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Your Serve Mr. O

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Donald Trumps RACKET

Yep! The birth certificate issue was just a RACKET! A device used to serve obstacles to the President while he’s busy fighting off more pressing issues that face this conuntry like economics, the deficit bill, international affairs and wars (that span the last 10 years).

If this were a game of tennis – I pray that it would be a LOVE situation and that the President would leave the opposition: scoreless. Then again in all fairness, the President did just that yesterday when he busted out the long form of his Hawaiian birth certificate. Tad-ow!!!:

Game: LOVE

Donald Trump was on the court and his game exhibited an uninformed, aggressive shove.
The president tried to ignore Trumps ignorance, but it in the end, he had to show him love.

GAME OVER. The birther issue has finally been debunked
and the ignorance credit — is rightfully Donald Trumps.

He knew good and well, President Obama was not born in no Kenya
The racist seed is deep. Trump built towers of doubt all in ya…

If you are of the Tea Party persuasion:
What happens to your Trump vote – of presidential hopes?
Does it dry up like a sun exposed raisin?

Well now that the birth place issue has been put to rest
Trump is seeking paper work on Obama’s Harvard tests.

Are you serious? and um… REALLY?
The notion, (like Donalds ‘hair do’) is quite silly.

Are you really calling this man out on his PAPERS of VALIDATION – Yo!?
Like what was done [in 1899] to the great grandfather of Goldie Taylor of Grio?

Click the Video pic or Read the details below of Goldie’s familial “documented truth”,
then think about how American is treating their Commander-in-Chief dude:

“Show me your papers!”

Major Blackard, then just 19 years old, dug into his trousers in search of his wallet. He padded his jacket, but could not find his billfold.

“Sir, I done left my wallet…” Blackard said. Before he could finish his sentence, the young man was posted against the brick wall, cuffed and taken to the St. Louis city jail. Unable to prove his identity, he would spend the next 21 days in a cramped, musty cell. That’s where his older brother Matt found him, beaten and bloodied. Matt returned with Major’s employer later that day, wallet and identification card in hand, to post bond.
The year was 1899. Major Blackard was my great, great grandfather.

It’s a pretty sad and eccentric view.

Anywho – The President is going forward. There are other pressing issues that need to be resolved,
I’m Qui
Digging ‘the presidents game’ vs. ‘the lame’, and saddened that “WE” as a country – have hardly evolved.

Having said that: It’s Your Serve Mr. O.
I hear Obama’s CHESS GAME is also good to go.
Oh-ohhhh! πŸ™‚


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Quenching Dry'ness

MTV is not the only “G” filming parties — Qui Films is reeling “no forgetters”.
This weekend we filmed Crazy HYPE scenes at a Black Light Quinceanera.

You’ve never been to one before? They’re quite the ‘party hard‘ spark.
TEENS jammin’ – SWAG slammin’ and HIGHLIGHTER writing in the dark.

Graffiti ruled the walls, as did a bus load of dancing flirts.
We didn’t get lost (in the dark), the writing was on their T-shirts:

DaBrat wasn’t at the party, but she kept it ‘rock steady
No doubt we jammed her new joint: “FAB 5 FREDDY”.

Had you heard of it? We’re jamming it right now.
Click HERE (if it doesn’t auto play) – then bump it loud!

Norris J wasn’t at the party, but we still delight in giving him love.
Norris J went to Altanta last week in support of the FOX’s: DOVE.

He showed up and rocked the Pre Party and all in the building had to agree,
By the end of the night – comments did highlight: Norris J is “THE COOLEST” MC.

Oooo Wee!

How REFRESHING was my weekend? My weekend was dope,
I’m Qui
GOOD TIMES always come in three and not one sip of Coke.

Historical Future ART Mash

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Merging TIME into ART

Yep! That’s the best I can do to with the headline of this article: “Historical Future ART Mash”. For these are the words that roll off of my lips when I think of Fab 5 Freddy and his works.

Aside from being my mentor on a myriad of subjects, Fab5Freddy is a living legend documented in hundreds of art gallery databases including The Library of Congress. How proud am I of his accomplishments to our American, Pop, Hip Hop, and intellectual culture? πŸ˜€

Have you ever seen this man out of character or out-of-order? If you said “NO” – some would argue with you on that — and their immediate case in point would be Fab’s recent glitzy exhibition that appears to glorify violence (boxing) and sex (strippers on poles), [Crystal Punch Exhibition @ The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas]. However, it is clear that those who would make such an argument do not live in the real world. For sex, violence, water and love is what this country runs on. So please don’t insult my intelligence.πŸ˜‰

Click iMAGE to Enlarge

Do you watch THE BORGAIS? Do you watch the WORLD NEWS? Well consider Fab 5 Freddy to be guilty (once again) of Time capsuling albeit on cotton canvas’ & print.

Click IMAGE to Enlarge

The Huffington Post has a great photo line up about the same event. NETWORKING WORKS! I told ya’:
Click here to read the highlight feed @ β€’β€’β–Ί “ART in the Streets”: Bring Fire to MOCA.

Sharp, FAB 5 FREDDY and Futura in Los Angeles last week

ART NET Magazine also ran into Fab5 (at some point) during the week,
and gave literal props to the legends work in their piece on : “ART in The Street”.

Though one of my favorite pieces – written this time last week
was the one mentioning F5F’s expansive legacy – on HYPEBEAST.

You can catch Fab’s thoughts on “ART in the Streets” via youtube or vimeo.
Of course if you’re into “the audio thing” – peep KCRW & I AM RADIO.

If you’re wondering what the future will look like? Take a good look at today.
Yesterdays graffiti is alive and well in museum swells; human nature doesn’t sway.

Fab is a story teller capturing moments in time.
Fab got his famous mention for writing BLONDIE that line.

Look how he’s evolved – PURPOSE queries solved. He’s a vet @ what he’s doing.
I’ve always said, life is a lot like sex and Mr. Brathwaite is Fabulously screwing.

Ooo Wee I WORD PLAY with thee – but somehow you know that it’s true.
I’m Qui
GOOD FRIDAY to thee and by all means, make it a HAPPY EASTER too.

NEWS PERUSE: Know The Game

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If you can't beat 'em - Throw an OBSTACLE in their way. Make it HARDER TO VOTE.

You know I’ve been kicking it with that girl again, and Boy Oh Boy are some states going out of their way to stop or at least hinder President Obama’s name from being on their states 2012 ballot. Rach’ said:

BIRTHER BILLS are up for signing in MT, NE, MO, IN, OK, AZ, AR, TN, ME, CT, TX, GA and LA [13 states]. Nebraska’s BIRHTER BILL would actually require the parents of a Candidate for President or VP to have both been American citizens and it seeks the to vet the parents birth certificates too. Really?. >>>Constitution be darned. Nebraska wants to see them”!

Oklahoma’s Birther Bill has already passed in the Senate and there’s a public hearing set for the Texas Birther Bill TODAY. If they do get this thing passed into law they could succeed in diverting the presidents campaign into LEGAL CHALLENGES over ‘getting his name on the ballot’. As ridiculous as this is– it is possible that this could effect whether or not Mr. Obama’a name is on the ballot in every state in the country and therefore wether or not he wins a second term.

FACT:: April 19th Public Policy Poll — IOWA REPUBLICANS BIRTHISM:

Do you think Barack Obama was born in the United States?
YES 26%

74% of Republican Voters in Iowa think President Obama was not born in the US or they are not sure that he was. This illogical (non factual) thought is strong holding the Republican party – big time, (no matter how their public leaders try to down play it), – you see that Donald Trump is currently trying to ‘build something’ on it. He’s a real estate mogul and the White House is great piece of land…

This BIRTHER BILL issue has the potential to be a real political impact on wether or not Mr. Obama is re-elected. If Republicans are able to raise question as to wether or not the Presidents name is on the bill, instead of gathering votes in any of the forementioned states, he could be tied up with legal issues trying to FIGHT to get his name back on the ballot.

This is an insane Orly Taitz issue that excites the Republican base like Roswell Alien sighting rumors. It is also means of using public policy however, to put Republicans thumb on the scale for the next election

That is also what’s happening with VOTER REGISTRATION POLICY. KS Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill that would make it harder to register to vote in KS than anywhere else in the country. “This is a trend”, says Rachel Maddow [MSNBC], “and it’s not getting nearly enough political attention. Particularly from Democrats”.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice a non partisan think tank that studies this stuff: Republican lawmakers in these states, [all 37 RED STATES] are proposing legislation that would make it harder ‘to vote’ and/or ‘register to vote’ in that state:

They love living in THE RED. Responsible for putting us into crazy debt after Clinton left the books clean

Please know that these 13 states WA, OR, NV, CO, KS, MO, TN, SC, ME, MA, CT, AL and TX are pushing to make voting really, really hard. Tying the ability to vote with the ability to prove, (PROVE being the operative word) ones citizenship. All be it the Kansas Bill which says essentially you’re going to need a birth certificate or a passport in order to register to vote. Ergo say ‘goodbye to the voter registration drives in the park, at your school, in the grocery store, (unless you carry your passport and/or your birth certificate when you go to the grocery store or walk your dog).

Why make it harder to register vote? Why kill the voter registration drive in America? Well here’s a thought: Making it harder to register to vote means there will be fewer 1st TIME VOTERS in the next election. That has real implications for the Democratic vs. the Republicans part of the world.

In the 2008 Election [per MSNBC’s exiting poll] —
FIRST TIME VOTERS voted 68% for OBAMA and 30% for MCCAIN.
β–ˆ β–† β–… β–„ β–ƒ β–‚ β–β˜†The rest is HISTORYβ˜†β– β–‚ β–ƒ β–„ β–… β–† β–ˆ

I really thought you should know this. I couldn’t resist dropping game,
and the way that RACHEL MADDOW lays it out β€’β€’β–Ί it is crazy insane.

However, if we are going to do this thing and do it for you and I: THE PEOPLE
It would do us some good to fact check for (the intellectual deck) our own steeples.

In other words, it would be good to understand what’s going on – instead of just going with the flow.
Don’t let unnecessary laws create for you a voting stall. Please HURRY & REGISTER TO VOTE.

You’re countrys stability depends on it. Stop transferring your wealth to the rich.
They are living high on the fat of the hog while you and your people reside in a debt ditch.
Ain’t that an itch,
(one that I’d like to scratch).

I’m Qui
H A P P Y Hump Day to thee.

Todays News Peruse is good FOOD FOR THOUGHT.
Rachel Maddow serves the research that you couldn’t afford to have bought. πŸ˜‰


Good News

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It's what I'm into

Good News is all I want to talk about. May this column go hard.
Let’s start out with 4-1-1 on Norris J and the DOVE AWARDS.

That’s right! and Hey-ey! Norris J is on his way to Atlanta to attend the good vibe event.
He’ll also be performing a hit or two for all in view – because his lyrics are positive rent.

Nothing at all is going on with Congress for me to brag or praise about.
The deficit bill is still pending on the hill –
while for the next two weeks: Congress will be out.

So the Good News is that for the next two weeks
there’ll be no drama in DC, but we still have Ne Ne Leakes.

Are you watching The Apprentice? NeNe’s attitude is truly unruly.
But the person who ‘Got FIRED‘ Sunday night – was Mr. Gary Busey.
You see….
Gary can go on and on…
He’s brilliant but in his own zone.
He can still be Gary, but he’ll do it at home. lol!
So that was GOOD NEWS for the male team who wanted Mr. Busey gone.

I didn’t take in any of satellites “world news” during my – weekend at all.
I filmed Greenville & West End because @ opportunity: I do not stall.

I read that APPLE will be the first $1 Trillion Company to date.
that’s good to know because they’re products consume my professional plate.

GOOD NEWS resides in knowing that my yard sprinkler system works,
since TEXAS has 242 counties out 252 in wild fire danger – I’m a water saturating flirt.

It’s another Monday Morning and THAT in itself: IS GOOD NEWS,
I’m Qui
Feeling good about WE — let us inject POSITIVITY into all of our views.

PS…I’m a new Broker & Shopper of ZAMZUU too.
Click the link, roll through and SHOP GOOD like you do.
Ooo! πŸ™‚

Rachel, Lawrence & Ed

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Threesome: Political News Journalism Force

No — not exactly a threesome, but then again — yes they are.

These are the 3 political news journalist that get all of my televisions time between the hours of 7-10 pm. I enjoy each of them very much for creating the force of common sense that backs up our commander-in-chief. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure where our presidents support would come from.

Lawrence, Rach‘, and Ed sitting in a tree
raised and pruned by MSNBC.
First comes love – for their country;
Then comes “fighting ignorances funky”.

Okay – Okay, it’s not quite the little love song we used to sing (word-for-word) when we were adolescents about two people going together — but back then who could say menage a trois? Yet today, I’m courting 3.

I’ve grown up a lot since the days of “under 21” and I’ve learned a lot about the world.
I never wanted to get into politics – I didn’t think I was that kind of girl.

Boy was I young and man was I wrong.
In an effort to progress in life, my political views became strong.

I remember turning 18 and my Mom telling me to register to vote;
I remember acting like I didn’t want to…I remember almost getting choked. lol!

I remember Regan getting elected, I was only in the fifth grade.
I remember politics being described as ‘a mud stick’
still I was taught to respect and to behave.
The same remains today.

I dealt with 8 years of Bush and watched Clintons deficit surplus β˜› go to the dogs.
Not to Medicaid and Armed Services but to the elite Wall Street FAT CATS & Snout Hogs.

Snout Hogs are equivalent to big banks banking. We all remember that.
I also remember investing in them until they went ‘belly up’ and collapse.

I remember Sen. Obama entering the scene and saying: “We can do it. YES WE CAN“.
I remember the fate of an entire country’s hope – had the audacity to rest on 1 man.

I remember some thinking he couldn’t do it. I even heard the Republicans vow to hinder.
It was just last night his BALANCED APPROACH Speech came to light –
highlighting points we must remember:

[Do the MATH]

In order for the richest 1% of the country to receive an extra $200,000 TAX BREAK:
We will need 33 Seniors each to pay $6000 more in health costs for the elitist to take.

That’s bad math.
Our country is smoking some bad schwag
. lol!

If you think that I’m wrong or you’re not a real good math sport —
I suggest you tune into Rachel, Lawrence & Ed for “calculation support”.
They’re each: a great help in the political sort.

Me? I’m Qui
and I’m obviously into this.
Who‘d have known when I got grown
I’d be into politics.

What can I say? Being American…DEMOCRACY just sticks!
Caveat to the young player — all sides play games and tricks.
But don’t let it make you sick…

Become wiser in this game:
If you don’t like what A REPRESENTATIVE is saying –
WRITE them and CALL them out by NAME.
It’s the only way I remain sane. πŸ™‚

Your VOICE screams Your CHOICE!

Familial Menage`a Trois

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Threesomes are common. Especially when you’re all lathered up in SOAP. Yes! I’m an Y&R fan and I’ll be darn if todays episode didn’t include Neil Winters helping his brother Malcolm get ready to walk the aisle and marry his fiance`, Sophia.

Just a month ago, Neil was knocking boots with Sophia – while she and her fiance Malcolm Winters were on the outs for a few weeks.

Neal is the eldest brother to Malcolm. Family bonding is thick.

Lily is Neil and Drewcilla Winters daughter. Drew and Neal were just getting into the long stretch of their relationship for the ump-teenth time, before she had an accident at a photo shoot with Sharon Newman and Phyllis, when she got into an altercation with Sharon, that resulted in Drewcilla falling off of a cliff – and of course, the body was never recovered.

Anywho, long before Drewcilla fell off of that cliff, she fell into Malcolm Winters bed and became with child. She and Neil were on the outs at the time. The two later reconciled and Neil was blessed with news that he’d be a father. Lily was born. Lily later tested positive for cancer and neither Neil’s blood did nor Drewcilla’s was a perfect donor match – that’s when Malcolm came into the picture and true paternity came to light.

Malcolm is Lily’s biological father; She calls him Uncle Malcolm.

God help us, if Sophia becomes pregnant with child from sleeping with Neil a few months back.

Are date choices that tight in Genoa City that close recycling is necessary?

The Winters aren’t the only family doing it: The Newmans, (Nikki & Victor) are notorious for doing it with The Abbotts. I suppose interchangeable partners, keeps the cast number from getting out of control. [idk] ?

Threesomes are common. Daytime Soaps are an exhibition dead ringer.
I suppose that’s also part of the reason why ratings are still high for Jerry Springer.

Preacher trapped in a rappers body…

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Meet Norris J.

He sho’ makes positive rap sound cool. In fact, he’s “THE COOLEST” inspirational rapper I know and his swag is easily comparable to Will Smith.

So if you’ve found as of late that you’re driving music has been reduced from: jamming the latest rap song in it’s entirety -to- only jamming the instrumental – you are not alone. I’ve even taken to freestyling (making up rhymes about me), because I refuse to be a held hostage to “lyrical trash” over dope beats.

I just wont do it.

However, thanks to Norris J, LeCrae, Common, Mr. Pointman, and a local (DFW) cat I know named Groovy — I too can jam a rap joint in its entirety during my road transitions.

I learned of Norris J last winter through an internet shopping executive and she absolutely couldn’t say enough about him. She immediately googled him (on the spot) to make an informal introduction. I’m not easily impressed when it comes to rap – you know this. I like WORDS. They matter to me. I like them to make sense.

Words don’t seem to be of much value to the fad rapper, and the moral of the story is usually: GARBAGE (pronounced gar-bahj).

However, Norris J is on something entirely different. The beats are jamming and the chorus hooks are easy to get stuck in your head. In fact, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between Norris J’s raps and say those of Jay Z or Drake, is simply in THE WORDS he chooses to use – especially in his hooks.

It’s minor adjustments like these (new trends), if caught onto can make a huge difference in our culture and the comprehension of value in our youth. Think about it. They repeat everything they hear…

Norris J is cooler than a fan on HIGH.
Though I won’t lie –
I was NOT looking for another rapper to come nigh…

Then all of a sudden:

This weekend I had the pleasure to network in a little fun,
that’s when I met VeniceMr. Norris J’s mom.

She’s his No. 1 fan. She’s honest in her bias view,
but she was in good company, because I’m an INJ fan too.

After listening more intently and being inspired by every spoken sentence
I knew I had to tell you about Norris and work his mom’s name all up in it. lol!

Norris J is a lyrical beast overlayed on beats and his swagger does deem him a hotty!
Not to mention his insides are good, he’s a “Preacher trapped in a rappers body”.

That last line is a quote from “THE KINGDOM”kin to the headlining video joint,
I’m Qui
CONVERSATION RULES THE NATION and this brothers rap lyrics are on point.

PS — This is good news for me and my youthful intellectual kin,
Thanks to an elite few we too can jam rap in our cars again.
Let’s support positivity & we’ll POSITIVELY WIN.
Hit up REVERB and get your Norris J order in!

Of course he’s spreading good vibes on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.
Befriend him and “LIKE” his pages —you know how we do. πŸ™‚

The PLAN is to PARENT the HOOD

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Want some?

How do you grade your electives (governing representatives)? Boehner took to the podium just moments ago and said that a temporary agreement has been reached until the two parties can hammer out the details of the final bill next week.

Whew! No shut down is good news,
however the political games played equate to boo-boo.
Ooo! [holding my nose]

We elect politicians to represent our good,
not to wreak havoc on the middle class or Planned Parenthood.

I just thought I’d drop in and give you a pound,
regarding the governments bureau not shutting down.

Yeah!!!! πŸ™‚

The President is up speaking now – as I type.
He’s pleased to announce the agreement insight.

Business as usual – is the reason for his address.
Political parties uniting tomorrow remains our biggest test.

UNITY is all that the people want and is the easiest way to make progress,
I’m Qui
At ease tonight -but please believe the political squabbling isn’t over yet.

Ignorance vs Common Sense

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Who can refuse

Ignorance vs Common Sense NEWS PERUSE

Politics really stink.

The politicians’ battalion
is being held up over 7 billion.

So the Government could possibly shut down. A GAME:
The Republicans are wondering who the people will blame.

Not so good news to sip your morning cup of jo to…
Politicians have no clue of what the masses are going through.

The tired, the huddled, the poor and the underemployed
Are no longer soothed by the Statue Of Liberty’s noise.

Held high in promiscuity and wanted by all,
She is unable to lift her skirt and beckon ignorance to halt.

The world is in turmoil – The world wants a vacation.
The world is tired of her oceans being raped by oil & radiation.

The people are tired of the officials in charge & It’s happening all around the globe.
Americans are tired of Politicians selling half cocked visions – that should never be sold.

America is split down the middle, (if only we’d be so lucky).
The battle between common sense & ignorance is already quite ugly.

The President is going up for re-election and prayers duly have on-lookers by the collar.
Supporters support the leading second term sport and are prepared to chip in on the dollar.

So the US government may shut down for the 1st time in fifteen years,
amidst the peoples cries of low wages and “don’t take our union” jeers.

If we were a fearful people — I’d say now is the time to fear.
But that’s just not an emotion that I condone or adhere. πŸ™‚

Confusion plagues the land and common sense has fallen through the cracks.
The opposing party thinks this is a game of wit/smarty — PLAY BALL DEMOCRATS.

Get your thumbs out of your jackass past and get the elephants thumb – out of our pie.
Ecology and economics are at a disastrous low but gasoline prices remain sky high.

Ignorance is futile — so stop trying to invoke Armageddon before it’s time,
I’m Qui
Standing atop of the hump with a sign: Misleading Politics should be equivalent to a hard punishable crime.