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Steelers vs Packers SUPERBOWL 45

So I hear The Steelers are in FW & the Party is in Sundance Square.
I don’t know what you’re up to tonight – but me? I plan to be there.

Wave if you see me smiling about –
and I’ll be sure to mention you in my updated #shout.

I’m that chic that’s feeling good on Super Bowl Weekend,
I’m Qui
& long after the moment passes – I pray “this feeling” won’t end.

I’m that always HIGH [on Life] Ms.
Let’s do it! 🙂

‿↗⁀◕ ░ U ░ P ░ D ░ A ░ T ░ E ░ ◕ ⁀↘

The Steelers rocking SUNDANCE SQUARE in Fort Worth, TX 2.5.11

Last night was wild. Last night was fun.
Big ups to HB, Lady E & the ‘SUNDANCE Run’.

I’m a native of FORT WORTH also known as ‘The Funk’.
Where the bartenders are always giving and the scene eludes bunk.

The strippers were in full force – causing green to rain hard on the land.
I didn’t strip, I was posted up in the chauffered whip –
with ‘the leaders of the band’
networking necessary business at hand and embracing late hours with no sorrow,
because we know hard work today will pay off in big dividend/dollars tomorrow.

Last night was a delight!

The Super Bowl is in a few more hours & we shall soon see,
which one of the conference winners will take home the trophy.

Oooo Wee! Yes siree – I’m happy & all too pleased
to see the sun shine bright and warm up life properly in ‘Big T‘.

It’s a beautiful 41 degrees
the high [@ noon] will be increased
by a radiating degree of 3. 🙂

  1. Congratulations to the GREEN BAY PACKERS
    You are certainly no SUPER BOWL slackers!

    With foam cheese hats sitting atop of your dome
    I must say YOU LOOKED GOOD in our Cowboys Stadium home.

    How did it feel to be the Lone fun in the Lone run?
    Ow! 🙂

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