The nicest people….

In Communication, Griot, Networking on July 2, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Small Business CommercialsI’m a videographer and all day long I run around filming small business owners with the sole intent to utilize the :30 commercial for online advertisement and ultimately increase their front door traffic. It’s a fabulous gig – indeed. To me — nothing could be finer, so I wake up daily with a smile on my face and ready to go.

While I know that a huge part of my destiny is filming I honestly get a big kick out of meeting small business owners. They are “The nicest people.”

Nothing says LIFE like passion. I’ve yet to shoot a small business executive that wasn’t excited and on fire about his business. The real life-to-lens translation is contagious. I shoot in HD and the positive energy that radiates from the small business owner(s) resonates throughout the room, is caught on film and makes my job real easy. I love it – all the day long.

I can identify with their day-to-day struggles, for I too am a small business owner. Your bad –if you thought I was working with an MGM budget. I wish! I’m closer to filming outside with a hat on the ground next to me – (to catch my tips). Just knowing that I don’t have to peddle random film footage on the stret intensifies my happy day to day energy. Yeahhhh!

My job wouldn’t be all that” if it weren’t for “The nicest people”
whose small business moxy radiates from their steeples.

First impressions are everything— making you either EASY or HARD to forget,
I’m Qui
accumulating a long list of hard to forgets – because so far, I’ve been overly impressed.

Working for self is absolutely the best
and “The nicest people” have been the greatest part of it yet.


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