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Falling back into FALL

In Communication, Griot, News, Science on March 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm


What is going on with this crazy world weather?
I was hoping it was just TEXAS but world reports tell me better:

First dawn was on a time trip – she seemed sluggish in her rise,
now northern winds have found a seasonal friend under the ‘Spring deemed’ skies.

All of this is going on while Japan is slowly but surely rolling down hill;
Our oceans waters that marine life swallows
have been contaminated by the radiation spill

We sprang our clocks forward but Mother Nature & weather weren’t with us.
The ground hog came out of the hole, for the ground hog show –
but a “spring dap”he did not give us.

At 44 degrees in the DFW — in the Spring,
questions are raised about this ‘springing forward’ thing.
We’re at the end of March in a cold sling. lol!

So are we Falling back into FALL?
Is there an explanation for Springs stall?

Does anyone besides me really care at all?
I’m Qui
Falling into a sweater
because Springs show has been real small.

F.Y.I. Just in case you didn’t know,
by weeks end the DFW will be in the 80-90 degree flow.
Allergies are like: ‘woah’.

Dancing a JITTER BUG

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And no — I’m not talking about that little medieval flip phone with the big font text that elderlies use to keep up with cell phone technology (I know you’ve seen the corny commercials that come on in the middle of the night) – but I am talking about the sensation that swept the 1940’s. I am referring to Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers as well as all of the thousands of undocumented dancing troops that specialized in Jitter Bug’ing.

I won’t dare say, that I personally remember the era;
however, seeing the video makes me feel much betta’,

because it likens to the dance that I’m currently doing.
The devil’s been busy, but I ain’t up for screwing.

I’m Dancing a Jitter Bug over here at a new weeks start;
may passion, skill and I be inseparable & never part.

This weekend brought residential troubles upon my domesticated land –
Sunday morning my home was being cased by a thieving mexican man.

I awoke at 2:44 am – in dead silence, because the burglar made no noise.
I saw him in time to shoot himbut that was not my choice.

Once he realized all car doors in my drive way were locked – (to him) it was mildly vexing.
Then the he looked to his right and his left for clearance, before walking off and texting.

Texting? Yes. Thieves rely on technology too.
My guy duly grabbed a steel bat and begin to chase ol’ dude.

The story could’ve ended ugly, but it didn’t – and we returned home safely with no wince.
To our relief the quiet thief was clearly caught on home surveillance.

Technology is my thang and today: I’m cutting the rug,
I’m Qui
Bidding a HAPPY MONDAY to thee – as I Dance a JITTER BUG.

Let’s Have a lil’ FUN

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Politics on March 25, 2011 at 11:18 am

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It’ Friday – It’s Friday, and I’m letting it all hang.
I’ve got a jonesing for a HAPPY GO LUCKY ‘thang.

I’ve got filming shoots booked clean through next month.
And today will find me big wig schmoozing at lunch.

I am happy that it’s FridayI couldn’t think of a better word to name it,
I’m Qui
Digging politics, social networking, films and Entertainment.

Kicking it with YOU is always a moment of literal God sent.
THANK YOU so much, for validating my hosting rent. lol! 🙂

In case you’re wondering: What’s up with the new hair do view?
I was seeking a reflection that would free me of cares–
then I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair.

The Dome is important - as are The Lips

Join me in having a FUN and FANTASTIC day.