Tricky little kill switch

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Travel on June 23, 2011 at 8:09 pm

Free Upgrade: GPS/Ignition Kill Switch

I’m a gadget girl and this is a gadget for the ages, or at least for the QE Magazine pages — I’m talking about the kill switch that finance companies are arming resale cars with, (if the car is to be financed).

The first time I heard about the kill switch was last year when a producer in one of our shows shared his experience of “car troubles” with me. I thought he was truly being over dramatic when he said the dealership disabled his car when he was late on a payment – but it turns out, he was telling the truth. Let me share my first-hand experience:

A friend was dissatisfied with some work that the car dealerships service department had done to his truck a month ago, so today I gave him a ride to his personal mechanic’s shop to pick up his truck. (In short, he opted for a second mechanics opinion and I think it’s going to pay off in the long run). The ordeal took 2 weeks to repair and the bill was $1600 (there was a small list to account for every procedure done and every part replaced).

While the two men talked it out I jumped in the ride to test it out. I noticed a couple of unsightly and bulky cords hanging from under the dash (between your right leg and the radio console – if you’re in the driver’s seat). I asked my friend what the wires were about and to ask the mechanic (while I pretended to be doing something else). My friend came back and said, “Mr. Mechanic said I don’t need to worry about those wires. They don’t concern me.” WHAT? (<—my whispered yet shouted reply). So my friend yelled out to the mechanic to please come over and tell me what he had told him about “the wires”.

Mr. Mechanic said, “Well, when we were in the hood, trying to deal with the engine, we noticed this lovely little gadget. It’s a GPS/ignition kill switch. It was wired near the engine and technically in the way”. So he removed it in totality. Wow.

My friends truck is to be paid off in two months, so I don’t suppose he has to worry about a finance company for much longer, but how dare? This was not the first time his mechanic had worked on this truck; the mechanic said the device was new.

My question is why would the car dealership put a kill switch on his car FOR FREE (the last time they serviced it) —without asking him? Was this some kind of “standard upgrade” in the event that he missed a future payment?

Could you imagine? No need to “imagine”. It’s very likely there’s a kill switch mounted under a hood near you. [*ahem*] Your bill is due.

So what now? You don’t trust me no mo’?
You gone put a GPS on me when I walk out the do’?

You don’t trust you’ll get your money like we both agreed?
So you ‘gone stall my truck out in the middle of the street?
Ooo Wee.

That’s cold Mr. Repo man. I watch your show and dig your games,
The fact that our economy age has come to this –> is a damn collective shame.

What happened to the good old days, when tow trucks rode around reading car tags?
Oh! I guess that little route went out of style with the high price of unleaded & diesel gas.

I’m a gadget girl, but this is one gadget I hope not to have,
I’m Qui
Rolling through the streets thinking GAME IS DEEP, to which, I think I’ll laugh.
(Technically they’re financing your car – so can you can really be mad)?

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