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Falling back into FALL

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What is going on with this crazy world weather?
I was hoping it was just TEXAS but world reports tell me better:

First dawn was on a time trip – she seemed sluggish in her rise,
now northern winds have found a seasonal friend under the ‘Spring deemed’ skies.

All of this is going on while Japan is slowly but surely rolling down hill;
Our oceans waters that marine life swallows
have been contaminated by the radiation spill

We sprang our clocks forward but Mother Nature & weather weren’t with us.
The ground hog came out of the hole, for the ground hog show –
but a “spring dap”he did not give us.

At 44 degrees in the DFW — in the Spring,
questions are raised about this ‘springing forward’ thing.
We’re at the end of March in a cold sling. lol!

So are we Falling back into FALL?
Is there an explanation for Springs stall?

Does anyone besides me really care at all?
I’m Qui
Falling into a sweater
because Springs show has been real small.

F.Y.I. Just in case you didn’t know,
by weeks end the DFW will be in the 80-90 degree flow.
Allergies are like: ‘woah’.

Dancing a JITTER BUG

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And no — I’m not talking about that little medieval flip phone with the big font text that elderlies use to keep up with cell phone technology (I know you’ve seen the corny commercials that come on in the middle of the night) – but I am talking about the sensation that swept the 1940’s. I am referring to Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers as well as all of the thousands of undocumented dancing troops that specialized in Jitter Bug’ing.

I won’t dare say, that I personally remember the era;
however, seeing the video makes me feel much betta’,

because it likens to the dance that I’m currently doing.
The devil’s been busy, but I ain’t up for screwing.

I’m Dancing a Jitter Bug over here at a new weeks start;
may passion, skill and I be inseparable & never part.

This weekend brought residential troubles upon my domesticated land –
Sunday morning my home was being cased by a thieving mexican man.

I awoke at 2:44 am – in dead silence, because the burglar made no noise.
I saw him in time to shoot himbut that was not my choice.

Once he realized all car doors in my drive way were locked – (to him) it was mildly vexing.
Then the he looked to his right and his left for clearance, before walking off and texting.

Texting? Yes. Thieves rely on technology too.
My guy duly grabbed a steel bat and begin to chase ol’ dude.

The story could’ve ended ugly, but it didn’t – and we returned home safely with no wince.
To our relief the quiet thief was clearly caught on home surveillance.

Technology is my thang and today: I’m cutting the rug,
I’m Qui
Bidding a HAPPY MONDAY to thee – as I Dance a JITTER BUG.

Let’s Have a lil’ FUN

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

It’ Friday – It’s Friday, and I’m letting it all hang.
I’ve got a jonesing for a HAPPY GO LUCKY ‘thang.

I’ve got filming shoots booked clean through next month.
And today will find me big wig schmoozing at lunch.

I am happy that it’s FridayI couldn’t think of a better word to name it,
I’m Qui
Digging politics, social networking, films and Entertainment.

Kicking it with YOU is always a moment of literal God sent.
THANK YOU so much, for validating my hosting rent. lol! 🙂

In case you’re wondering: What’s up with the new hair do view?
I was seeking a reflection that would free me of cares–
then I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair.

The Dome is important - as are The Lips

Join me in having a FUN and FANTASTIC day.

Because it’s Wednesday

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Humping what's available

Okay, I haven’t been talking much because I didn’t want to be pulled in-
to the RADIATION coming out of Japan or Ghadafi’s defiant binge.

I haven’t made a NEWS PERUSE as of late, because I’m not digging the news.
I’m not down with Glen Beck & Sean Hannity or their “Obama Bashing” views.

And now you know,
I’ve been enjoying MSNBC’s : The ED Show.

Ahhhh shoot,
Last nights “political bracket mock scene” was a hoot.

Did you see it?
When the vid or transcript surfaces…I’ll feed it.

Americans are concerned about radiation residue lingering on Japanese products.
Concerned about which exotic foods from ‘the country’ may potentially contaminate us.

What do you think?
Though in an effort to not have the busine$$ dollar shrink –

I predict our markets will continue to patronize Japan & stay on task.
Shipments will be received in the U.S., shelf stocked, and sold for: YOUR CASH.

When it comes to corporations receiving their dollar – your safety is comparable to curb trash.
Corporations don’t get cancer from radiation – it’s for the consumers unknowing sash.

Also, I had been talking to a friend about the new days dawn having (of recent) been late,
& he told me, the ‘SPRING TIME FORWARD’ ritual moved up a week or two in date.

I’m not sure why – though he mumbled through something he’d heard on the radio.
I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one questioning WHY dawn’s been rising slow.
…you know?

But I did want to talk about the back lash of Charlie Sheen & Chris Browns personal LOWS:
Chris is still being called a “Rhianna Restraining Order” thug, while Charlie is held a “rebel hero”.

How is this so?
Is there a double standard of acceptable bad boy behavior in our moral flow?

As a result of Robin digging in Chris’ past, instead of interviewing his upcoming future –
GMA has a broken window, from Chris’ rage – that ‘window replacers’ will have to suture.

Oooo Child
Chris is talented and double standards are wild!

Another note of dated loss has duly been made:
Today ELIZABETH TAYLOR has exited LIFEs stage.

Because it’s Wednesday I felt that I’ve been quiet for long enough,
I’m Qui
Humping the mid week headlines – refusing to reside in the sandy rough.

Dawn has been LATE … as of late

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What's up with the LATE DAWN

It was March 13th, 2 days after JAPAN’s
9.0 dismantle earthquake stand,
and I was on hiatus.
I think self preserving is the greatest;

it was an hour before dawn – (maybe two)
and I was feeling my usual a.m. spark –
but when Dawn was due to rise – to my surprise – the sky was dark.

Slowly but surely and well after 7,
‘ol Dawn showed up and lit up the Heavens.

I didn’t make it a big deal (that morning) – surely Mother Nature is always right.[?]
Did you happen to catch the fullness of the moon in the middle of the last night?
My God. It was quite the big-face-full-shine sight.

Now my concern with DAWN is quite general in large:
The sky seems to be the head LIFE FORCE in charge.

Without it’s “routine”, human life will be anything but.
So I’m concerned that Japans 9.0 may have put her in a rutt.

Did you ever think about that?
Have you (recently) awaken near 7am, and found the sky to be black?

Don’t be afraid, though there is cause for an early alarm,
If DAWN can’t catch up, Mother Earth could lose some of her usual charms.

Oh yes, the sun and the moon – all work together
to form oxygen, food, good health and guardian weather.

You don’t have to believe it.
ROUTINE is our foundation —> you depend on it & need it.

Ol’ Dawn has been LATE … as of late but the alarm clock remains in tact,
I’m Qui
Yielding pause to “the cause”
— because 7am [CST] should not be black.

So what do you think about that?

Yep! It’s FRIDAY

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Surely you’ve heard of little Ms. Rebecca Black of 8th grade? Right? She’s only had over 2 million downloads of her new (auto tuned) debut song “FRIDAY” on iTunes TOP 100:

Okay, the headline video isn’t Rebecca’s official video, it’s a SPOOF, and a good show of “how kids respond today”. WORDS.

I heard of Rebecca and her weekend joint on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Sur’prisingly “Friday” has been ranked #31 on iTunes. It’s also no surprise that Rebecca’s song is bursting at the seams with hater spews about her “self proclaimed singer” status on her youtube view.

I’m not sure if it helped her cause to admit that she has ‘a crush on Justin Beiber’ either. The ladies love Justin and usually always hate on the competition:

Yes! The ladies love Justin and competition like Rebecca— usually gets: hateristic reviews
I like Rebecca’s outlook – she’s no Kardashian on fashion – but she did “make the news”.

Dakota is the 3 year old girl crying over Justin in the second headline video.
Her youtube view drew in a million (or few) – but no ‘wish you hate’ notes.

Dakota’s only 3. Rebecca Black is about 14,
and today her “FRIDAY” joint is on my GRIOT scene.

It’s innocent. It’s fun. It’s celebratory and It’s clean.
Rebecca is dug by me & my Pre-AP 8th grade teen.

Bullying is not limited to the school these days’,
You should read the hater notes on Rebecca’s Official Video page.

Ark Music Factory is responsible for producing the auto tuned teen and making her a household name.
Its the aggressive way of most musicians today– so why is it that peers jeer: “Friday is lame”?

Rebecca says she wants to do a duo of “FRIDAY” with Justin himeslf,
I’m Qui
and I wish her more positive exposure
, success & a ton of industry help.

From the FLY tip to the VEGAS Strip

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Blondie told you what he said — I’m here to show you what he’s doing NOW:

Anytime is a good time to hump a legendary view
in association with the Where are they now hue. lol!

Fab is in Harlem, Fab is on the Vegas Strip.
Fab could be anywhere – he’s not shy of a trip.

Recently I received a few inquiries in search of the Hip Hop Statesman,
so I went on the prow for those Flip & iphone vids he be makin‘.

Fab and Technology equates to productive moving and shakin’.

Fab is in Jamaica, Fab is in France.
Fab is literally an ART HEAVY 1-Man-Band.

ART is what moves him. ART de-coagulates the blood in his veins.
Art was the reason why he spray painted those subway trains. lol!

When you don’t hear from this brother often, (via TV or on the NEWS),
please know that he is hard at work creating new and exciting views.

His cultural impact is ton weighty – He’s got the best knowledgeable flow.
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, he introduced me to the term: GRIOT. (pronounced Gree-OH).

Today I’m feeling a little artsy. Today I’m feeling rather FLY,
I’m Qui
on a Hump Day — but none more than Mr. Fab 5.

[He’s duly dedicated to keeping ART and HIP HOP alive].


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On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I’m a few hours in from my hiatus/vacation.
I took a short road trip Saturday – for a little self preservation.

It’s a good thing that I did — I needed every ounce of rested up strength
to come back home and sort through unnecessary familial bull-schtick!

I won’t bore you with the details. Trust all that you need to know
Is that destructions path wasn’t limited to good ol’ Tokyo.

In fact, Tokyo bore the least of the brunt of the recent earthquake and tsunami,
then I had to come home and bear the brunt of my beloved partners Mommy.

She’s something like the plant dubbed “Mother In Laws Tongue
and I would very much like to leave her unwatered dry sword in the sun.

…the thought isn’t very nice or fun…
But when it comes to stress– I DON’T TAKE NONE

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I will leave drought provocation behind,
and duly get my head together for SPRING BREAKS new shine!

Economics are still crazy, and the prospect of general betterment is low,
so I’ll stick to my kind – hammering out reel grinds – and chronicle the time as we go.

Wild fires have raced through Oklahoma and dried its moisture up,
and New Jersey’s received buckets of rain that have produced an early Spring flood.
Because Hawaii & San Francisco’s (post disaster) wetness— just wasn’t enough.

Oh yes – I know I sound melancholy, though to be honest: I’m in a good mood.
There’s nothing that I like to do more than to to drop REAL NOTES through GRIOT food.

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: incase you were feeling a little short of ‘crazy views’:
we’ve got La jibber mouth Michele Bachmann back in the news.

She’s doing no new damage – just the same old misguided rhetoric as before.
Michelle is still out there twisting up our countrys historical & documented scores.

Ghadafi is on his job (so early in the week), fighting to take back LYBIA’s control.
He shouldn’t deny the peoples outcry: “YOUR DICTATORSHIP is OLD”!
Ghadafi: ☛ ☛ the people want you to go!!

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: (there's no time for yawning) WE have got to do even better,
I’m Qui
Feeling the winds breeze from the icy headlines of our early Spring & opting for a sweater.

This Monday Morning does yield A NEW START.

A.M. Nookie

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She's HORNY again

The 8.9 Earthquake that rocked JAPAN @ 3am – this morning,
is on its way to swamp Hawaii & disrupt San Fran’s yawning.
just in time for the suns dawning.

The thing that concerns me – because I’ve been to Hawaii before,
is that a lot of good folk are HOMELESS & live on the shore.

Not bums – they’re WORKING natives who can’t afford housing,
yet their outlooks don’t sulk – for THEY LIVE IN MAUI.

But imagine getting mother natures news in your tent through a radio view.
Or what’s worse — waking up w/ Poseidon — a surfers horror hue.

This is the headline of our early Friday morning flow,
I’m Qui
And I had to drop in & share that with ya’ – before I go.

Before I go? You ask– Where on Earth am I going?
I’m off to school – with my kid: A day of “parent showing“. lol!

Happy Friday babies! Ride the waves of good times and fond pleasures.
Today is a good day to do it – because opportunity doesn’t last forever.
However Tokyo’s earthquake proof structures have proved to be quite clever.

**3/14/11 UPDATE ** Japan’s recent earthquake status has been officially totaled as a 9.0 on the richter instead of the 8.9 that was originally reported.

About those BABATUNDE’s

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Part 2. & Part 3.

The year was 1998 and the show was “BLIND LEMON: PRINCE OF COUNTRY BLUES” Co-Written by Akin Babatunde and Alan Govenar. Rehearsals were at The Documentary Arts and the plays debut was at Dallas’ Majestic Theater – inside of The Black Box Theater, (a cozy & quaint venue located on the basement level) and I was the newest member of the casted ensemble. There was Liz Mikel, Eric Allen, Ms. Norma Miller (choreographer who taught me how to do the SOFT SHOE), Cynthia Jackson, Slim, David Peaston, Benita Arterberry Cavin Yarbrough, Alisa Peoples Yarbrough, Walter Fauntleroy, and countless others whose names escape me right now, including the graceful dancers from Bruce Wood Dance Company [Fort Worth, TX].

Good times. I learned a lot, especially from Liz and Cynthia, but none did I learn from more than Obba’s brother, Akin Babatunde.

Whose Obba? No you didn’t. He’s just one of the strongest and longest career working black actors to date. It’s true. Did you know Obba was on “ALL MY CHILDREN” in 1987? I was too young to be involved in all of that at the time, but research is ‘a mother’ and LONGEVITY is KEY. 😉

Obba’s brother is a legendary Acting Coach & Theatrical Director. Personally Akin’s acting workshops took me to places I’d never known (in my mind or in character). ‘Talk about getting lost in a script? Awesome! Regardless of the scenario, the era, or the scene: I was there. Full on and committed. As if Akin would have you any other way. It’s either full commitment or get off his stage.


Akin and Obba Babatunde

Akin is from NY and is of BROADWAY (to off-Broadway, Regional Film & TV) STOCK and is not the type of guy that would ‘kid you’ or comes off as someone ‘who wants to be kidded around with’ when it comes to writing, directing, or the craft of acting and as a result of ☛ ☛ ☛ ☛ his productions are nothing less than brilliant. Stunningly and Creatively BRILLIANT!

One of the proudest moments in my theatrical history came at meeting Akin, being casted in “BLIND LEMON: Prince of Country Blues” [3 year run] and workshopping the historical based project (for what seemed like years) under his direction in its early stages of development. We explored deep depths and reached crazy heights during the process.

BLIND LEMON: Prince of Country blues lead the way for us to perform live on many dates, at many venues all over the world. The award nominations and winning receptions were thick. I’ve done quite a bit of theatrical performances prior and afterward – but this experience, by far, was the greatest of them all. I learned much and knowledge is irrefutable. Many thanks to Akin Babatunde, Alan Govenar and Kelita Doolan! I’ll never forget…


Life changing stuff that a girl could never forget.
Watermarked by a Babatunde to my benefit.

It’s funny how one thought immediately leads to another,
I actually started out thinking about writing on that ICE CUBE brother.

Well thinking about him – lead me to thinking about his TBS show:
Are We There Yet” with the Essence Atkins flow.

That thought lead me to review her acting resume & comedy shows – she’d been cast,
and that lead me to reminiscing about past laughs at her on UPN’s HALF & HALF.

Remember that show – Co-starring Rachel True?
She was Mary Jane in Dave Chappelle‘s “HALF BAKED” view.

Anywho – Essence & Rach’ were half sisters on UPN’s ‘modern URBAN family’ convey
and their casted commonality father figure was the dynamic Obba Babatunde.

Of course thinking about Obba, naturally lead me to hover
in thoughts about my theater fam and his fantastic brother
whose known for multiple achievements and is still going on strong.
One of my favorite exhibitions of AKIN is in PBS’: WISHBONE.
Him and that dang dog had it going on.

I thank God for all that is good and for the degrees of seperation that do connect us,
I’m Qui
Still stunned by fates opportunitic sum – having studied under Akin in Texas.