early morning say’
especially when hosted by Kiran Chetry and the good looking TJ.

They hit on the violence in Cairo
as well Gabbie’s husband ‘on-the-go’.

Mark has a star guided purpose taking him beyond earth on a to and fro:
Mr. Kelly thrives most when operating on a galactic like flow.

Shrimp is being farmed, though not solely @ sea
but raher in the desert by BLUE OASIS in the NV.
Oooo Wee.
Vegas will raise fresh shrimp and pretty much near
about a half million pounds a year.

This weeks CNN Hero is Eddie Canales
for his bravery in undertaking such a necessary challenge.
Game Contribution: Taxi’ing high school student athletes
who suffer from life altering injuries – but never defeat.

Eddie’s son Chris played high school football
and became paralyzed
from a hard tackle & fall.
Then just a year later, while the E & C were at a A & M game
they watched another athlete, end his career – much the same.
Academic based Athletes Spinal Injuries are rising in claim
Eddie had to do something thus Crusader became his new name.

As soon as E & C hear of a high school athlete whose down for the count –
the two pony up in the modified GridIron Mini Van and roll out.
To visit the athlete personally…to strengthen and build a bond
To encourage the young man that there is HOPE AND LIFE beyond
falling victim to your passion.
Eddie & Chris have made this their purpose of fashion.

God bless E & C and their all-inclusive good deeds.
God Bless all foreign journalist who are over in ‘The E’
that didn’t take the flight home, when the government encouraged them to.
Since then THREATS [to stop all outgoing broadcasts] is what their going through.

As for the violent protestors in the Cairo streets
Mubarak says he will not encourage them to cease.
Ooo Wee.

Our (see-saw) January Jobs Report per the Department of Labors vine
says we’re UP 36K added gigs and still DOWN by a percentage of 9,

With 50K private sector jobs added, this is a positive ascent;
Our decent came in the 14K jobs that were cut in the government.
(is it shrinking) 🙂

There’s a silver lining in every situation. Just look for it – you have’ta,
I’m Qui
and today it’s actually colder in Dallas than it is in Anchorage, Alaska.
GOOD TIMES is all I’m aft’a. 🙂