If it’s FOR FREE – It’s for me!

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 26, 2011 at 6:48 am

If it's FOR FREE - it's for me

Now that absolutely does not include opinions, sphincters or hard times, but FREE as it pertains to valuable merchandise and good wisdom. I’m always down for sitting under some good wisdom (on the receiving end) and I don’t mind sharing wisdom when I am sought out. And of course because I’m no self proclaimed guru or crystal ball reader – so I share my wisdom FOR FREE. lol!

FREE and I work well together — all day long. I literally drive around Arlington, TX all day long giving away FREE STUFF. Okay not “stuff”, I actually drop in on small businesses and offer them a FREE :30 second video to be used for an onlineE video directory listing. I (with my panasonic hvx) shoot the footage to be used in the video directory listing clip.

Have you seen them, (video directory listings)? They’re pretty cool. Imagine searching a neighborhood business online and being able to not only see their address, phone number and/or website link, but also able to see a :30 second video byte of the outside and the inside of the establishment, (often starring the small business owner himself). Well no need to imagine – that day is here.

CitySquares is already in play and I’ve got my feet on the concrete reeling your face to represent your small business place.

Besides working for myself – I am pretty pleased with the contract videographer work that I am doing. You should see the smiles on the faces of the small business owners (and managers) when I say, I’m here to film you for your FREE 30 second online video directory listing. Most of them initially react as if I were with a part of candid camera crew, but once I show them the paper work and a video directory listing example or two (on my handly iPhone4), they are all in & ready for their business close up. I’m generally in and out within 20-30 minutes – not to mention I have the awesome opportunity to give something away FOR FREE. Of course in return I get paid…so, yeah – it’s a win win everyday. lol!

I do love the small business man – for I am him myself.
There’s nothing more rewarding: Happiness over wealth.

There are no ulcers here – I’m not doing anything I don’t like.
The only thing is — filming takes time away from ‘the write’.

So I stay up late at night…duly thinking about you
and what we have between us. Yes — just us two.

I mean, if you’re reading this, then it’s personal all the same.
And if you’re a small business in Arlington: I want to know your name.

As long as the service is FREE and asks no financial info of thee
I suggest taking free advertisement while you can – for tomorrow it may have a fee.

Remember when water was free at any establishment all day everyday?
Well today they’ll kindly serve you agua but only after you pay.

Again, If it’s FOR FREE – It’s for me,
I’m Qui

I’m positively energized and ready to hit the streets.

H a p p y Friday [pre] 😉

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