Yes – I used to do PUFF ‘N STUFF

In Griot, Networking, TV Shows on May 1, 2011 at 10:24 pm

I used to PUFF 'N STUFF

Somehow life seems simpler in my recollection of being a child…
though I’m certain the world news (that escaped my adolescent views) were quite wild.

So watching corny TV shows
was definitely the way to go:

My hippie parents were all loving and rarely too rough,
so I spent a lot of time in front of the TV with PUFF ‘N STUFF.

Then of course there was that corn ball show with the theme song that stuck like glue,
please tell me, you remember that show called The BUGALOOS.

♫♪♫ The Bugaloos, The Bugaloos,
We’re in the air everywhere
Flying high. Flying loose. Flying free like a Summer breeze.

Remember that other costume hideus show they forced on us
that we learned to dig (in a cave where they lived): SIGMUND THE SEA MONSTER?

Boy did that take some warming up to —
I bet working on that set was as hellish as the view

Racism – sh’macism, the networks gave my ethnicity a feeme hug )))*(((
with that prime time joint they dropped called: CHRISTIE LOVE.
(I was just an infant in its prime- Thank God for syndications)

I love thinking back to when time was mine and I didn’t have to pay rent for the cut.
I remember reclining and DEPENDENT shining watching Gilligan in FAR OUT SPACE NUTS.

I also remember three kids battling thugs
with the help of a broke down dune buggy named: WONDER BUG.

Good times.
Too easy and a pleasure to recollect in rhyme.

Last but not least, once I’d acquired my first apartment home
I became hooked on HBO’s “reflection of my mind” on: DREAM ON.

In case you didn’t see it, or never heard of it’s ingenious flow,
the lead characters witty thoughts often came from old black & white shows.

Case in point, if a question was asked of Martin Tupper to which he’d prefer reply : HELL YES!
Instead producers would cut to a black & white film clip, that would deliver the line best.

Not a “spoof black & white film clip”, but from actual Hollywood archived films;
for the “TV reared” Martin Tupper – historical scenarios were a natural whim.

The world wasn’t so different then, though we were — thus all was bipartisan & new,
I’m Qui
Reminiscing with thee about old school TV and the shows that helped to pull me through.
Did you ever Puff ‘N Stuff too?

  1. Unfortunately! I HATED this show!

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