The Elephants Morals & The Donkeys High-Kick

In Griot, News, Politics on May 19, 2011 at 8:45 am

Well it’s about that time and I absolutely could not refuse
composing a Griot formatted NEWS PERUSE:

Donald Trump still headlines and alas is out of the presidential race.
It seems he’s not accustomed to the media’s scrutiny or political egg on his face.

Huckabee had to follow his heart, though the factors said “GO”.
Actually he followed his wifes wise advice – she said, “Mike: Don’t run no mo’.” 🙂

Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Governator) was governing more than the state of C-A.
The details are still coming in, about his HIGH MORAL sin: Impregnating the maid.

I’m doleful about the news, I know all too well “good help” is hard to find these days,
especially the kind that gives birth to your child and keeps the secret for more than a decade.

The Elephants Morals are hypocritical – so out of reach, that not even they can meet their mark.
Many ivory trunks criticized Clinton for his Lewinski stunt; however tacky — he remained “safe sex” smart.
Bill didn’t father any additional children and Hillary was not forced to divorce so quick.
Thank God for cigars and cheap stained dresses – Clintons release was a minor nick.

President Obama is on his job; The last two years have really been healing…
He’s got so many cards to on the table, you’d think he was Vegas dealing.

He bears no neon magic, though he definitely has the deck and the upper hand;
He’s literally doing a donkey high kick & balancing on a head stand.

The President has been dealing with ethnicity heat, (every man has his in-house tests),
Though I’m feeling quite baffled by the challenging comments via Cornel West.

Last but not least, we’ve got an (I think I’m sexy) high profile IMF Chief,
who sexually harassed an African immigrant (hotel housekeeper) for nookie relief.

His name (if you didn’t know) is Dominique Strauss-Kahn
and today if he’s lucky he’ll be released on a $1M dollar bond.

And NOW you’re all caught up – with media headlines today,
I’m Qui
That Griot Story Telling SHE
— wishing you a happy pre-Friday.

☛☛ we’re certainly well on our way…

  1. All the news that’s FUN to print, right? Good work!

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