Water Cooler Chat

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Technology on August 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

So Rick Perry is heading up the Republican candidacy in the race
and Michelle Bachman is now pulling a real dismal last place,
and Mitt Romney is humming along just fine –
likely not studdin’ the polls until debate time.

Preserve the mind; I’m loosely watching the race,
Though entertaining debates will soon be in our face.
And rightfully on the sofa, I will take my place
but until that day – I will yield a real loose chase.

Politics – Schmolitics it’s all fun and games
to see who will speed to be the Republican seed
& end up getting maimed?

There’s fun coming up, though at the present all I can think about
is how hot this TEXAS weather is and trying to survive this drought.

In my back yard, I have a 15 foot classic palm tree of West coast pride,
that is surely suffering the most – it’s duly leaning (hard) to the right.

I have an automated sprinkler system in my back yard picture,
though I haven’t been able to utilize it due to water restrictions.

About that beautiful deck that we’ve erected a few feet out into the yard?
Under it is a cracked and dry ground – looks like the desert. Ooo Lord!

It actually looks as if the cinder blocks are going to fall right through the cracks.
I don’t entertain on the deck during heat waves like this. My melanin’s too black. 🙂

We need rain – and I pray for it often.
Perhaps I should do a dance in my kids moccasins.

Have you seen those ugly little shoes? Teenage kids think they’re a fashion gain.
All I ever think about when my kid puts hers on is….can she dance and make rain?

It’s silly
but really
Have you seen these shoes?
They remind you of “pray for rain” or “snooze”.
Yes! They look like house shoes too.
Complete with fir lining to not let your foot cool.

I can’t wear them, but then I can’t do a lot of things,
I can write, produce and even act, but frog up when it’s time to “SING”.
Honestly. I don’t belong on GLEE.

I’m a technology lover. Y’all know I love to gadget dibble and dabble,
so please let me render a big hug to the resignation of STEVE JOBS at Apple.

Steve has been sick for a while – he’s got issues with his pancreas and liver.
I pray God he’s not in pain – for he’s been the biggest technological giver.

To lose Steve made investors quiver. But we’re going to be okay
So far he’s resigned as CEO but his CHAIRMAN status is still in play.

Also, I heard about the congestive heart issues of a very dear soul to me;
She is in need of central A/C to minimize the health effects of this damaging heat.

If there is anyone that can aid her in her time of need
Please FACEBOOK MESSAGE the saint who put “the plea” in the streets:
Her name is Lynn aka GG.

Brotherly love get’s a bad rap as the saying often rings untrue,
but you know it is real when another (unselfishly) goes to bat for you.

So what have you been up to, how’s the weather at your place?
Are you watching the news and remotely following the Candidate race?

Are you as busy as me with your career on fire?
I’m doing double time, because my kids no longer for hire.
She worked with me this summer, but that’s all gone away.
As of August 22nd when the 1st day of school came into play.
Poo! & Yea!

I do have my solitary days back – though it was surely more productive with her in it.
I’m Qui
Wishing a Happy pre-Friday to thee, and encouraging you to go out and win it!

  1. Nice chatting with you, young woman. Let’s do it again soon.

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