OPEN MIC PARTY – Friday Night

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, Self Improvement on July 27, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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So politics are crazy — and life is still short.
Party leaders may act dumb, but don’t you play that part.

The rich are not crying about giving up cuts;
Yet Republican leaders are being “a pain in the butt”.

So what? Life is at hand and you don’t want to choke.
Live in the present and next year: YOU VOTE.

My filming game is crazy. I’m booked and — no stress.
This Friday nights taping will be @ BEST OF BLESSED.

It’s an open mic event for artists who love a good supportive crowd.
Mr. Pointman of ATL and DFW’s Norris J – will both be in the house.

I will be MC’ing – because the talent line up is going to go hard.
This is a POSITIVE & inspiring event with all Praises going to The Lord.

So politics are crazy – separate yourself and forget they exist,
I’m Qui
Filming a better reality
Friday – because I’m a positive chic.

If you’re in the area – drop in:

Event: Open Mic Night: The BEST OF THE BLESSED
Date: Friday, July 29th
Time: 7pm
Place: ROL

Also, check out NORRIS J’s concert on Sunday July 31st @ New Breed Christian Center @ 6pm. This brother is “THE COOLEST”. Check the video:

  1. Oh my Lord – Oh my Lord,
    The BEST OF THE BLESSED (Fri. night)

    All ARTISTS were Genuine -absolutely NO phonies,
    Resulting in a house of STANDING ROOM ONLY.

    7 o’ clock came soon;
    and Anxious SUPPORTERS packed the room.

    I took the mic to relatively engage w/ the people
    Introducing artists to “pop off” in JC’s steeple.

    Norris J opened it up & the folk were on fire!
    They were on there feet – Jammin to his beat
    For INJ Music had come to inspire .

    Mr. Pointman showed up from Atlanta and put reality in our face
    And made us vow to change the world starting there in the holy place.

    Many others rocked the mic – there was about 25 acts.
    This is oly their 2nd B.O.B. – Who knew it would blow up like that?
    I had a blast! (-:

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