About 9/11

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20110911-065717.jpg I remember the day very well. My now 20 year old and 14 year old were both in elementary school. We were getting ready to drop them off when we heard about the airplane hijackings. Once we reached the school and walked inside to deliver them to their classes, we heard an overhead announcement say that one of the planes had crashed into a high rise in NY and with my youngest daughters hand in mine , I fell on my knees where I stood, (in the schools foyer/entrance). My guy whispered for me to get up. Thinking back – I can only imagine that everyone in viewing proximity saw me fall on my knees and bow my head in prayer. I didn’t respond to my guys request. I was in default mode and continued to pray. I knew that there were children on those airplanes in transit to a field trip and we later learned that there was a daycare in one of the towers. My God. I am a my mother. I fell to my knees for every woman who didn’t have her child’s hand in her own at that very moment, especially those in the air planes and towers.

When I was done I stood up and made sure that my children would not ever forget the day, by bringing it up often.

We had a show to do that night (musical theater – The Goodbye Girl). The cast members rallied around each other & prayed for those in NY who were directly affected. That night we had the best show ever. I played Mrs. Crosby and usually I’d be battling nervousness at every solo part I’d encounter during the show. However on 911 I belted harder than Adele –Rolling in the deep”. I couldn’t believe it was me. It came from a place deep within. Over powered by a feeling that I could not express in words, lest I ventured off script and our Dir. (Linda Leonardson) wasn’t having that – so Mrs. Crosby spoke for me. I cried out in song. Sincerity was (and still is) present.

You know 911’s story. I know the wound is still fresh.
Somehow it hasn’t vapored off – not even with Osama’s death.

I still think of those children and nothing I can say will bring them back.
Here we are a decade past and our enemies are still plotting attacks.

The world is on a unity lack.
I wish we could have the good ol’ days back.

My own children are a decade older and I thank God for that.
Did I tell you that I believe in prayer? God’s got my back.

Fortunate are we who are blessed to see a new day.
Yield a moment of silence and exercise your “pray”.


It has to be. To say it’s a sad day – is to accept defeat.
The moment in time brought about unity.

We emerged from the ashes as one nation.
It was our AMERICAN blood relation.

Do you remember
Good ol’ 11th of September.

3497 lives were lost to a new wars gain.
Then President O. made sure we caught what’s his name.

Enjoy the day and hug your kids.
Forgive them for all if that stuff they did.

Thank God for them and honor the day
Break from the grind and give them some play.

And for everyone who lost a loved one on that day –
For you and your strength, I continuously pray.

About 911,
Life is short enjoy the sum.

I’m Qui.

P.S. Today is TJ’s viewing, (Tina’s Baby). Read TJ’s story here.

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