Another MONDAY

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on June 20, 2011 at 1:03 pm

I have a "THING" for firsts. Why should the first day of the week be any different?

Not quite the first day of Summer (a real ding hummer) but no one told Mother Nature.
Her searing heat is pleasant to the skin – if in fact, the devil made ya’.

I’m in the shade today because I don’t fair well in the sun.
My melanin has absorbed it’s max – Vitamin D has me on the run.

A sista’ gets black’er in the sun & so I’m down w/the good sun screen. 🙂
No – I’m not a bleached blonde babe @ pool lay, but I am the SPF 50 Queen.

The temperature is approaching 100 at my beloved Texas residence.
And since Summer’s not officially here, the temperature isn’t making sense.


Some of us will not survive, for this is “heat stroke” & “pass out” weather.
I reminisce to those 90 degree starts of Summers past – unbearable but better.

Wisdom is always clearly seen, through the mounted mirror of the rear view,
and I am duly driving forward, productive in work while talking to you.

Wisdom tells me it’s going to get hotter & higher temps are destined to come,
I’m Qui
Wearing a short curly ‘do
, to aerate through because I won’t wear a weave in this sun.

And even though I’ve written this column in Griot – do not take it as Entertaining JIVE.
Please dress appropriate from head to toe & Enjoy the summer by staying alive.

The 1st day of Summer is OFFICIALLY on June 21st, 2011 [USA]
you’ve been forewarned. Buy your sunscreen today.

  1. The best Monday post ever! Seriously.

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