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Betting Genius: Billy Walters

In Networking, News, Science, Sports on July 27, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Do you know him? I only heard of him recently via a 60 MINUTES broadcast on my iPhone 4 (

To say I was impressed with his story is an understatement. Click the video picture above and check it out for yourself.

I’m not a betting gal’ – I prefer charting the facts.
Everyone can’t be a Billy. He’s just “got it” like that.

He’s got a winning system and in Vegas he has his way.
He also stands to lose millions of dollars on any given betting day.

He wasn’t born rich – but early on he learned “to game”,
and because he’s so good at it – even I know his name.

Peep the story of Billy Walters and I BET you will dig it too,
I’m Qui
barely balancing my deficit – wishing I could do like Billy do.
Ooo! lol! 🙂

OPEN MIC PARTY – Friday Night

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, Self Improvement on July 27, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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So politics are crazy — and life is still short.
Party leaders may act dumb, but don’t you play that part.

The rich are not crying about giving up cuts;
Yet Republican leaders are being “a pain in the butt”.

So what? Life is at hand and you don’t want to choke.
Live in the present and next year: YOU VOTE.

My filming game is crazy. I’m booked and — no stress.
This Friday nights taping will be @ BEST OF BLESSED.

It’s an open mic event for artists who love a good supportive crowd.
Mr. Pointman of ATL and DFW’s Norris J – will both be in the house.

I will be MC’ing – because the talent line up is going to go hard.
This is a POSITIVE & inspiring event with all Praises going to The Lord.

So politics are crazy – separate yourself and forget they exist,
I’m Qui
Filming a better reality
Friday – because I’m a positive chic.

If you’re in the area – drop in:

Event: Open Mic Night: The BEST OF THE BLESSED
Date: Friday, July 29th
Time: 7pm
Place: ROL

Also, check out NORRIS J’s concert on Sunday July 31st @ New Breed Christian Center @ 6pm. This brother is “THE COOLEST”. Check the video:

Increasingly Difficult

In Griot, News, Politics on July 27, 2011 at 7:44 pm

If you think the economy is rough, and full bodied unpleasant
It will likely get worst by date: August 2nd

We really need Congress to bi-partisan rise.
We really need Repub’s to get with compromise.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult on the world… What are world creditors going to do
If the USA has to pay there debts in partial payments – like the struggling me and you?

It’s increasingly difficult to understand the wealth gap.
I appreciate the breakdown charts being forth right in that:


There’s a serious wealth gap. MSNBC has produced a graph of 2009 Polls that reflects that Whites have lost 16% of their wealth, making their median house hold worth $113K each while their hispanic counter parts have lost 66% of their financial value (house, cars, bank accounts) and are at a median $6K worth per family. Last and least on the chart is the African American graph. African Americans lost 53% of their financial value and are now at a median income of $5K each family.

Before transcribing those facts, I tried to compose them into griot format
but I just couldn’t find the right words to ‘tact the facts’ like that.
So I gave it to you flat —
wishing it weren’t true, so I could take it back.

But I can’t – so I shant. These are the cellophane times we live in:
Where compromise for the countries rise is comparable to a cardinal sin.

As this country approaches a BROWN majority – stability is fast becoming weakened.
Seems the current majority isn’t for the browner party and wishes the Apocalypse as I’m speakin’.

The Apocalypse isn’t going to happen, and the traps set for most browns to fail
will instead be redirected & counter affective – causing the rich to soon be impaled.

We will all share this sacrifice of hell – be it now or be it later
and the Repub’s can refuse all they want, KARMA is the mother gator.

It’s coming back J. Boehner, though Mitch McConnell is trying to help deflect it.
The president offered 4.7 trillion in cuts and John Boehner said, “forget it”.

Not forgotten, but duly noted and John Boehners seed will soon feel
Just what it means to defer ones dream for a journey that’s selfishly up hill.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore what is so blatantly in our face
If we don’t move towards brotherly love – God’s gonna rearrange the place…
in the most karmaic way.

Obama’s in the white house, trying to balance the deficit
I’m over here doing the same with my change,
but it ain’t amounting to frick.

I’m over here working hard; Good lawd – we’re all trying to make it through,
I’m Qui
Working so much – internet time untouched, in hopes that the mortgage check will go through.
(lest I pack my things and move in with you. Ooo!)

Let’s unite & defeat these unnecessary difficulties.
Call your STATE REP & bid for COMPROMISE (Help)–
every day this week.

…August 2nd is coming…

Happy the A/C went out in July

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on July 21, 2011 at 8:44 am

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I have a two story home and both of my A/C units have died during July’s most infamous triple digit run. GREAT! Had they not, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for me to escape to a nice hotel, have breakfast in bed and sit by the poolside on a Thursday morning.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons.

I’m thinking like the alchemist; I’m making life what I want it to be. Sure the A/C units will have to be repaired by Friday – but surely until then, I can pamper myself about it. lol! I work hard, so I should afford myself rewards. Though I must admit my work isn’t work at all. Filming folks everyday is a passion…a dream of mine, so in actuality, the man that spends his days on his passion hasn’t had one day of work. It’s all pleasure to him. Yippeeeee! I am him…(*ahem) I mean HER! 🙂

Sure both A/C’s have died in the most opportune time of Summer.
But I’m not crying about it being a real ding hummer.

I’m good. No — I’m great, receiving breakfast in bed,
chopping up conversation with you amidst positivities in my head.

I have a few film shoots to do, but nothing needed tending to more than this site.
As much as I love filming commercials I do hate slacking on the global writes.

Good conversation can render such knowledge and convey uplifting insights.
It’s hard on me not to verbalize – COMMUNICATING is my life.

So imagine my good feeling this morning when I realized I had a moment,
to kick it with you and get a hold of the a/c dude- ’tis my purpose: I’m on it.

Happy Thursday baby. I’m so glad the A/C went out.
I’m Qui
Taking it easy
today and schmoozing in clout.

Clout? Oh yeah. Its always my mission to make a few new professional friends.
Once I finally start my work day, I’ll shoot a commercial for the hotel I’m in.
Benefits of fringe!

The Common Sense Chew

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on July 17, 2011 at 5:53 am

Raising the debt ceiling and throwing this country into debt for G.W.Bush’s tasks,
then refusing to raise it for the good of the country NOW — is unintelligent trash.

Here’s a look at the debt ceiling history, based on White House and congressional data.

February 2010 – $14.294 trillion
December 2009 – $12.394 trillion
February 2009 – $12.104 trillion
October 2008 – $11.315 trillion
July 2008 – $10.615 trillion
September 2007 – $9.815 trillion
March 2006 – $8.965 trillion
November 2004 – $8.184
May 2003 – $7.384 trillion
June 2002 – $6.4 trillion

August 1997 – $5.95 trillion
March 1996 – $5.5 trillion
August 1993 – $4.9 trillion
April 1993 – $4.37 trillion
November 1990 – $4.145 trillion
October 1990 – $3.23 trillion
November 1989 – $3.1227 trillion
August 1989 – $2.87 trillion
September 1987 – $2.8 trillion
August 1987 – $2.352 trillion
July 1987 – $2.32 trillion
October 1986 – $2.3 trillion
August 1986 – $2.111 trillion

The more foul play revealed surrounding Rupert Murdoch
makes me wonder more about the ethics of the News station: FOX.

Nancy Grace and HLN News thrive on being racy
and totally missed the juries call as it pertained to Casey.
Having produced all of that fire breathing defamation for ratings.

However, not all common sense slackers are yielding nonsense to get their ratings up.
Some people just lack the good sense God gave them like the obsolete SLIM THUG.

As much as I like to render good words and unbias hugs —
I’m most turned off by what’s under Slim Thugga’s rug.

His rug being his hair, and his mind residing under.
Slim Thug has given us nothing substantial, just a whole lot of foul thunder.

To FART is not an ART:

Read his blunderous thick on CHOCOLATE CHICK
Check out the exposure of his raggedy look on FACEBOOK.

Common Sense is not always applied – though my God we could all use it.
Common sense tells me that a lot of black folk won’t be buying Slim Thugga’s music.

Common sense yields me very little to stand on; to state that Justice is blind is hardly fair.
I can only hope the gauntlet for privacy hacking swings low for Rupert Murdoch the billionaire.

Common sense tells me Nancy Grace knows nothing while yelling and dispelling on HLN.
Common Sense would also be great in CONGRESS to support the U.S.’s economical win.

Common sense these days is looking a lot like a coveted sin,
I’m Qui
Happy Sunday to you, I’m doing The Common Sense Chew; I’m hopeful @ our new weeks begin.

TEAM USA needs a Common Sense WIN!!!


In News on July 13, 2011 at 6:23 am

Bad news is rampart: Constant green lights with no stop.
Headed up by News of the World Corp and Rupert Murdoch.

He’s old, he’s white and he’s a powerful billionaire,
whose not beholden to respect – whose not beholden to care.

Or so it seems.
His various subsidiaries have been hacking @ privacy seams…

It’s not his first time being involved in such matter and it won’t be his last.
Paying fines is quite alright when you’re backed with crazy wealth cash.

Meanwhile an equivalency blanket has been given to heron, weed and hash:
The DEA sees no medicinal play and collectively labels all as trash.

Yielding International FINANCIAL Aid has long looked funny,
so when it stalled on aiding PAKISTAN – they said, ‘Keep yo’ money’.

So we shall….
and necessarily spend it on this US gal.

Mitch McConnell has yielded us a positive Senate feeling,
When he announced the go-ahead to raise the debt ceiling.

I don’t understand why it was a problem at anytime,
However born the conclusion – tis’ makes the President shine.
and proves we can all be adults amidst party whine.

I still can’t get over the US Womens Soccer Team and their stun on Brazil.
The femme players that represent our country – are authoritatively FOR REAL.
They yielded Beckham and other counter parts a little something they can seriously feel.

Foul Ref’s all about them didn’t invoke our team to go cold,
but rather pulled the fire to the forefront – rendering them the Winning GOAL.

Other cool news from the 2 point line
is ALLEN GEUI and his $40K shine.
If you hadn’t heard of his story – let me be the first to shoot it from the hip
Allen gave away $40K won in a dunk contest because he’s got a full scholarship.

All participants in the dunk contest were children seeking college funds.
Allen won the contest and then shared the profits with all runner ups in $5K sums.
A giving heart yields the best feeling: YUM! YUM!

Halle Berry called 911 twice last weekend – though not because she’s a boys in blue fan,
but because there was an intruder stalking her across her residential land.
Precautions are taken often – as evil doers are increasing earths girth.
Unfortunately being Ms. Halle Berry is a beloved Blessing and a Curse.
Do pray for her.

Ooo La La – it’s HUMP DAY and I’m up for the challenge,
I’m Qui
On my literary job feeling majestic and valiant.

How about you —
amidst this mid-week NEWS PERUSE?

A REEL Journey

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement, Technology on July 7, 2011 at 12:59 pm


So I reel footage into my camera by way of my dual P2 card chamber. It’s great. No tape rewinding & the quality is clearly more superior. However my camera model does have the capacity to reel on DV tape which is good because one of my P2 cards have just died.

I prayed it wasn’t so…
A comparable of Real LIFE
it too had to go.

I bought both P2 cards in 2008 so I can’t complain. I’ve been anything but “easy” on them. I film anything & almost everything of interest (be it unusual or necessary). I love to reel in reflections. I reformat the cards as often as possible…and I’m now wondering if that has any credence towards “wearing them out”?

This filming thing is a journey. I LOVE IT.

You’re either a people person or you’re not… I soooo am. LOL! I think I’m more into “people” than they are into themselves. And once they realize my genuinity is equally for the whole & all parties involved by the end of the day I’ve made new friends and professional associates.

I’m fine with that. My QUALITY over QUANTITY journey is about “positively effecting others & leaving then happier than they were before I arrived.” It works for me. I was born born for it. Though I’m early (still) in my journey I am certain that this is my purpose: to make people feel good & capture it on film.

As funky as “that” sounds – stall me out & raise the bar. 🙂
I’m a positive spirit – not PAPARRAZI in search of porn stars. lol!

I do like the REEL – this JOURNEY is mine.
It’s long been my calling – before I’d ever made a dime.

I do like the friendships that arise out of a few takes,
I’m Qui
Glad to be me on my journey – life is what you make…

So what path are you blazing?
Live your purpose. Love your journey.

And then it was Tuesday

In News on July 5, 2011 at 6:00 am

How was your Fourth of July?
did you BBQ and firework the night?

I had a good time – I filmed the parade.
I transferred the footage – so that I get paid.

I drank some Muscato and took it real slow.
I was fast asleep @ the fireworks show.
Uh-oh. lol!
When the sky is dark – sleep is my m.o.

Yesterday felt like Saturday – yet today is Tuesday,
I’m Qui
Feeling weekend’ish and so way past Monday.

The nicest people….

In Communication, Griot, Networking on July 2, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Small Business CommercialsI’m a videographer and all day long I run around filming small business owners with the sole intent to utilize the :30 commercial for online advertisement and ultimately increase their front door traffic. It’s a fabulous gig – indeed. To me — nothing could be finer, so I wake up daily with a smile on my face and ready to go.

While I know that a huge part of my destiny is filming I honestly get a big kick out of meeting small business owners. They are “The nicest people.”

Nothing says LIFE like passion. I’ve yet to shoot a small business executive that wasn’t excited and on fire about his business. The real life-to-lens translation is contagious. I shoot in HD and the positive energy that radiates from the small business owner(s) resonates throughout the room, is caught on film and makes my job real easy. I love it – all the day long.

I can identify with their day-to-day struggles, for I too am a small business owner. Your bad –if you thought I was working with an MGM budget. I wish! I’m closer to filming outside with a hat on the ground next to me – (to catch my tips). Just knowing that I don’t have to peddle random film footage on the stret intensifies my happy day to day energy. Yeahhhh!

My job wouldn’t be all that” if it weren’t for “The nicest people”
whose small business moxy radiates from their steeples.

First impressions are everything— making you either EASY or HARD to forget,
I’m Qui
accumulating a long list of hard to forgets – because so far, I’ve been overly impressed.

Working for self is absolutely the best
and “The nicest people” have been the greatest part of it yet.