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Caution to the wind

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 15, 2011 at 11:34 am


Not even November (my dog) would do that. In fact, the whole time Novie & I went for a ride, not once did he throw caution to the wind & jump out. lol!

I’m the most cautious girl – I can’t do anything w/o research,
Especially if there’s the slightest chance that anyone could get hurt.

I’m so very cautious that I sleep with one eye open.
I’ve got ears like the bionic man – just what my mumbling teen was hopin’.

As cautious as I am – everyday I enthusiastically hit the streets
In the name of CitySquares to film small businesses FOR FREE.

What I found early was that lots of folks are just like me,
And build high walls of CAUTION when someone says: FREE.

A tiny road block for me, so I run down the quick facts
That includes “no businesses shall give me any cash,
or financial information. I want none if your banking truths.
CitySquares picks up the tab for me to come out & shoot you.

A quick hop online (via the iPhone) shows them all that they need to know,
And just like that — “Caution is to the wind” and I am good to go.

So if you see me on the strip filming a small business owners proprietary grin,
Keep this true thought – to you it’s no cost & throw Caution to the wind.

Pass me your card & brief me on what it is that you do,
and we’ll schedule a time to do your free commercial shoot.

The project is global – so don’t miss out on a great deal,
Im Qui
That filmmaker she – who’s ready to shoot you – for marketing reel.