Rooting for The Team

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Sports on October 2, 2011 at 9:03 pm

rooting for the team
While the Cowboys and the Lions were going at it ☛ LIVE
BOFA was over there manipulating ways to get your FIVE.

After we bailed them out, the FDA set restrictions on banker fees.
Changing up the structure of which costs will be passed on to you and me.

BoFA is clever, and refuses to suffer from any structural jive.
BoFA got his bail out and now he’s taxing you an additional five.

I’m pretty ticked because again we the people bailed them out.
Now we’re still in crisis — while “NEW FEES!” – they shout.
GREED is what its all about.

If corporations continue to rape the low man for their good,
a mass of folks are going to resort to playing ROBIN HOOD.

You know the story all too well, so I wont bother to delve deeper into.
I don’t dig BOFA and so I roll over – I’m down with the Neighborhood CU.

Why is it that this is not bigger news? Marked and noted a disgrace?
What ever the reason, it’s now in season to have protesters all over the place.

Wall Street can’t get rid of them quick enough.
The movement is peaceful but the arrests are rough.

We live in America – land of the free.
I’m sure the rest of the world is judging our ‘we’.

How we get along, rationalize and adhere to our own rules.
Are were showcasing a Free World? Or acting like Fools?

Sensationalism drools.

In the meantime there aren’t any jobs, just protesting vents.
There is no gas (to get to work and back), no food and no rent.

Though promise is on the horizon. The people beckon and vibe with a more open will.
But Congress is dick dancing and not giving chance to: the proposed JOBS BILL.

So the LIONS won the game that I was watching this Sunday eve,
I’m Qui
that Griot communicating she – Rooting for the people: Team WE!

  1. Well amen to that sister. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the love! We are glad to see that you are part of the Neighborhood Credit Union family where we DON’T charge you monthly fees to use your debit card.

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