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Familial Menage`a Trois

In TV Shows on April 12, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Threesomes are common. Especially when you’re all lathered up in SOAP. Yes! I’m an Y&R fan and I’ll be darn if todays episode didn’t include Neil Winters helping his brother Malcolm get ready to walk the aisle and marry his fiance`, Sophia.

Just a month ago, Neil was knocking boots with Sophia – while she and her fiance Malcolm Winters were on the outs for a few weeks.

Neal is the eldest brother to Malcolm. Family bonding is thick.

Lily is Neil and Drewcilla Winters daughter. Drew and Neal were just getting into the long stretch of their relationship for the ump-teenth time, before she had an accident at a photo shoot with Sharon Newman and Phyllis, when she got into an altercation with Sharon, that resulted in Drewcilla falling off of a cliff – and of course, the body was never recovered.

Anywho, long before Drewcilla fell off of that cliff, she fell into Malcolm Winters bed and became with child. She and Neil were on the outs at the time. The two later reconciled and Neil was blessed with news that he’d be a father. Lily was born. Lily later tested positive for cancer and neither Neil’s blood did nor Drewcilla’s was a perfect donor match – that’s when Malcolm came into the picture and true paternity came to light.

Malcolm is Lily’s biological father; She calls him Uncle Malcolm.

God help us, if Sophia becomes pregnant with child from sleeping with Neil a few months back.

Are date choices that tight in Genoa City that close recycling is necessary?

The Winters aren’t the only family doing it: The Newmans, (Nikki & Victor) are notorious for doing it with The Abbotts. I suppose interchangeable partners, keeps the cast number from getting out of control. [idk] ?

Threesomes are common. Daytime Soaps are an exhibition dead ringer.
I suppose that’s also part of the reason why ratings are still high for Jerry Springer.