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Taking a BATH or Getting HIGH

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I first heard of MDPV this morning on CNN’s A.M. Fix with Kiran Chetry and T.J. Holmes, (since John King has left us for FOX NEWS as of recent). It seems that smoking patchouli (incents) went out with the FALL of last year, once law enforcement investigations & the media busted up “the party”. But if they thought for one minute that taking the incense off of the market would keep the kids sober — think again. Those that choose to get high have traded in their patchouli for “IVORY WAVE” or some other bath salt stimulant containing MDPV.

Read what one hallucinating MDPV user wrote on Erowid Experience Vaults:

I found it odd there wasn’t a vault for this chemical. That should have been my first clue about this stuff. It was so cheap though, I couldn’t resist. A lot of people on the internet were saying it was weak and not to do it, so I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal.

Couldn’t find anything really about IV dosing, so I decided to try that when the intranasal thing wasn’t doing it for me. It gave me a rush, I was surprised! I was wired, and feeling really good. So I did more, a lot more.

In less than 2 days (even with sleep) I developed psychosis. I have a lot of experience with stimulants, and have tried over sixty types of drugs and RCs with only one psychotic episode (did coke every day for a year and took 3 or 4 phentermine tablets that night) I started seeing people, mostly police officers outside my windows. At the time, I was selling drugs and had just sold some to a friend of a friend. I started thinking that I sold to a narc and I was in deep shit. I’ve never been so paranoid in my life!

There were cops everywhere. Then a special forces team came in at night and put their guns to my head. There were a lot of auditory hallucinations such as police radios and people (sometimes people I know) talking to me very clearly. It all was very real and vivid. I think this stuff may cause brain damage. At the moment, I’ve been experiencing extreme short term memory loss and balance loss. It has affected my speech as well, with sentences coming out jumbled or not making any sense at all. There’s a lot more that happened but it is very difficult to write at the moment.

In short, MDPV is incredibly addictive for me and caused horrible side effects at high doses. I’ve done pretty much every drug in the book, but nothing fucked me up quicker than MDPV“.

WOW! He said he has done every drug in the book —
and MDPV was the worst of the highs on the hook.

The user also said his speech was seriously slurred
during the MDPV ingestion surge.

Wait!? His speech was slurred & sentences wouldn’t come out right —
Isn’t this what happened to [News Anchor] SERENE BRANSON on Grammy night?

Anybody selling bath salts in low dose grams for $49.99
knows good and well it ain’t for cleaning your behind.

CLUE: Wouldn't you need MORE SALT for your BATH than this?

It’s for a bad trip — an alternate state of mind…
I wouldn’t be surprised if BRAIN BLEEDING is what we later find
is the consumers end result of this sensation reported rash.
What does a 3rd world country manufacturer know about “a good salt bath”?

Hygiene isn’t tops on any 3rd world country list
But what is rising in ranks is this bath salt bliss.
Don’t lose your mind to this….

Here’s a forum read – you don’t want to miss: PARTYVIBE.COM
At least read the posts before indulging in “bath salt” fun.

I just thought I’d let you in on what party high is currently poppin’…
You can outlaw weed – but the HIGHS won’t be stoppin’.
If a HIGH is what the people want — the internet facilitates coppin’.