Getting my SEXY on

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 5, 2011 at 3:09 am

Suddenly a renewed energy has come over me – and it’s live.
I haven’t been to the gym nor have I been Elginized,
however sex appeal is in the air and my eyes are wide.
Production is thick as my journey is nigh.

I’m happy y’all and I ain’t gone lie
I’m taking the bull by the horns and making good times: mine!

Now don’t get me wrong, I could use a gym w/instructed aerobic reps
and a good steam room to convey my monumental sheds,
but at current: I ain’t got that.
I’ve got a BowFlex Blaze, a step box & a mat.

With this: I’m going to make it happen.
No. I’m not feeling sexy because it’s in fashion.

Howvever, when in Life you are winning
nothing can hurdle your default grinning.

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing on this opportunistic day,
so I’ve decided to abandom ALL WORK & indulge in a lot of PLAY.

I’ve accepted that bills existed long before I was born; thus
there’ll be here after I’m dead, gone and returned to dust.

In the meantime, THE TIME is mine and I intend to utilize it best
by PLAYING at every free moment and SELF PRESERVING through rest.

Recharging is the best way to keep your youth.
You don’t have to believe me – though I’m telling the truth.

I’m feeling good about life…so suddenly it’s dominating the space in my head.
It has nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladens death or me needing to go to bed.
[current time is 3:39am]

I’m feeling good and may nothing hurdle or vex me
from taking care of me and slipping into some sexy.

Refresh me…I’m up while other sleep without complaint or pout.
It’s almost 4am and I’m up, awake and ready to workout.

My name is Qui
& I’m
Getting my SEXY on while ROLLING IN THE DEEP.
Throw your mundane cares to the curb, get up and join me…

  1. Hope the sexy attitude pays off!

  2. […] your SEXY on“. The columns title spoke volumes to me — especially after I wrote the “Getting my SEXY on” piece –> I went straight away and joined a gym. So now that treadmill and steam room I was […]

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