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There’s hardly a prettier face,
with tighter ab work space

in the female [make-up] DNA trace,
than the exhibition of “wash board abs” on Madison Chase.

Madison is a childhood friend of mine, in fact, she’s Katrinna Mathis‘ little sister. If you knew Kat then you’d have immediately recognized that Madisons svelte features scream ☛☛MATHIS Manufactured. From what I’ve heard, Michael Mathis (their dad) is one tall, handsome glass of good mocha DNA; however from what I have seen, it is their mother Sonja who holds all the cards of beauty in her reflection and is in youthful mint condition. Ooo La La. At first glance, one may think: the family surely owns a hyperbaric chamber, but the truth is — they do not own a hyperbaric chamber ☛☛ they do have MADISON and the benefits are priceless.

Madison Chase Fitness Boot Camp

I hadn’t seen Madison since I was in the 8th grade until she popped up on FIT TV along side KENDELL HOGAN. Kendell was the session host, but your eyes can’t help but to drift to the right hand corner of the television screen (known as the sweetheart spot) where Madison is hard at work on her supportive calisthenic display of strength. She makes it look easy but the bulging muscles in her calves, thighs, abs, and arms say anything but. She’s the real deal and she’s definitely the ‘calorie burner’ that many of us need to feel. Me first. lol!

Kendell’s boot camp workout plan and motivating vocals inspired me to want to do it,
But looking at Madisons physique accomplishments – encouraged me to get through it.

Her discipline is unmatched and her dimpled smile is encouraging along the way.
She’s the perfect work out gal at the ‘start of’ and ‘end of’ your selfless day.

If we work hard for others, shouldn’t we work even harder for ourselves?
If you’re working on a fitness goal, you deserve to have Madison on your shelf.

Mix up your routines with this sister of lean
DVD’s are coming soon via her website scene.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to grab fitness and get serious with it,
Madison says you’re just her DVD type in: “GIVE ME 15 MINUTES”.

I don’t do new years resolutions – I do my best keeping Hersheys chocolate at bay,
I’m Qui
Ready to step my game up and GET FIT with MADISON CHASE.

Check her out. It’s to your benefit:

I’m CHASING her down as we speak. 🙂 I am so ready to FITNESS TWEAK.


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