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NEWS PERUSE: Know The Game

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If you can't beat 'em - Throw an OBSTACLE in their way. Make it HARDER TO VOTE.

You know I’ve been kicking it with that girl again, and Boy Oh Boy are some states going out of their way to stop or at least hinder President Obama’s name from being on their states 2012 ballot. Rach’ said:

BIRTHER BILLS are up for signing in MT, NE, MO, IN, OK, AZ, AR, TN, ME, CT, TX, GA and LA [13 states]. Nebraska’s BIRHTER BILL would actually require the parents of a Candidate for President or VP to have both been American citizens and it seeks the to vet the parents birth certificates too. Really?. >>>Constitution be darned. Nebraska wants to see them”!

Oklahoma’s Birther Bill has already passed in the Senate and there’s a public hearing set for the Texas Birther Bill TODAY. If they do get this thing passed into law they could succeed in diverting the presidents campaign into LEGAL CHALLENGES over ‘getting his name on the ballot’. As ridiculous as this is– it is possible that this could effect whether or not Mr. Obama’a name is on the ballot in every state in the country and therefore wether or not he wins a second term.

FACT:: April 19th Public Policy Poll — IOWA REPUBLICANS BIRTHISM:

Do you think Barack Obama was born in the United States?
YES 26%

74% of Republican Voters in Iowa think President Obama was not born in the US or they are not sure that he was. This illogical (non factual) thought is strong holding the Republican party – big time, (no matter how their public leaders try to down play it), – you see that Donald Trump is currently trying to ‘build something’ on it. He’s a real estate mogul and the White House is great piece of land…

This BIRTHER BILL issue has the potential to be a real political impact on wether or not Mr. Obama is re-elected. If Republicans are able to raise question as to wether or not the Presidents name is on the bill, instead of gathering votes in any of the forementioned states, he could be tied up with legal issues trying to FIGHT to get his name back on the ballot.

This is an insane Orly Taitz issue that excites the Republican base like Roswell Alien sighting rumors. It is also means of using public policy however, to put Republicans thumb on the scale for the next election

That is also what’s happening with VOTER REGISTRATION POLICY. KS Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill that would make it harder to register to vote in KS than anywhere else in the country. “This is a trend”, says Rachel Maddow [MSNBC], “and it’s not getting nearly enough political attention. Particularly from Democrats”.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice a non partisan think tank that studies this stuff: Republican lawmakers in these states, [all 37 RED STATES] are proposing legislation that would make it harder ‘to vote’ and/or ‘register to vote’ in that state:

They love living in THE RED. Responsible for putting us into crazy debt after Clinton left the books clean

Please know that these 13 states WA, OR, NV, CO, KS, MO, TN, SC, ME, MA, CT, AL and TX are pushing to make voting really, really hard. Tying the ability to vote with the ability to prove, (PROVE being the operative word) ones citizenship. All be it the Kansas Bill which says essentially you’re going to need a birth certificate or a passport in order to register to vote. Ergo say ‘goodbye to the voter registration drives in the park, at your school, in the grocery store, (unless you carry your passport and/or your birth certificate when you go to the grocery store or walk your dog).

Why make it harder to register vote? Why kill the voter registration drive in America? Well here’s a thought: Making it harder to register to vote means there will be fewer 1st TIME VOTERS in the next election. That has real implications for the Democratic vs. the Republicans part of the world.

In the 2008 Election [per MSNBC’s exiting poll] —
FIRST TIME VOTERS voted 68% for OBAMA and 30% for MCCAIN.
█ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁☆The rest is HISTORY☆▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █

I really thought you should know this. I couldn’t resist dropping game,
and the way that RACHEL MADDOW lays it out ••► it is crazy insane.

However, if we are going to do this thing and do it for you and I: THE PEOPLE
It would do us some good to fact check for (the intellectual deck) our own steeples.

In other words, it would be good to understand what’s going on – instead of just going with the flow.
Don’t let unnecessary laws create for you a voting stall. Please HURRY & REGISTER TO VOTE.

You’re countrys stability depends on it. Stop transferring your wealth to the rich.
They are living high on the fat of the hog while you and your people reside in a debt ditch.
Ain’t that an itch,
(one that I’d like to scratch).

I’m Qui
H A P P Y Hump Day to thee.

Todays News Peruse is good FOOD FOR THOUGHT.
Rachel Maddow serves the research that you couldn’t afford to have bought. 😉