The Common Sense Chew

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on July 17, 2011 at 5:53 am

Raising the debt ceiling and throwing this country into debt for G.W.Bush’s tasks,
then refusing to raise it for the good of the country NOW — is unintelligent trash.

Here’s a look at the debt ceiling history, based on White House and congressional data.

February 2010 – $14.294 trillion
December 2009 – $12.394 trillion
February 2009 – $12.104 trillion
October 2008 – $11.315 trillion
July 2008 – $10.615 trillion
September 2007 – $9.815 trillion
March 2006 – $8.965 trillion
November 2004 – $8.184
May 2003 – $7.384 trillion
June 2002 – $6.4 trillion

August 1997 – $5.95 trillion
March 1996 – $5.5 trillion
August 1993 – $4.9 trillion
April 1993 – $4.37 trillion
November 1990 – $4.145 trillion
October 1990 – $3.23 trillion
November 1989 – $3.1227 trillion
August 1989 – $2.87 trillion
September 1987 – $2.8 trillion
August 1987 – $2.352 trillion
July 1987 – $2.32 trillion
October 1986 – $2.3 trillion
August 1986 – $2.111 trillion

The more foul play revealed surrounding Rupert Murdoch
makes me wonder more about the ethics of the News station: FOX.

Nancy Grace and HLN News thrive on being racy
and totally missed the juries call as it pertained to Casey.
Having produced all of that fire breathing defamation for ratings.

However, not all common sense slackers are yielding nonsense to get their ratings up.
Some people just lack the good sense God gave them like the obsolete SLIM THUG.

As much as I like to render good words and unbias hugs —
I’m most turned off by what’s under Slim Thugga’s rug.

His rug being his hair, and his mind residing under.
Slim Thug has given us nothing substantial, just a whole lot of foul thunder.

To FART is not an ART:

Read his blunderous thick on CHOCOLATE CHICK
Check out the exposure of his raggedy look on FACEBOOK.

Common Sense is not always applied – though my God we could all use it.
Common sense tells me that a lot of black folk won’t be buying Slim Thugga’s music.

Common sense yields me very little to stand on; to state that Justice is blind is hardly fair.
I can only hope the gauntlet for privacy hacking swings low for Rupert Murdoch the billionaire.

Common sense tells me Nancy Grace knows nothing while yelling and dispelling on HLN.
Common Sense would also be great in CONGRESS to support the U.S.’s economical win.

Common sense these days is looking a lot like a coveted sin,
I’m Qui
Happy Sunday to you, I’m doing The Common Sense Chew; I’m hopeful @ our new weeks begin.

TEAM USA needs a Common Sense WIN!!!

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