This Birthday Weekend

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on August 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

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Omg! Omg!
Whose The Birthday Girl? — I am she!

So the weekend is fast approaching
and the triple digit temps have been encroaching.

But that won’t stop me from birthday celebrating;
Gathering with friends, breaking ends and relating.

There’ll be some red wine, good conversation;
Chopping up future plans about game elevation.

There will be lots of good head in the house – because I cannot resist.
There will be GRIOT rhymes on a fly and on a dime – for I’m the GRIOT Ms.

This Birthday Weekend will find me flawless and fly.
Breaking ends with stylish friends, will surely get me by.

I’m sure to hit the MAC Counter and divvy funds to paint a prettier she.
I’m sure to stock up on shades of matte, because the lips are important to me.

I plan on cutting the rug – oh yes I do like to express through dance.
I plan on hitting as many scenes as I can, for celebrating is my entrance chance.

I’m a workaholic. I really don’t go out too much.
So this weekend will be spent, reaching out and keeping in touch.

I won’t be spending it on Twitter or by watching CNN.
I’m the birthday sheOoo Oui! Ooo Oui!
I will spend it on friends.

Not to be compared to Jennifer Aniston and that ivory casted show.
Because most of my friends have deep melanin skin & can conjur up an afro. 🙂

Not to exclude any of my white friends and fam, for they too are good to go.
They don’t deep tan, but in my heart they stand – and we’re working on their afro’s.
I just have more brown friends than whites – YO!

This Birthday Weekend will find me partying at home, at the mall, and letting loose at the pub,
I’m Qui
Approaching four decades of birthday celebrates — and looking forward to this one with love.

is a
please believe.
xxxx –KISSES– xxxx

  1. Happy (very belated) Birthday, young lady!

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