Riding it out

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Technology on August 15, 2011 at 9:12 pm

When the going gets tough - The tough RIDE IT OUT...

When the going gets tough - The tough RIDE IT OUT...

This economy has been fire to paper on finances.
Many have given up on the American Dream and any chances
of finding another good gig to replace the one they had.
Obama’s trying to help us out – but the outlook looks bad.

CHEER UP whipper snapper. All is looking up.
Obama’s making good on those “promise checks” he cut.

I understand alot of jobs have moved away and have duly taken your positions overseas;
I also understand that there’s lots of infrastructure work to be done on our US streets.

If only it were as simple as putting two and two together
Infrastructure work would have been in play and we wouldn’t have noticed the weather.

The triple digit heat in Texas has finally broke
though jobs in the area are still on choke.


I have reason to believe that all will turn around
and everything that President O has promised is soon to go down.

My engineer guy surely lost his gig (shipped overseas) 3 years ago,
Now it looks like things are looking up in the technology world – YO!

He’s being sought out like a young girl in a polygamist community.
He’s got intellect skills that science can feel – paralleling 3G, (or some speed).

Ooo Wee.
He’s inhaling the attention like it’s the good kush weed. lol!

I kid thee, but the recession for him looks to be nearing an end.
It’s been a long 3 years from beginning to end — since this ‘thang began.

Riding It Out: – I wrote this piece, not to boast about one man,
but to encourage you (on your search) to ‘NOT TO GIVE UP’ on your stance.

Do not give up on your dreams. Remember that piece you once heard
written by LANGSTON HUGHES about living in A DREAM DEFERRED?

Keep going – keep going.
Positive seeds – you ought to be sewing.
Keep praying – keep praying.
There will be a better day and

Obama’s driving – Ride Out the weather.
Stay united – let’s be clever.
The world is looking; let us endeavor
to rise above appearances and be better.

It appears that we (as a nation) are not united.
I’m Qui
and a collapsed house is surely a house divided.

WE ARE AMERICANS. We don’t wince and we don’t pout.
We are Americans. Mount up & RIDE IT OUT.

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