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In Griot, Networking, TV Shows on August 22, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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Of course I’m enjoying The Young and The Restless. Of course I think it’s dope.
Believe it or not, I dig the cast of snots, and am duly hooked on SOAP.

Needing rehab? Nope. I rather like the feeling
Of watching folks getting hurt deep, fall apart & reap
a micro quick healing. lol!

Drama. Drama.
It is for your moma,
to which I will say: “Hello”.

I dig it all.
The deep the small
and lately digging the Beautifully Bold. 😉

All My Children used to be gold – but that’s all gone away.
I lie to you not, I like the lil’ snots on Y&R everyday.

There are a few characters on Y&R that I am requesting get into scene,
including but not limited to Drewcilla Winters and the fine Dr. Hastings.

Lil’ Nate. Olivia’s boy. Yes he’s back and employed at the local hospital. He’s a doc.;)
He’s intellectual, he’s strong – he’s another single jones & his physique is a la HOT!
Can he get another camera shot? lol!

Tucker McCall’s health is recovering well, but at a much slower rate,
than it would be if there were a script feed to the helpful Dr. Nate.

Won’t Sophia need a Dr. soon? I don’t know if Nate OB/GYN’s,
but you’d agree, he’s an interesting he and he sports a winning grin.
Mrs. Bell — please write Dr. Nate in. 🙂

Now that Diane Jenkins is dead, Jack and Victor will fight over the boy.
While Lily and Daniel lay in red sheets, post making ‘friends with benefits’ joy.

The two of them just professed their affections.

I’m watching the soaps as I type this piece,
I like it on a daily — it’s a legal dirty release.
Ooo Wee.
Are you watching? Y&R is a beast.

  1. Y & R? Boy, that brings me back; my grandmother loved that show. it’s in the background of so many childhood memories. Thanks for refreshing my memory banks.

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