A REEL Good Time

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, Politics on February 24, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Yes it was! Yes it was!
A REEL Good Time filled with networking hugs.

We walked the red carpet rug with David Smalls and Tangela
and was snapped by PAUL ☛☛photo journalist w/The Examiner.

I had a blast at the 5th Annual TBFF last night.
The company was great and the films were tight.

There was M. Legend Brown & Sharice Henry Chasi
who reeled a side of schizophrenia – that was insightful & mentally nasty.

There was Michael Graysons short film piece “The Assignment”
A show of corporate espionage and retribution – gone violent.

Then “The Caucus” showed up on the silver — and I was one happy lady;
for I am the co-writer and director of the witty and insightful baby.

“The American Dream” and “Katrina’s Son”
both went hard and bore “reel weight” in their sums.

Hanny Lee was responsible for the show of: “The American Dream”
While Ya’Ke‘s work on “Katrina’s Son” ripped a big hole in the American seam.

Yes – It was deep ya’ll
“Katrina’s Son” was a direct & metaphoric wake up call.

“Take Too Long” was an animated film about Hurrican Katrina too.
It was sobering and sad – but was ‘a filmmakers truth’.

Also in the house, was a Rob Underhill film
his sole actor: Mike Wiley — can’t help but to win.
Last year Rob hit us up with “Empty Spaces” an Emmett Till spin
This years point of view: “The Wolf” was “on said topic” again.

I was crunk last night without the ‘juice or the gin’ or any other kind of stall.
I even walked the red carpet with SOULFOOD’s moma: Ms. Erma P. Hall.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me and came out – I felt the love,
I’m Qui
That REEL thankful she – who enjoyed your networking hugs.

The TBFF will be in full swing tonight, Friday and Saturday
so annytime is a good time to drop in and “Support Convey“.
That’s WHAT WE DO – Hey-ey!🙂

In REEL Element

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by hikeproductions and Qui Entertainment, Qui Entertainment. Qui Entertainment said: @FatRossRokWives Ive been up to A Reel Good Time. My short film debuted @ the Film Festival last nite: […]

  2. As an Admirer and friend,you guys have made me so proud for all the work that you do.I got a small sample of the hard work that
    goes into each of your productions,and it ain’t easy,especially
    all that heavy equipment.Rewards follow Big Thinkers,those who
    aren’t afraid to take chances and who are humble when reaching the top.Thanks for letting me enter your amazing world.

  3. […] their future” even more adamantly than we did. For instance, who knew what “THE CAUCUS” was when they were in middle school? You can boast all day that YOU KNEW — but the […]

  4. […] short film “THE CAUCUS” was composed like a PSA – I’m bound to educate, I’m Qui digging Kesav for […]

  5. The Cacaus was an insprining educational peice for our young kids today as well as the various of other films I actually enjoyed myself that nite and thanks for the invite

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