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Yep! It’s FRIDAY

In Communication, Griot, Music, News, Self Improvement on March 18, 2011 at 8:43 am

Surely you’ve heard of little Ms. Rebecca Black of 8th grade? Right? She’s only had over 2 million downloads of her new (auto tuned) debut song “FRIDAY” on iTunes TOP 100:

Okay, the headline video isn’t Rebecca’s official video, it’s a SPOOF, and a good show of “how kids respond today”. WORDS.

I heard of Rebecca and her weekend joint on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Sur’prisingly “Friday” has been ranked #31 on iTunes. It’s also no surprise that Rebecca’s song is bursting at the seams with hater spews about her “self proclaimed singer” status on her youtube view.

I’m not sure if it helped her cause to admit that she has ‘a crush on Justin Beiber’ either. The ladies love Justin and usually always hate on the competition:

Yes! The ladies love Justin and competition like Rebecca— usually gets: hateristic reviews
I like Rebecca’s outlook – she’s no Kardashian on fashion – but she did “make the news”.

Dakota is the 3 year old girl crying over Justin in the second headline video.
Her youtube view drew in a million (or few) – but no ‘wish you hate’ notes.

Dakota’s only 3. Rebecca Black is about 14,
and today her “FRIDAY” joint is on my GRIOT scene.

It’s innocent. It’s fun. It’s celebratory and It’s clean.
Rebecca is dug by me & my Pre-AP 8th grade teen.

Bullying is not limited to the school these days’,
You should read the hater notes on Rebecca’s Official Video page.

Ark Music Factory is responsible for producing the auto tuned teen and making her a household name.
Its the aggressive way of most musicians today– so why is it that peers jeer: “Friday is lame”?

Rebecca says she wants to do a duo of “FRIDAY” with Justin himeslf,
I’m Qui
and I wish her more positive exposure
, success & a ton of industry help.