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She is “land of the free” and lover of drama;
“home of the braves” lead by President Obama.

Home of ‘brotherly love’ (it’s what we strive to be).
Home of The Dallas Cowboys (they’re Americas team).

America marches to her own beat…
We ponied up to bailed out Wall Street.

God shed His grace for thee
But left no bailout for Main Street…
America, have you forgotten me?

Mm-Mm-Mm I do love my country
apart from it’s racial & common sense funky.

Big bang theories & evolution monkeys.
I do, I do love this dysfunctional country.

The dream of her is still in play:
Folks are migrating to the U.S. everyday.

Folks are working without Visa’s & undermining Labor Laws.
Consequences should be yielded to the H.R. hiring boss.

Shipping plant jobs overseas is to our detriment & to our loss.
A quick buck saved in the name of corporate breaks- is the root of our countrys fall.

Right hands wash the left hands & Congress is still being paid.
Lobbyist lobby for the rich – while “off of work” the middle class is laid.

Americas ground is shifty from recent gas drilling.
Home foundations will need repair –
The homeowner will pay a killing!

America: I Love You and I see what you’re doing…
The rich rape the poor, (an unauthorized screwing).

Corporations are getting tax breaks & coming up on “the take”,
The people are getting less pay & eating price hikes everyday.

America, America… who named you America?
And don’t tell me you’re a child of the latino Ferrera’s. lol!

America, America – I love you will all of my heart
And prayed that 2009 (for us) was a new start.

America, America only you can send you to hell.
Wise up or lay down. The choice is yours in 2012.

To black folks that voted 3 1/2 years ago,
And are impatient with change — “GET OVER IT – yo!”

Change takes time — surpassing many administrative cheers & jeers.
Case in point: G.W. Bush ran the country down in 8 long years. 😉

America, you’re so funny –> such a short attention span.
I’m Qui
A resident of she: AMERICA is my homeland.

Surely WE can do better.

  1. You do your land proud!

  2. You are the lovely ~Goddess~ with a voice, and a beautiful mind. If you were to run for office, you would have my vote….

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