My Baby is Gone…

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UPDATE 10/3/14 — R.I.P. Tina Reese. She has reunited with her son.

So I received the most disturbing call Friday afternoon, the caller on the other end was so distraught that they could not verbalize. I heard the tears, I felt the gut wrenching pain through the phone. The caller said, “Yesterday evening, (9/2 Thursday) in Arlington, TX (Nathan Low & Petra Dr.) a drunk driver hit one of your best friends as she was taking her 10 year old son to football practice at 5:30 in the afternoon. The drunken SUV driver ran through a four way stop sign and rammed his vehicle into my girlfriends Honda Accord and severed her sons spine, crushed his rib cage and caused massive head trauma. He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital in Arlington, TX and then care flighted to Cooks Children hospital where he was pronounced dead Friday morning after 4 a.m.

Meet Tavian Sabur, the son of Tina Reese and the little brother of the recent high school graduate/college freshman Camille:

Tina Reese’s Baby – 10 year old TAVIAN SABUR

Click below to see TJ’s Home Going:
Part 1. featuring Henry McClellon & Dr. Molly Dempsey-Robertson
Part 2. featuring Camille Cherry (TJ’s big sister)
Part 3. featuring Minister Kyle Cavin

Tina is my sister from another Mother and Mister. Tina is currently in the hospital healing from internal and external injuries that are (by the grace of God) not life threatening.

The moment I made my way to her bedside and announced myself, she squeezed my right hand with her right hand, (lying stoic in neck brace), and said to me in a soft voice, “Hello Qui Qui. My baby is gone.

What now?

Labor Day was 4 days away & had not even begun,
The drunk driver was early in his alcohol fun.

The drinker was foolish in his vehicle run.
The life that he took exceeds any prison sum.

T.J. is gone and the drunkard has already posted bail,
$10,000 in total. Are you serious? Epic law fail.

Tina’s Baby is Gone though he’ll never be forgotten.
If Walter doesn’t pay with his life – justice is rotten.

Not jailed for a few months and a license suspension.
I said, “Tina’s baby is gone” – how’s that comprehension?

I’m numb tonight and this is all I can think about.
Tina lies on her back whispering because she can not shout.

Camille has lost her baby brother and the world needs to know,
We will not be silent after being forced to let Tina’s baby go.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is an outstanding organization.
I will support them even more now – given our current unfortunate relation.

Please keep Tina and Camille in your earnest prayers – then light a candle for T.J.
Please insist that law makers reign hard on drunk drivers in their sentencing phase.

I pray God speed over Camille’s pain and Tina’s physical & spiritual wounds,
I’m Qui
The pain is deep. No Mom should have to bury the treasures of her womb.

Please be safe on this Labor Day Weekend.
Don’t drink and drive or allow a friend…


Viewing is Sept.11@ 3p.m.-5p.m. Moore Funeral Home
4216 S. Bowen Arlington,Tx

Funeral is Sept.12 @ 11a.m.
Moore Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens
1219 North Davis Drive
Arlington, TX 76012

Also CiCi’s in Arlington (@Sublett & Cooper) is holding a BENEFIT in TJ’s HONOR Friday 9/9/11 @ 9pm – 12am $8 Buffets instead of the usual $4.99


  1. I would like to follow this story and asking how is Camille and the family?

    • Hi! Thanks for following the blog. I have not personally spoken to Camy in some time, however, I have an immediate family member that speaks with her more fluidly and they have told me that she is married, now and doing well. Thanks for caring enough to check up on her. I appreciate your concern. ❤

  2. Yes. My heart is broken tonight. My dear friend will be missed:

  3. […] I wrote a story about TJ Sabur in September of 2011 in a piece called, “My Baby is Gone.” 10-year old TJ was killed by a drunk driver while his mother, Tina Reese drove him to football practice during Labor Day weekend on Friday afternoon. When I made my way to the hospital to her bedside, she said, “Hello QuiQui. My baby is gone.”  There hasn’t been one day that has gone by since that she has not expressed her love for TJ, nor did she miss an opportunity to mention that they would meet again. […]

  4. What a sad day, first her son, now Mrs. Tina Rees past away on 10/3/2014. Prayers are with her family.

  5. Qui Qui-How can I ever thank you for all your love and support with the tragedy and loss of my little angel, T.J. (Tavian Joseph)….he was the light of my life and part of my heart has been taken with the careless actions of this drunk driver. A senseless and great loss to the physical world, but a blessing to God as He receives his angel back in His arms. I am thankful for family, like you and the so many friends that prayed for us, cared for us and loved us. None of this seems like a reality and the pain of losing a child is beyond belief as a mother, I pray that God just helps me get through day to day. God bless you for getting the message of “No Drinking and Driving” out to others and the damage it can bring to a family, whether it be your own or another innocent child who loses their life to this careless crime. I love you Qui forever and always!!

  6. Just a short update — Tina is home & healing. She also appeared on (DFW) CBS (the early part of November 2011) to talk about the accident & her loss. I was out of state & didn’t see it, but was thrilled to hear that she’s up & moving about. Tina is a very gentle & highly positive person. Her strength is an amazingly strong addition to her already great soul.

    I attended & filmed TJ’s Funeral — it wa a true celebration! However Tina was in wheel chair & neck brace. Even then, she was a tower of strength. Amazing.

    Thanks to each and every one who took the time to Read & Comment on this sobering piece. You are well received & I love ya! 
    H a p p y Monday
    Laugh & Love TODAY.

  7. So sorry to hear about your friends loss. I was reading this and my friend and I couldn’t believe that he was drunk at such a time. Even worse, I can’t believe this poor child had to suffer because of him and now his mother. I wish your friend physical wellness and emotional as well over time. MADD is a great organization and I hope that driver never drives again and serve justice.

  8. Wow, this is devastating. It’s so sad to see anyone die, but when it could have been prevented it makes it even worse. Again, thanks for exposing this story.

  9. Very Sorry to hear about the loss of life! The piece was very moving. It has been awhile since I took the time to read something like that.


  10. Can anyone tell me how TJ’s mom is doing? I don’t know TJ or Tina, but the accident happened right behind my house and I spoke to Tina while she was in the car until the paramedics arrived. I have been praying for her and her family, and was just hoping she was not badly injured and that she has been able to go home. I will continue to pray for God’s comfort and peace for Tina and her family.

    • Tracie – I don’t know the medical status quo to update you on her condition properly, however, the family is now reading the comments HERE on this page & I pray they will update you w/ the specifics. We are so blessed to know that you were the comforting spirit @ Tima’s side when tragedy struck. As soon as I receive an update I WILL POST IT HERE. I do know she was transferred to BAYLOR in Dallas (Sun. 9/4) – I visited her @ JPS (FtW) last Friday 9/2. Thank you for YOUR PRAYERS – they are definitely working. (-:

  11. I know Tina from work. We both worked at the same place. I offer her prayers and condolences. May your heart heal and justice be served.

  12. I only knew TJ for about 3 years as I watched anf played with him when his mom brought him in to 24 hr fitness. My heart stopped when I saw his picture come up on the news. He was always happy, full of energy, and had well thought out plans for himself. It hurts to see him go, but relieve that he is in God’s hands now. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tina and the family, forever will I rem

  13. As a mother of a player on a rival football team I was devastated to hear of this loss. The Mansfield Texans are rallying together & praying hard for TJ’s family & friends. I cannot imagine this loss, especially for such senseless & selfish reasons. I’m praying you will have Gods peace & comfort at this difficult time.

  14. Qui Qui, Thank you for writing such a wonderful tribute poem. Tara is a student at Cross Timbers and is very sad to have lost a fellow student. We will be praying for TJ’s family and for friends like you that were also effected. God Bless!

  15. T.J. will be greatly missed in my classroom. He was such an intelligent and generous soul whose life was cut short. All of the students and teachers on his team at Cross Timbers loved him and will remember him always!

  16. We pray that God will have justice that is deserved for everyone effected in this tragic loss of baby TJ, He will be missed yet not forgotten! Tj and friends will be in our prayers!!!!!! Love a mother from his football team Knights, #17 we love you, OUR hearts are heaven and cant express our pain and tears cant stop rolling every time i think about a mothers loss over a irresponsable drunk man! deepest sympathy Monica Espinoza

    • Monica – I too am heart broken. THANK YOU for sharing more insight on “the team member” TJ: KNIGHTS #17. Even I had heard how excited he was about his new football journey. Be strong & keep encouraging the team. Let us rally around & pray for the strength of Tina & Camille — collectively. May we fight along side M.A.D.D. together as well. Fighting this tragedy is definitely a team effort.

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