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Don’t drink the AZ water

In News on November 30, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Wow! I found out the HARD WAY about drinking HARD WATER – it can send you to the emergency room in short order.

I’d only been in Az for 2 weeks before going to the nearest emergency room because I’d been regurgitating for an hour straight. First up the esophagus was the chicken pot pie I’d eaten hours ahead and then up came the liquids, bile, bile and more bile (followed by dry heaving) and then — alas blood! What a frightening experience. The emergency room doctor told me that “after throwing up for an hour it’s likely you did some mild internal bruising and blood regurgitating is likely to follow”. Woah!

I’m not a 911 girl, but I was about call them out to my home – that day,
because blood is nothing I’m used to seeing before my calendars 28. lol!

*Not actual water from my AZ faucet, just a nasty visual of what the AZ water tastes like.

I was scared out of my mind and wanted to blame my earlier lunch,
but the smell of the AZ water kept my stomach on nauseous crunch.
(the chemicals therein must be ‘a bunch’).

They inserted an IV into my arm, after sticking my rolling veins 6 times.
I was so sick from the nasty water schtick — I didn’t even mind.

I ran into a dear friend over the Thanksgiving holiday
Whose been living here for 11 years — and still gets sick to this day.
Whatchu say?

He’s been drinking the darn water.
At what point do we get smarter…?

There’s Hexavalent Chromium in it as well as other nasty stuff
that probably shouldn’t be drank – less your smooth sailing goes rough.

I’m not into “the rough” – my strength is HARD but the AZ water is HARDER,
I’m Qui
Buying bottled water for now, because a sister has got to be smarter. lol!

So on the way to Arizona

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on November 28, 2011 at 1:28 am

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It’s a 16-hour road trip from Arlington, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona and just an hour outside of the DFW metroplex, (in Weatherford, TX) we hit a deer with our 20-foot UHAUL (that is packed to the ceiling) while traveling West on Hwy. I-20.


There were no DEER CROSSING signs and we weren’t even in the woods. We were approaching a well lit area near a new car dealership (Southwest Ford) when the deer leaped onto the highway and kissed the front of the new UHAUL model. Once it made contact with the grill near the drivers side, it nearly took the bumper off and definitely removed the left head light completely out of socket. Immediately the silver bumper was pressing against the drivers side front tire making it nearly impossible to drive forward and turn left. We managed to drive another 5.8 miles to a hotel on the service road and from here I am hammering out this piece.

So on the way to Arizona after the Thanksgiving weekend,
The family and I encountered a ‘deer run-in”
Just shortly before Monday morning was to began.
Guess who may have to unpack and repack again?

It looks like a bad deal, but when life is spared, there’s no bad luck;
Unless you harp on the fact that our vehicle is a 20-ft moving truck.
What a PHYSICAL LABORING rut we may be in for. So we’ll sleep hard tonight,
knowing we may have major business to take care of by day light.

UHAUL will be here to assess the damage in the morning at 7 a.m.
And we’ll get up promptly with the help of coffee and be ready to meet with them.
Still the silver lining shines through the horned dim:
OUR LIVES WERE SPARED – No human life was hemmed.

It’s after mid night now, and I’m about to lay it down,
I’m Qui
A tad bit deferred
from arriving at our Arizona town.
…other than that — we’re safe and sound.

What about Jeremih

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking on November 27, 2011 at 10:05 am

20111125-204142.jpgOkay, his real name is Jeremiah Felton, but he sings under the name JEREMIH), and his birthday is on July 17, 1987, (he’s a Cancer), and his voice is an absolute turn-on. Absolutely! Ooo.

Do you know him? One of his hooks that absolutely speaks to me while driving (that 32hour round trip drive from Az to TX and back), can be found on a Wale joint – the name of the track is “That WayJam it with me: featuring Jerimih.

The hook resounds in a melodically sweet voice:

“I apologize, I don’t recollect your name,
But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame.
Girl let me get them ‘ooh ahhs’ – then I gotta catch my plane.
Say ya’ miss me and ya’ wishing for some private time…
Girl how could we get that way?
Girl how can we get that way?”

The beat that he’s singing over is dope so kudos to Wale for implementing Jeremih all over it. I’m listening right now. I’m liking it too. I think it’s a mood enhancer. (-: I think it’s the little vocal notes he inserts in between the lines of the chorus – that help make it sexy. Ow!

I was just beginning to miss the days when songs would instantly woo a girl.
Then the young and good looking Jeremih stepped into my craving world.

He’s not bad looking either, and quite easy on the ear.
When you’re crossing the lands like me & my clan –
He’s quite the treat to hear.

I’m diggin’ his tempo – he’s only 24 – that’s a fact; I researched no rumor.
So I’m thinking to myself, ‘This young man is reason to become a cougar.LOL!

I kid you. I kid you. But I am diggin’ his flavour.
He’s in radio rotation a lot – which I think is quite hot,
because his sounds are right for the savour.

A full bodied sweetness, I am a harmony connoisseur,
I’m Qui
If you’ve been missing LOVE SONGS as of late – JERIMIH is your cure.
Yes ma’am & for sure.

Thankfully Weak

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on November 22, 2011 at 10:26 am


Yes. I have a thing for expressing THANKS out loud and in public, so Thank you very much. There! I said it again. (-: I rather like saying it. You should see the faces of those who I say it to after they’ve shared with me an “automatic random acts of kindness”, like holding the door, being courteous in traffic, picking up something that I dropped, etc. I’m never expecting others to help me out, so the first thought & words out of my mouth are “THANK YOU so very much”, followed by a fun & warm smile. Some people respond with a smile in kind, some simply say “you’re welcome”, and others look at me in surprise. As if my response was unwarranted or ingenious. I smile anyway, and I’ll wave at ya’ – if you keep looking. Life is good I take nothing for granted.

Thank you so much for dropping by our site
and partaking in my Shakespearian [like] Griot writes.

It takes a special kind of mind to comprehend this groove.
Thus I’m appreciative of you every time that you roll through.

I’m writing in bars & quoting the news,
Sharing the facts – as well as my views,
and encouraging you to do the same too.
You have no idea how much I dig hearing from you.

Ooo child I am thankful to have this moment in time –
(producing this write from my iPhone) – while on my grind.

A thankful heart and a good mind is what I have in tow.
A witty way to communicate is the seed I’m trying to sew.
I think It’s growing – yo.

Happy Thanksgiving to you – may the week be rich in spirit.
And if something great pops off, come post it – I’d love to hear it.

Be guilty of doing a good deed & reap the rewards of a ‘thanks’.
Its quite the feeling & spirit healing – better than cash in the bank.

Say ‘thank you’ when someone does something nice,
And if they stare in disbelief – go ‘head and say it twice. lol!

I’m addicted to it – yo! I like giving it and receiving,
I’m Qui
Enjoying this moment with you. Thankfully Weak is my reasoning.

What are you thankful for?

Black Eyed Peas & Cornbread

In Music, Networking, News on November 20, 2011 at 4:39 pm

20111120-144037.jpgThe Black Eyed Peas are the same staple group they’ve always been – the only thing that has changed is the side (dish). The new menu calls for cornbread – instead if the previously fresh white bread that used to be Fergie. And it looks like the cornbread will be provided by Ashanti.

Interesting – yeah?

Media Out Take has the detailed ingredients and they are Good-To-Go. Strap on a bib and eat well:

MediaOutTakeThe insider, who asked to remain anonymous told, “The group had been looking for a replacement for some time.” Ashanti was reportedly brought onto the group’s WORLD TOUR – as sort of an AUDITION, to see if she could work with the band – and it worked out PERFECTLY!!

Ashanti and The Black Eyed Peas have been ON TOUR together for nearly a month.

So when can we expect an OFFICIAL announcement? Well, a little birdie tells us that they haven’t yet DOTTED the I’s and CROSSED the T’s yet, legally. But we can expect one in the next few days.

Oh . . . and to those that think that this CAN’T HAPPEN. Black Eyed Peas member Taboo announced earlier this week that as of Nov 23rd (the group’s last OFFICIAL tour date) Fergie is taking an INDEFINITE LEAVE. Taboo told the newspaper The New Times. “We have to respect Ferg. Ferg is our sister. She definitely wants to have a family, and we’re happy for her.”

Well what do know – the stage is being set for a drool,
We’ve got Ashanti & The Black Eyed Peas, but no Ja Rule. lol!

We’ve got good music in the oven and it’s almost time to eat,
I’m Qui
Raised on Cornbread & Black-eyed Peas
— happily welcoming Ashanti.

Like Pompeii

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on November 17, 2011 at 11:16 pm

20111117-220253.jpgThe rise & the fall of ol’ Herman Cain
gives way to Newt & his poll numbers gain.

In second place – Mitt Romney religiously reigns;
Followed by the limp sexual harassments of Herman Cain.

All publicity isn’t good publicity & his once strong lead has gone astray.
Leaving me to think: he never wanted to be President anyway.

Not the way he’s behaved. Alas Newt is up to bat!
The new flavor in an old chamber of republican flats.

Splat! There’s plenty of egg to go around,
so Newt is on the rise like Pompeii –> to get down.

More scrutiny & closer looks – folks digging like there’s gold.
But Newt’s not concerned with that – he’s buying into “the polls “.

Drinking the cool aid?
Rule #1. You’re forbade.

Never get so caught up that you fail to see:
You’re the flavour of the month in the RNC.

The rise and the fall of so many –so quick,
And still no opportunity to “poll rise” for Mitt?
Ain’t that a glitch!

Pompeii was built therefore it could fall.
Ol’ Mitt’s party support hasn’t been built at all.

Michele Bachmann knows about the rise and fall of Pompeii.
She used to be the Republicans sweetheart and sunny ray.
Ahhhh back in the (not so distant) day.

Anyway for everything that goes up, it must come down.
At its due is: gas prices by the barrels and the pounds.

Or so I hope.
These gas prices ain’t no joke.

If they rise then they can fall & since Pompeii – ain’t too much changed,
I’m Qui
Watching history repeat itself – its latest victim: Mr. Herman Cain. lol!

Caution to the wind

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 15, 2011 at 11:34 am


Not even November (my dog) would do that. In fact, the whole time Novie & I went for a ride, not once did he throw caution to the wind & jump out. lol!

I’m the most cautious girl – I can’t do anything w/o research,
Especially if there’s the slightest chance that anyone could get hurt.

I’m so very cautious that I sleep with one eye open.
I’ve got ears like the bionic man – just what my mumbling teen was hopin’.

As cautious as I am – everyday I enthusiastically hit the streets
In the name of CitySquares to film small businesses FOR FREE.

What I found early was that lots of folks are just like me,
And build high walls of CAUTION when someone says: FREE.

A tiny road block for me, so I run down the quick facts
That includes “no businesses shall give me any cash,
or financial information. I want none if your banking truths.
CitySquares picks up the tab for me to come out & shoot you.

A quick hop online (via the iPhone) shows them all that they need to know,
And just like that — “Caution is to the wind” and I am good to go.

So if you see me on the strip filming a small business owners proprietary grin,
Keep this true thought – to you it’s no cost & throw Caution to the wind.

Pass me your card & brief me on what it is that you do,
and we’ll schedule a time to do your free commercial shoot.

The project is global – so don’t miss out on a great deal,
Im Qui
That filmmaker she – who’s ready to shoot you – for marketing reel.

News Peruse

In Griot, Networking, Politics, Sports on November 13, 2011 at 10:30 am

My goodness – my goodness, politics are heating up
The republican debates yield a mixed bag of nuts.
Rick Perry’s the dude that can’t step out of a rut.
Mitt is still waiting for more party support to be given up.
Yep! Yep! It’s rough.

Where Oh Where is Jon Huntsmans smile?
We have not covered Mr. Jon Huntsman for a while.
His charisma likens to charms that make a girl say ‘ooo child’.
Something like President Obama & his charismatic style.

Had you noticed?

However whenever Jon is up to bat a little podium bliss,
All repubs can think about is that he’s a mormon like Mitt.

Michele Bachmann is still hanging & Newt G is holding on,
a wash over is given to Ron Paul while Cain remains strong.

The honeymoon ain’t over – no way! Not by a long shot.
The media loves Herman Cain’s hugs & his scandals are hot!

The chicks are old & definitely wear high waist mom jeans.
Each victim bore blonde shades past the root (a dye thing).

Herman remains the master of the elephant circus ring,
And it’s really not affecting his ‘pole numbers’ scene.
Gold figure & bling-bling!

He couldn’t beat President Obama in (any kind of) debate scene.
But if the repubs choose him – I’ll be among the 1st watching. 

El Rick Santorum – what’s he up to?
The immigrants child whose words are so few.
His time to rise & take lead has long passed its due.
Seems the media was never really into his point of view.

Other news in my hood that I found to be a trip
Hamilton High beat Chandler last Thursday: 28 to zip!

The Huskies are on a 50 [+] game winning streak.
HHS is my kids new school – Ooo wee & what a treat!

I’m a week old in Arizona & it is so RED COUNTRY,
I’m Qui
On a News Peruse enjoying the repubs because they’re so funny.

Destination: HOME

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 9, 2011 at 12:55 pm

20111109-114420.jpgSaturday: It was a 17 – 18 hour road trip to relocate my family & 1/20 of our possessions — we did it in 14 hours & 27 minutes in a mid size car. Believe it or not getting out of Texas was 3/4 of the entire trip. The Fam & I did duly dip.

Sunday night found us in an Arizona hotel…
It wasn’t the Hilton nor was it hell.
We dropped by to sleep & just for a spell
Before getting the keys to our residential dwell.

We got the keys on Monday
Turned the lights on – on Tuesday
Turned the gas on – on Wednesday
And will have Internet on by Friday
The weekends have always been my high days!

I’m new to the area – I’m new to the streets
I’ve witnessed mayhem during my travel meets
Bad drivers are plentiful in the residential hood.
Today a woman blacked out while driving – barely missing me where I stood.

I’m quite the progressive; LIFE is for LOVE & for FUN,
I’m Qui
Digging the hospitality of AZ amidst all of her pro’s and con’s.
Today’s temp is a beautiful 73 & full of sun YUM!

Ps — and while Dwight A. Meyers is duly on my dome
I’d like to say R.I.Legacy to Heavy D — who’s gone home.