Rachel, Lawrence & Ed

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Threesome: Political News Journalism Force

No — not exactly a threesome, but then again — yes they are.

These are the 3 political news journalist that get all of my televisions time between the hours of 7-10 pm. I enjoy each of them very much for creating the force of common sense that backs up our commander-in-chief. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure where our presidents support would come from.

Lawrence, Rach‘, and Ed sitting in a tree
raised and pruned by MSNBC.
First comes love – for their country;
Then comes “fighting ignorances funky”.

Okay – Okay, it’s not quite the little love song we used to sing (word-for-word) when we were adolescents about two people going together — but back then who could say menage a trois? Yet today, I’m courting 3.

I’ve grown up a lot since the days of “under 21” and I’ve learned a lot about the world.
I never wanted to get into politics – I didn’t think I was that kind of girl.

Boy was I young and man was I wrong.
In an effort to progress in life, my political views became strong.

I remember turning 18 and my Mom telling me to register to vote;
I remember acting like I didn’t want to…I remember almost getting choked. lol!

I remember Regan getting elected, I was only in the fifth grade.
I remember politics being described as ‘a mud stick’
still I was taught to respect and to behave.
The same remains today.

I dealt with 8 years of Bush and watched Clintons deficit surplus ☛ go to the dogs.
Not to Medicaid and Armed Services but to the elite Wall Street FAT CATS & Snout Hogs.

Snout Hogs are equivalent to big banks banking. We all remember that.
I also remember investing in them until they went ‘belly up’ and collapse.

I remember Sen. Obama entering the scene and saying: “We can do it. YES WE CAN“.
I remember the fate of an entire country’s hope – had the audacity to rest on 1 man.

I remember some thinking he couldn’t do it. I even heard the Republicans vow to hinder.
It was just last night his BALANCED APPROACH Speech came to light –
highlighting points we must remember:

[Do the MATH]

In order for the richest 1% of the country to receive an extra $200,000 TAX BREAK:
We will need 33 Seniors each to pay $6000 more in health costs for the elitist to take.

That’s bad math.
Our country is smoking some bad schwag
. lol!

If you think that I’m wrong or you’re not a real good math sport —
I suggest you tune into Rachel, Lawrence & Ed for “calculation support”.
They’re each: a great help in the political sort.

Me? I’m Qui
and I’m obviously into this.
Who‘d have known when I got grown
I’d be into politics.

What can I say? Being American…DEMOCRACY just sticks!
Caveat to the young player — all sides play games and tricks.
But don’t let it make you sick…

Become wiser in this game:
If you don’t like what A REPRESENTATIVE is saying –
WRITE them and CALL them out by NAME.
It’s the only way I remain sane. 🙂

Your VOICE screams Your CHOICE!

  1. You rock HOOK! Thanks for the support brother – you know that you’ve got me HOOKED on YOUR THOUGHTS as well. One of my favorites that you’ve published to date is: The Original Douche Bag“. lol!

    It is good to laugh…you are GREAT COMPANY on my literal journey.

  2. Great political commentary! The US of A needs more well-informed citizens like you to steer it through these troubled times. Well done!

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