Ignorance vs Common Sense

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on April 6, 2011 at 10:18 am

Who can refuse

Ignorance vs Common Sense NEWS PERUSE

Politics really stink.

The politicians’ battalion
is being held up over 7 billion.

So the Government could possibly shut down. A GAME:
The Republicans are wondering who the people will blame.

Not so good news to sip your morning cup of jo to…
Politicians have no clue of what the masses are going through.

The tired, the huddled, the poor and the underemployed
Are no longer soothed by the Statue Of Liberty’s noise.

Held high in promiscuity and wanted by all,
She is unable to lift her skirt and beckon ignorance to halt.

The world is in turmoil – The world wants a vacation.
The world is tired of her oceans being raped by oil & radiation.

The people are tired of the officials in charge & It’s happening all around the globe.
Americans are tired of Politicians selling half cocked visions – that should never be sold.

America is split down the middle, (if only we’d be so lucky).
The battle between common sense & ignorance is already quite ugly.

The President is going up for re-election and prayers duly have on-lookers by the collar.
Supporters support the leading second term sport and are prepared to chip in on the dollar.

So the US government may shut down for the 1st time in fifteen years,
amidst the peoples cries of low wages and “don’t take our union” jeers.

If we were a fearful people — I’d say now is the time to fear.
But that’s just not an emotion that I condone or adhere. 🙂

Confusion plagues the land and common sense has fallen through the cracks.
The opposing party thinks this is a game of wit/smarty — PLAY BALL DEMOCRATS.

Get your thumbs out of your jackass past and get the elephants thumb – out of our pie.
Ecology and economics are at a disastrous low but gasoline prices remain sky high.

Ignorance is futile — so stop trying to invoke Armageddon before it’s time,
I’m Qui
Standing atop of the hump with a sign: Misleading Politics should be equivalent to a hard punishable crime.

  1. Super cool examination of current events! Well done.

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