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Halloweens Monday Mix

In Communication, Griot, News, TV Shows on October 31, 2011 at 10:51 am

I’m on top of the world, (I am), and it’s just Day 2 –
According to the 7 day calendar that is my truth.

Ol’ Rick Perry looked as high as Charlie Sheen
during last Fridays zooted out media stream.

Before taking the podium to communicate a myriad of things
It appears the governor may have had a couple of drinks? 🙂
Peep his (out of character) “energy” to see what I mean:

Also on this Monday, I am packing to move;
relocating out of state is my current groove.

The president promised jobs and congress said damnit!
Then INTEL called my guy to duly take advantage.

My daughter is a freshman at an MISD school,
who thinks this ‘relocating thing’ is so ultra cool.

Just knowing she thinks so – makes me feel a bit merry;
for our financial low was beginning to look kind of scary. lol!

Halloween is fun — I like the unpredictable scare,
but never wanted to see my finances GO there.

BOO! It’s Monday and we’re starting over again;
A brand new week – a brand new zen.
Tonight I’ll be in costume again,
to make my neighbors blush and grin.

I do it every year. I’m hardly one to behave.
Last years lady bug will be this years french maid.

Fishnet stockings on legs and mock cuffs on wrists,
Un-bowling chocolate candy in loads by the fist.

I’ve got ART work to do — which I enjoy doing a lot,
I’ve got to complete my daughters halloween costume robot.

It’s the cutest thing – I learned “How To” from a GRANGER dude.
Perhaps you saw his instructional video posted up on al la YouTube: Oooo.

Last year I bowled chocolates – you should’ve seen how fast they went.
Today’s sweeter sensation is Herman Cain’s relation to sexual harassments.
What a fine time for alleged victims to surface & vent.
Is his honeymoon with conservatives already spent?

What an awesomely frightening mix and appropriate for the day.
My kid produced the headline pic post last nights scary bake.

Well it’s Monday for sure – and with that it’s HALLOWEEN,
I’m Qui

That “French Maid she” ready to hone the candy scene.
I’m a giver.😉

I’ve got a Thursday Jones

In Communication, Griot, Music, Qui Audio Byte on October 27, 2011 at 11:51 am

Put QUI in your ear & Tell me what you hear...

Peep the way I lay it.
I rather fancy to GRIOT say it:


How are you feeling today?
I’m Qui
On some ORAL Play.


In News on October 24, 2011 at 10:53 pm

OMG! I just read an article about a serial rapists that’s on the prowl in Dallas County. He’s not prowling for just any type of woman, but a DELTA SIGMA THETA woman, and what’s worst, he’s targeting sorority alumni’s in their 50’s and 60’s? What the Ooo-oo-oop?

“Ooo-oo-oop!” is the sound that the Delta’s make while thrusting thier two hands forward making a triangle shape. Have you ever seen/heard of it? More over — Have you ever seen/heard of the suspected rapist? If you have, let him know the Dallas County Police are looking for him. I read about the story on Speaking of BlackVoices…when did AOL acquire Suddenly all of the community bass has been replaced by a corporation of people…kind of like Isn’t there any black authentic sites anymore – besides mine? My curiosity respectfully takes a back seat to the column at hand:

Rapist Targeting Delta Sigma Theta’s — Over the last 11 months, four women in the Dallas area have been raped in their homes, and their attacker seems to have been targeted them because they were members of Delta Sigma Theta, one of the nation’s prominent African-American sororities.

The most recent attack took place on Friday in the town of Corinth, TX. All of the victims are in their 50s and 60s, and were assaulted at night between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. The attacker revealed personal details about each of the women, leading authorities to suspect they are looking for one attacker.

The police have asked two local alumni chapters to turn over their rosters, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“While it is not yet confirmed that these victims were targeted because of their affiliation with the Sorority, we are erring on the side of caution and are advising our members in the Dallas area to take the necessary precautionary measures,” Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, the sorority’s national president, said in a statement. “To think that our members are being targeted is disturbing and extremely disheartening. Until the individual responsible for these crimes is brought to justice, we will continue to remain in close communication with one another and law enforcement officials in the respective jurisdictions.”

“It’s very unusual that this guy would target people from that sorority,” a forensic psychologist told the Denton Record Chronicle. “It certainly sounds like he has some beef with that sorority.”

The police have released video of a man believed to be connected to the attacks. The suspect is between five-feet-seven inches and six feet tall, and between 275 and 300 lbs. He has a trimmed beard, a short haircut, and possibly a receding hairline.

I didn’t pledge in college. I knew I could do better.
I was down with me-phi-me, my sister pledged DELTA.

I’m concerned about the story because I haven’t read or heard more,
I’m Qui
Grateful for and curious about the AOL score.