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Your Serve Mr. O

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Donald Trumps RACKET

Yep! The birth certificate issue was just a RACKET! A device used to serve obstacles to the President while he’s busy fighting off more pressing issues that face this conuntry like economics, the deficit bill, international affairs and wars (that span the last 10 years).

If this were a game of tennis – I pray that it would be a LOVE situation and that the President would leave the opposition: scoreless. Then again in all fairness, the President did just that yesterday when he busted out the long form of his Hawaiian birth certificate. Tad-ow!!!:

Game: LOVE

Donald Trump was on the court and his game exhibited an uninformed, aggressive shove.
The president tried to ignore Trumps ignorance, but it in the end, he had to show him love.

GAME OVER. The birther issue has finally been debunked
and the ignorance credit — is rightfully Donald Trumps.

He knew good and well, President Obama was not born in no Kenya
The racist seed is deep. Trump built towers of doubt all in ya…

If you are of the Tea Party persuasion:
What happens to your Trump vote – of presidential hopes?
Does it dry up like a sun exposed raisin?

Well now that the birth place issue has been put to rest
Trump is seeking paper work on Obama’s Harvard tests.

Are you serious? and um… REALLY?
The notion, (like Donalds ‘hair do’) is quite silly.

Are you really calling this man out on his PAPERS of VALIDATION – Yo!?
Like what was done [in 1899] to the great grandfather of Goldie Taylor of Grio?

Click the Video pic or Read the details below of Goldie’s familial “documented truth”,
then think about how American is treating their Commander-in-Chief dude:

“Show me your papers!”

Major Blackard, then just 19 years old, dug into his trousers in search of his wallet. He padded his jacket, but could not find his billfold.

“Sir, I done left my wallet…” Blackard said. Before he could finish his sentence, the young man was posted against the brick wall, cuffed and taken to the St. Louis city jail. Unable to prove his identity, he would spend the next 21 days in a cramped, musty cell. That’s where his older brother Matt found him, beaten and bloodied. Matt returned with Major’s employer later that day, wallet and identification card in hand, to post bond.
The year was 1899. Major Blackard was my great, great grandfather.

It’s a pretty sad and eccentric view.

Anywho – The President is going forward. There are other pressing issues that need to be resolved,
I’m Qui
Digging ‘the presidents game’ vs. ‘the lame’, and saddened that “WE” as a country – have hardly evolved.

Having said that: It’s Your Serve Mr. O.
I hear Obama’s CHESS GAME is also good to go.
Oh-ohhhh! 🙂