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BLACK TV Sitcom Stuff Pt.2

In News on May 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Entertainment Weekly pressed a great read
that Qui Entertainment couldn’t refuse to transcribe & feed::

“The Rise & Fall and Rise Again of Black TV”

Entertainment Weekly — Part 2. Let’s Stay Together debuted in January to 4.4 million viewers, and Perry’s shows consistently hover near the 3 million mark. Even the competition has taken notice of The Game’s blockbuster debut: “Those numbers were wildly impressive to everybody,” says Michael Wright, TBS’ head of programming. “We’ve done really, really well with Tyler’s shows, but [The Game] surpassed even Tyler’s ratings. That premiere number should’ve made everyone think, “that’s a rating anyone would be happy to have.'”

So far, the broadcast networks have yet to act on the trend. While ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW have made progress the past few seasons when it comes to casting diverse ensembles, the selection of shows in the pipeline for this fall once again lacks series with predominantly African American (or Latino or Asian) casts. “The world on television should look like the world I see when I walk outside my door,” says Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, developing of the fall season’s strongest contenders with a black lead, ABC’s Damage Control starring Kerry Washington as PR guru. And Queen Latifah, who starred for five seasons on Fox’s Living Single, sees African-American series as a way to represent a point of view sorely missing on television: “People live in bubbles and they perpetuate racism and classism. There’s still plenty of places they can go [on TV] that are as un-diverse as they could possibly be,” says the Ladies producer. “It’s just something that’s going to be a continuing fight, to try to keep making these things happen.”

Regardless of why the networks program for black audiences, viewers are clearly hungry for these shows: Not only are the few shoes doing well, reruns of long-cancelled series like My Wife and Kids and Everybody Hates Chris still top cable charts among African-American viewers. Says Charlie Jordan Brookins, senior vice president of programming for BET: “We’re not necessarily trying to say this is the new frontier. We'[re trying to super-serve an audience who has been underserved.” Adds Malcolm-Jamal Warner, “The black viewership is important. Black shows do make money. It seems like a no brainer.

[Entertainment Weekly Columnist: Jennifer Armstrong; Additional reporting by Archana Ram and Tim Stack]

How do you feel about BLACK TV?
I rather dig
those multi-ethnic gigs
that are reflective of you and me.

Who am I,
I am Qui
and I’m duly watching BLACK TV.
Oui! Oui!
Join Me.

BLACK TV Sitcom Stuff Pt. 1

In Griot, News, Self Improvement, TV Shows on May 30, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Recently I read a great article in Entertainment Weekly called:

“The Rise & Fall and Rise Again of Black TV”

Such a befitting title. Isn’t it? So good, I had to re-type it for peeps that don’t receive the monthly magazine in print. READING is fundamental and KNOWLEDGE is golden::

Entertainment Weekly — Two years ago broadcast TV officially got out of the African-American sitcom business. The CW canceled the long-running Girlfriends in 2008, and the following year it yanked both Everybody Hates Chris and The Girlfriends spin off, The Game— also known as the last two successful black-eccentric shows on network television. ••►But today something is saving black TV from becoming as outmoded as Bill Cosby’s acrylic sweaters: basic cable, where scripted programming is experiencing explosive growth. In January, BET revived The Game to a record-breaking 7.7 million viewers–which is three times the audience it got on The CW and, in fact, twice the size of anything on the teen-skewing network now. (Sorry Gossip Girl.) The success of The Game and BET’s Queen Latifah produced romantic comedy Let’s Stay Together, which also premiered in January, has spurred the network to develop Reed Between the Lines, a new fall sitcom starring Girlfriends Tracy Ellis Ross and The Cosby’s Show’s Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Meanwhile, VH1 has joined up with Queen Latifah, who will be exec-producing its new dramedy Single Ladies (debuting in May 30), starring Clueless’ Stacy Dash.

In reality, this new generation of African-American-focused scripted TV can be traced to TBS’ success in 2007 when it acquired House of Payne from the proven brand of Tyler Perry. (Some 222 episodes later, the network recently announced it would be ending Payne but staying in the Perry business with For Better or Worse, an adaptation of his film Why Did I Get Married?) The reason for the big ratings and latest development rush is simple: pent-up demand. “I’ve had plenty of people say to me that it’s great to see something on TV that represents them”, says Jacque Edmonds-Cofer, exec producer of Let’s Stay Together”. “It’s also important for people to see that every African American woman is not a Real Housewife”. Adds VH1’s exec VP of original programming, Jeff Olde, “I think our shows should reflect the country we’re living in– go, Barack and Michelle! We’re thrilled that we have a large number of African-American women who watch us, and quite frankly, we’re always looking for new stories to tell.

Both BET and VH1 set their programming in response to direct viewer demands. BET first ran The Game in reruns, which sparked an onslaught of fans begging for the network to revive the show. VH1 initially shot Single Ladies as a TV movie, but market testing on the project garnered a “crazy ridiculous response,” Olde says. “[The marketers] SAID, ‘Not only do they want you to make this a series but the audience will actually be mad at you if they don’t see where these characters go next’.”

The ratings for the black-centric shows that have already premiered bear this out.

This concludes Part 1.and wouldn’t you know,
you don’t want to miss the conclusion — because it’s good to go…

If it’s FOR FREE – It’s for me!

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 26, 2011 at 6:48 am

If it's FOR FREE - it's for me

Now that absolutely does not include opinions, sphincters or hard times, but FREE as it pertains to valuable merchandise and good wisdom. I’m always down for sitting under some good wisdom (on the receiving end) and I don’t mind sharing wisdom when I am sought out. And of course because I’m no self proclaimed guru or crystal ball reader – so I share my wisdom FOR FREE. lol!

FREE and I work well together — all day long. I literally drive around Arlington, TX all day long giving away FREE STUFF. Okay not “stuff”, I actually drop in on small businesses and offer them a FREE :30 second video to be used for an onlineE video directory listing. I (with my panasonic hvx) shoot the footage to be used in the video directory listing clip.

Have you seen them, (video directory listings)? They’re pretty cool. Imagine searching a neighborhood business online and being able to not only see their address, phone number and/or website link, but also able to see a :30 second video byte of the outside and the inside of the establishment, (often starring the small business owner himself). Well no need to imagine – that day is here.

CitySquares is already in play and I’ve got my feet on the concrete reeling your face to represent your small business place.

Besides working for myself – I am pretty pleased with the contract videographer work that I am doing. You should see the smiles on the faces of the small business owners (and managers) when I say, I’m here to film you for your FREE 30 second online video directory listing. Most of them initially react as if I were with a part of candid camera crew, but once I show them the paper work and a video directory listing example or two (on my handly iPhone4), they are all in & ready for their business close up. I’m generally in and out within 20-30 minutes – not to mention I have the awesome opportunity to give something away FOR FREE. Of course in return I get paid…so, yeah – it’s a win win everyday. lol!

I do love the small business man – for I am him myself.
There’s nothing more rewarding: Happiness over wealth.

There are no ulcers here – I’m not doing anything I don’t like.
The only thing is — filming takes time away from ‘the write’.

So I stay up late at night…duly thinking about you
and what we have between us. Yes — just us two.

I mean, if you’re reading this, then it’s personal all the same.
And if you’re a small business in Arlington: I want to know your name.

As long as the service is FREE and asks no financial info of thee
I suggest taking free advertisement while you can – for tomorrow it may have a fee.

Remember when water was free at any establishment all day everyday?
Well today they’ll kindly serve you agua but only after you pay.

Again, If it’s FOR FREE – It’s for me,
I’m Qui

I’m positively energized and ready to hit the streets.

H a p p y Friday [pre] 😉

Well wouldn’t you know

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on May 23, 2011 at 12:11 pm

There’s never a dull moment and this weekend proved to be on point.
I stayed REEL busy, because filming footage is my joint.

My guy is an I.T. worker, formerly a robotics engineer in his field.
Last week he put his resignation in, because “the pay” ain’t covering “the bills”.
It seems being an independent contractor is loosing its financial appeal.
So he’s decided to break from his technical scheme & join me in capturing reel.

Scary indeed…the two of us: WE working together in close quarters.
He’s willfully in, and will have to toughen his grin – for I am the roughest of daughters.

He has mentioned a time or two, that my tongue is sharper than swords.
He also said, when it comes to singing praises – no other Griot flows as hard.

I am picky. It is true.
I’m craftily meticulous too.
Co-working with me – the guy from I.T.?
I hope he can make it through.

He will. He will. I don’t bite — unless of course he asks. 🙂
He film schooled w/me a few years back,
so I’m sure he’s up for the skilled tasks.

I’m eager to have an engineer on my team and to have him analytically full time,
but what does that say about our economical state, when I could afford his dime?

His Electrical Engineering degree is now a relic of his prosperous past.
However, an Engineers skill is something QUI FILMS can feel,
thus I anticipate us productively having a blast!

Well wouldn’t you know, life is what you make it. I’ve been enjoying it since the day I was born.
I’m Qui
Encouraging you to do what makes you happy in life – go for it – take the bull by the horns.

The Elephants Morals & The Donkeys High-Kick

In Griot, News, Politics on May 19, 2011 at 8:45 am

Well it’s about that time and I absolutely could not refuse
composing a Griot formatted NEWS PERUSE:

Donald Trump still headlines and alas is out of the presidential race.
It seems he’s not accustomed to the media’s scrutiny or political egg on his face.

Huckabee had to follow his heart, though the factors said “GO”.
Actually he followed his wifes wise advice – she said, “Mike: Don’t run no mo’.” 🙂

Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Governator) was governing more than the state of C-A.
The details are still coming in, about his HIGH MORAL sin: Impregnating the maid.

I’m doleful about the news, I know all too well “good help” is hard to find these days,
especially the kind that gives birth to your child and keeps the secret for more than a decade.

The Elephants Morals are hypocritical – so out of reach, that not even they can meet their mark.
Many ivory trunks criticized Clinton for his Lewinski stunt; however tacky — he remained “safe sex” smart.
Bill didn’t father any additional children and Hillary was not forced to divorce so quick.
Thank God for cigars and cheap stained dresses – Clintons release was a minor nick.

President Obama is on his job; The last two years have really been healing…
He’s got so many cards to on the table, you’d think he was Vegas dealing.

He bears no neon magic, though he definitely has the deck and the upper hand;
He’s literally doing a donkey high kick & balancing on a head stand.

The President has been dealing with ethnicity heat, (every man has his in-house tests),
Though I’m feeling quite baffled by the challenging comments via Cornel West.

Last but not least, we’ve got an (I think I’m sexy) high profile IMF Chief,
who sexually harassed an African immigrant (hotel housekeeper) for nookie relief.

His name (if you didn’t know) is Dominique Strauss-Kahn
and today if he’s lucky he’ll be released on a $1M dollar bond.

And NOW you’re all caught up – with media headlines today,
I’m Qui
That Griot Story Telling SHE
— wishing you a happy pre-Friday.

☛☛ we’re certainly well on our way…

Still hung over — From The PROM

In Communication, Griot, Movies on May 16, 2011 at 6:15 pm

Seguin Prom 2011 Trailer

Last weekend hailed for me: NO BORING BUMMER.
I was front and center filming Seguin Seniors in the HUMMER.

Its was fun – it was live – it was dope.
It was clean – with no alcohol and no kind of smokes.

Just young folks doing it the way WE do;
then QUI FILMS bumb rushed the scene & filmed the view.

I’m hung over from the amount of fun and good vibes taken in,
I’m Qui
Loving the weekend and these new MONDAY begins!
Always STRETCH OUT the WIN!!!!


In Communication, Griot, Networking, TV Shows on May 11, 2011 at 7:56 am

Operation REPOSSESSION is in effectHave you seen TRU TV‘s original series: OPERATION REPO? It’s interesting. I wouldn’t call it “entertaining”, but because it is a direct reflection of “a sign of the times”, it is fast becoming an entertaining outlet via satellite and cable reality shows.

While surfing TWC – I landed on Tru-TV
and saw a tow truck hooking up me.

Not personally me, but my middle class peers,
because they, (just like myself) are living in the rears.

Playing catch-up isn’t fun; tapped out from rendering all of the money that you have.
So when your all doesn’t cut it — that’s when I recommend you resort to LAUGH.

It’s a game – quite entertaining – so follow the rules and conquer the lessons.
And if you should run out of monopoly cash – look forward to repossession.

Don’t let it stress you out. The world has only been this way forever.
If you know the gauntlet’s coming, recalculate your game & get clever.

Ahhhh, they can’t get you, if you get them first.
To hook you up on a tow truck is what creditors would prefer.

So I suggest living lawful and always being timely in paying your bills,
if you should become bored during your debted score,
peep TRU TV for consequential thrills.
For the Middle Class: the sad reality of entertainment is ALL TOO REAL.

God is good: I still have my car and my home — my valuable possessions in this world.
My gf said, poverty sleeps in her bed, and that I have the problems of a lofty white girl.

My gf has lost everything; she and her 3 kids live at home with her mom again.
She’s still hanging onto her rope, by the unravelling knot @ it’s tied end.

She’s degreed [BS] and has a job, though it feels like she’s working for free
I believe she only makes $300 a week, employed by the conglomerate AT&T.

Oooo weee. This is not the life I want for Qui,
still I notice the growing trend (as clearly shown) on TRU TV.

Have you had a chance to catch OPERATION REPO? It will really make you think.
Just in case you haven’t done so, grab some popcorn & click the link:

Operation Repo.
Fast becoming AMERICA’S REALITY show.


How to Look & Feel 20 years younger

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement, Travel on May 9, 2011 at 12:58 am

I ran across a sensible and inspirational read on and thought I’d share it with ya’ in the event that you’re feeling like me and are “Getting your SEXY on“. The columns title spoke volumes to me — especially after I wrote the “Getting my SEXY on” piece –> I went straight away and joined a gym. So now that treadmill and steam room I was talking about…is at my disposal. Yippeeee! Also at my disposal (nudging me on to join) — was this priceless piece:

Do you want to lose weight, erase wrinkles and get energized? Bob Greene says it is possible. Along with a team of top experts—dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, sleep expert Dr. Ronald Kotler and nutritionist Diane McKay—Bob has written a new book called 20 Years Younger that he says can help you reverse the effects of aging.

“The important part is you feel 20 years younger, and your body functions as if it were 20 years younger,” Bob says.

His program is built around four pillars: Exercise, nutrition, skin care and sleep.

According to Bob, incorporating these pillars into your life can change your physiology, which will slow down aging and cause your body to function as if you were years younger.

1) Exercise

Bob says there is one nonnegotiable element of his program: exercise. “Make it like an appointment that you simply won’t cancel,” he says.

According to Bob, everybody—beginners included—should start with a minimum of 200 minutes of cardio per week, which is about 3 and a half hours. He also says to never walk on a flat treadmill. “A flat treadmill is like walking downhill. The value of exercise isn’t in the burning of calories; it’s in the change of your metabolism the other 23.5 hours of the day.”

Lifting weights is also critical, Bob says. “The key to strength training is you tighten your abdomen. That stabilizes your whole body.” Finally, make sure to stretch it all out when you’re done.

“It’s really about challenging [yourself] no matter what level you’re at, and you’ll work your way up,” Bob says.

2) Nutrition

The next pillar is nutrition, because according to Bob, eating the right foods can add years to your life. “The 20 Years Younger diet was developed with many things in mind, but primarily [asking], ‘What elements do you bring to your diet that can improve your aging, and what can you take off that accelerates aging?'” Bob says.

Bob and dietitian Janis Jibrin say every meal should include superfoods that will help you look years younger, such as sweet potatoes, eggplant and blueberries. They also believe that half your plate should be covered with fruits and vegetables.

“I’ll go on record. I used to hate brussels spouts,” Bob says. “I hated them until I started making them the right way. If they’re sautéed and you use olive oil, which is another superfood, they’re fantastic.”

Bob also swears by replacing fattening starches—such as breads, cereals and pastas that are made with white flour—with whole grains, brown rice and lentils. He says good high-protein choices are fish, chicken or soy. Also, adding spice to your dishes can help you live longer. Herbs and spices, such as ginger and basil, can help fight infection and chronic diseases.

Even though the 20 Years Younger plan recommends eating about 1,700 calories a day, it’s important to remember that healthy eating isn’t just about counting calories. Janis says certain superfoods can be a fountain of youth and significantly improve your health.

“[For the plan] we chose specific foods—almonds, eggplant, high-fiber grains—that lower the cholesterol,” Janis says.

She also has an easy trick for packing more nutritional punch into every meal: Make your plate colorful. According to Janis, the more color on your plate, the higher the nutritional value. “You’re getting a wealth of phytonutrients that way.”

3) Skin Care

The next pillar to focus on is skin care. Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer says he can tell if somebody is healthy ornot just by looking at their skin. “Skin care will make you look better, and mixed with a healthier lifestyle, you’re a winner,” Dr. Lancer says.

He recommends three simple steps to combat aging

Polish: Polishing removes the debris.
Cleanse:Wash off what was lifted by the polish.
Nourish: Add nutrients to your skin, which will improve its antioxidant and protein levels.

In just a few weeks of following this routine, Dr. Lancer says you’ll see a significant difference in your skin, and some may see results after the first use. He’s even made a believer out of Oprah! “I noticed a change in a couple weeks of doing the cleanse, the polish [and the repair],” she says.

On top of a good skin care routine, it’s important to avoid common mistakes—like going to bed with your makeup on. “That’s the worst thing you can do, because you have all those toxic chemicals there, just eating away the entire nature of the skin,” Dr. Lancer says.

One thing that might surprise people about the 20 Years Younger plan is that injectables like Botox are presented as an option. “It’s a personal choice,” Bob says.

Dr. Lancer says that skin care always comes first, but once you’re successful with that, you can start looking into other options to improve your skin. “It’s designed for minimizing or reducing the excessive muscle movement creation of lines and folds. It’s not meant to make you look like a mannequin,” Dr. Lancer says.

Botox and fillers are quick ways to soften unwanted age lines, and laser treatments can be used to reduce age spots, he says.

4) Sleep

The last pillar of the 20 Years Younger plan is sleep. According to the CDC, up to 70 million Americans say they don’t get enough. Bob says if you’re not getting seven to nine hours a night, you are putting your health at risk.

“We know that if you don’t get enough sleep, it can actually shorten your life,” sleep expert Dr. Ronald Kotler says. “It can contribute to problems like diabetes and obesity.”

Most people don’t think of sleep as something that can make them fat, but Dr. Kotler says it’s definitely a contributing factor. “While you’re sleeping, the brain makes this chemical called leptin. Leptin is involved in suppressing your appetite, sothat if you’re not sleeping enough and you’re not making enough leptin, you’re going tobe hungry all day. And if you’re going to be hungry all day, you’re going to eat and put on weight…then you put yourself at risk for sleep apnea, and it becomes a vicious cycle,” he says.

Dr. Kotler says our sleep problems date back to the invention of the lightbulb. “Televisions and computers and the bright lights they emit keep us awake, because light is a very important cue to stay awake,” he says.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is turning on the television late at night. “That bright light fools the brain into thinking it’s time to be awake when, in fact, you want darkness,” Dr. Kotler says. He recommends getting rid of all lights in your bedroom at night, except for maybe a very dim safety light.

The type of mattress you’re using can also make a big difference. “As we get older, we can’t sleep as well becausewe spend less time in our deep, refreshing sleep. We develop medical problems that make us more vulnerable toaches and pains. So really for the adult, a mattress is vital, and it’s a very important investment,” Dr. Kotler says.

Oprah, Bob, Dr. McKay, Dr. Lancer and Dr. Kotler too
were “key players” in my weekend of self preserving woo.

Ooo! Indeed – indeed, I woo’d myself.
I worked out and steam roomed my self to health.

No I wasn’t sick, in the sense of a having caught a bug,
but I was suffering from “ass-to-chair & feet-to-rug”
syndrome. Have you ever heard of it?
Too much lounge time can make one sick.

You already know it.
Worker out’er or not – your physique will show it.

You can “tell me” you’re big boned and that you’re doing fine,
but I’m reading the barrel of your fine dining waistline…
yours and mine.

I’m not much for food, but I do love to snack —
well that was before I decided to bring sexy back!

Hey! It’s only been 4 sweat laiden days and I’m feeling great.
I’ve also forfeited the snacks and fixed me a plate.

“Life is fine.
Fine as Wine.
Life is fine.”

[–Langston Hughes]

I’m Qui
and the time is mine.

in short order, I’ll be looking like I did at one-nine [19].

Getting my SEXY on

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 5, 2011 at 3:09 am

Suddenly a renewed energy has come over me – and it’s live.
I haven’t been to the gym nor have I been Elginized,
however sex appeal is in the air and my eyes are wide.
Production is thick as my journey is nigh.

I’m happy y’all and I ain’t gone lie
I’m taking the bull by the horns and making good times: mine!

Now don’t get me wrong, I could use a gym w/instructed aerobic reps
and a good steam room to convey my monumental sheds,
but at current: I ain’t got that.
I’ve got a BowFlex Blaze, a step box & a mat.

With this: I’m going to make it happen.
No. I’m not feeling sexy because it’s in fashion.

Howvever, when in Life you are winning
nothing can hurdle your default grinning.

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing on this opportunistic day,
so I’ve decided to abandom ALL WORK & indulge in a lot of PLAY.

I’ve accepted that bills existed long before I was born; thus
there’ll be here after I’m dead, gone and returned to dust.

In the meantime, THE TIME is mine and I intend to utilize it best
by PLAYING at every free moment and SELF PRESERVING through rest.

Recharging is the best way to keep your youth.
You don’t have to believe me – though I’m telling the truth.

I’m feeling good about life…so suddenly it’s dominating the space in my head.
It has nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladens death or me needing to go to bed.
[current time is 3:39am]

I’m feeling good and may nothing hurdle or vex me
from taking care of me and slipping into some sexy.

Refresh me…I’m up while other sleep without complaint or pout.
It’s almost 4am and I’m up, awake and ready to workout.

My name is Qui
& I’m
Getting my SEXY on while ROLLING IN THE DEEP.
Throw your mundane cares to the curb, get up and join me…

Still Laughing @ the WH Correspondents Dinner

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, TV Shows on May 3, 2011 at 9:09 am

Did you see Obama’s birth video:

After the clip ran, the President said:

“Back to square one. I want to make clear to the Fox News table: that was a joke. That was not my real birth video. That was a childrens cartoon. Call Disney if you don’t believe me – they have the original long form version.”

It was Saturday night, the night before the big show down Sunday in Abbottabad
when President Obama and the Seth Meyers gave the correspondents a real good laugh.

Everyone was in their places – with their faces in their meal,
before the mic was taken hostage for the annual roast thrill.

The truth was hilariously funny and the laughs went for broke,
Especially when they landed in Trumps hair. Good lawd, What a joke:

The punches best pulled came from the comedian Seth.
A quote or two from last nights hue would certainly do best:

[@12:05] “Donald Trump has being saying that he will be running for president as a Republican, which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke.” ✓

Donald Trump often appears on FOX which is ironic, because a fox often appears on Donald Trumps head.”

“If you’re at the Washington Post table with Trump and you can’t finish your entrée – don’t worry – the fox will eat it.”✓

“And if I can for a moment, talk about the birther issue — When did we get so suspicious about where people were born? A USA TODAY poll last week said 38% of Americans think that President was definitely born in the US. In the very same poll only 5% more said Donald Trump was definitely born in the US. Has it reached a point where Americans only think someone was born here if they saw it?

Seth goes on to illustrate “I know was born here and I know my younger brother was born here, but when it comes to my older brother — I can only take him at his word.”

Then he cracked on Obama’s accelerated aging when he said:

[@5:02] “…Now you on the other hand- Mr. President – you HAVE aged a little. What happened to you? When you were sworn in you looked like the guy from the OLD SPICE COMMERCIALS…now you look like Louis Gossett Sr.”

Seth killed me with ‘the fox eating left over entrees’ joke.
I know the Donald himself did all he could not to croak.

Hilarious. Daring and all in our face,
I’m Qui

Reminiscing with thee about the dinner THEY ate.

It’s Tuesday y’all and I’m Still Laughing….
(CSPAN Rocks!!!!)