What happened to TROY DAVIS

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, TV Shows on September 24, 2011 at 2:08 pm

Is best put into words by Judge Greg Mathis. You don’t have to like YOUR HONOR, but RESPECT is IMMINENT:

Who will the next Troy Davis be?
Will they be family to you and me?

We usually don’t care if it’s not us or our kids,
however, we should be concerned about JUSTICE BEING HID.

Politicians: Scared of a row called skid, while holding political office.
“Karma is coming back”, says the writer, a QE wisdom novice.

The state of Georgia definitely has blood on their hands.
Way more than was shed by Larry Byrd, across Texas lands.

Larry was decapitated by a White supremacist,
Troy was executed for something he never did.

What happened to TROY DAVIS is a hellish nightmare indeed.
Thank God for the 48 HOURS broadcast of FREE The West Memphis 3.

Justice is a hard girl to get at, but I heard she still keeps in touch,
I’m Qui
Praying for the collective we
, because the doubtful death penalty is just too much.

  1. No mountain is too big for you too tackle, right, young lady? Well done.

  2. I found an interesting TWITTER POST regarding the trend #TroyDavis:

    TROY DAVIS Twitter post

    Read the story here: The parole board that killed #TroyDavis grants clemency to a male who admitted killing his boss

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