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Elijah Woods, Jason Gann, Gubelmann in WILFRED

I’m so into comedy.
Whose Wilfred you ask? He’s a dog. Well he’s a bearded man wearing a dog costume and he stars as Wilfred [Jason Gann] in the new FX comedy series, co-starring the hobbit aka Ryan [Elijah Woods].

Wilfred likes weed and in one episode he steals a whole potted plant from a neighbor and before he leaves the neighbors house he poops in one of his boots and insists that Ryan poop in the other boot. Yes, Wilfred is a bad influence and Ryan is the only one that sees him in human form, (he’s probably 6 feet tall). His owner is a sexy little blonde named Jenna [Fiona Gubelmann] who sees Wilfred as nothing more than a big lovable dog. While hanging out with Ryan at an patio cafe he humped the waitress and ended the show @ credits by humping one of Jenna’s oversized stuffed bears in various positions (missionary first, then doggy style of course).

Now Wilfred may not be for everybody, but if you’re an animal lover and have ever noticed a look on your pets face and wondered what kind thought produced the look, then briefly took it a step farther and invisioned what it is your pet might have been saying with that look — then you’ll totally GET Wilfred.

I have 2 dogs, a golden retriever named November and a chihuahua named B.U.C.K. (which stands for Beat Up & Cold Kock). One is huge, (like Wilfred) and the other is only huge in ego. Buck is always barking and making a scene, because he knows November has his back. But every now and then Buck gets whiney because he’s being man handled by November (usually because he’s trying to hump him).

They’re both male dogs. I always imagine the unspoken conversation that led to Buck getting his butt kicked may have gone something like this:

Buck: I like a big arse. [He then runs and stands on his tippy toes to mount & hump Novembers leg]

Novembers mane is so thick, he barely feels the vibrations and flicks his hind leg back – to throw Buck off. But Buck is persistent, he’s no whimp. He’s small in size, but BIG in… personality, he come back as many times as he can until November turns to rear, opens his mouth and retrieves Bucks head onto his pallet. He shuts his mouth and slings Buck back and forth a few times, before flinging him onto the ground and towering over him.

I always imagine November is saying:

November: Eh man. How many times I got to tell you, this ain’t prison? This is a dog runner. That is a gate — not jail bars.

or something like that.

Anywho, the show Wilfred is a lot like my own entertaining thoughts, except it appears that Wilfred is actually talking. Have you seen the show?

FX is a good show producer,
but it’s been a while since they’ve had a real juicer.

You know… a show that keeps me coming back again and again.
So I’m kind of hoping Wilfred will be my newest comedic friend.

Hello boy. Good boy. Moma does love the baby,
I’m Qui
a comedy loving, pet hugging owner and FX watching lady.

What are you LAUGHING at?

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WILFRED comes on THURSDAY @ 10/9c on FX