A is for ALPHAS

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Of course Malik is an ALPHA and according to SYFY he’s also slated to be the strong arm of the season. Malik plays the role of Bill Harken who has a super power of strength. I haven’t seen it yet, but the previews have shown Malik pushing a parked car aside in a suit…so…maybe it’s like Heroes or UnOrdinary Family. Curiously I’ll be watching SyFy this summer: — SUMMER is finally official and for Syfy that means more “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13.”

And, joining the light-hearted shows this year will be the second season of “Haven” and the cabler’s latest series, “Alphas.”

The series revolved around a group of ordinary citizens who develop bizarre and unusual abilities, leading them to follow in the footsteps of comic book greats by setting out to fight crime. In addition to run-of-the-mill street crime, the group of Alpha’s will also investigate cases that the CIA, FBI and Pentagon have been more than happy to leave unsolved.

“Alphas” initially started off as “Section 8” which was turned down by NBC in 2007 when the network was already committed to “Heroes” for the fall season. The series was eventually given life at ABC for a six episode pilot season with expectations of pairing it with “Lost,” a move that would certainly have pushed the series to greatness.

Then of course disaster struck. The Writers Guild of America downed tools and headed to the picket lines leaving “Alphas” in limbo. Like many other shows, the series never recovered from the strike although not from a lack of enthusiasm from the Disney-owned ABC network. Instead, it was creative differences that brought the series production to a halt before the first episode was even scripted.

Syfy recently announced its summer schedule, confirming that “Alphas” would be making its debut in July and outlining a host of new shows currently in development. Both Kevin Sorbo and Lee Majors — both sci-fi/fantasy icons in the realms of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Six Million Dollar Man” — will pick up their own shows, both playing fictionalized versions of themselves

In addition, Syfy has revealed plans for more unscripted projects including “The Haunted Collector,” “Legend Quest” and “Paranormal Witness.”

The channel also confirmed that plans are in place to broadcast special Christmas-themed episodes of “Eureka,” Warehouse 13″ and “Haven” around the festive season.

I miss New York Undercover – It was action packed and content thick.
I also missed seeing Michael De Lorenzo & Malik’s ashy lips. lol!

Okay – I’m just kidding around. Malik has got it going on.
I’m Qui
Watching SyFy TV
☛ living outside of the box is my jones.

SEASON PREMIER: Monday July 11th @ 10/9c


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