School is OUT – Again

In Communication, Griot on June 3, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Yippee! Hooray!
I get to see my kid all day. lol!

Okay, I’m happy –it’s true,
but teenage conversation (sometimes) is like: Ooo.

She’s 13 going on 14 and ready for 9th grade.
She’s moody, cranky and blinking out on: behave.

Sounds like menopause, but I assure you – she’s just getting started.
And going a few conversational rounds with her, is not for the serenity hearted.

So School is OUT – Again, and work is just picking up.
I’m down for sharing the filming duties and divvying her a cut.

Murphy’s Law has crept back onto the scene, and is slow to exit right.
My guys car broke down a week ago and my mom’s car broke down tonight.

My own car is on the fritz — suffering from “no gas’itis“.
I don’t “Gas Station budge” – so the ride won’t nudge;
therefore, I do not drive it. lol! 🙂

Thank God School is OUT – Again and I do not have to car port.
Like I said before, buying gas is a chore & I am a resistant sport.

The good news is: it’s FRIDAY NIGHT and what’s forbidden is to ‘wince on a whim’,
I’m Qui
Feeling good about the future in my hood – for tomorrow I’ll be knee deep in film.

  1. School’s out for summer..
    School’s out for good!
    Or something like that. I may have the lyrics wrong, but the general idea is still there – have a great summer!

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