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So on the way to Arizona

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It’s a 16-hour road trip from Arlington, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona and just an hour outside of the DFW metroplex, (in Weatherford, TX) we hit a deer with our 20-foot UHAUL (that is packed to the ceiling) while traveling West on Hwy. I-20.


There were no DEER CROSSING signs and we weren’t even in the woods. We were approaching a well lit area near a new car dealership (Southwest Ford) when the deer leaped onto the highway and kissed the front of the new UHAUL model. Once it made contact with the grill near the drivers side, it nearly took the bumper off and definitely removed the left head light completely out of socket. Immediately the silver bumper was pressing against the drivers side front tire making it nearly impossible to drive forward and turn left. We managed to drive another 5.8 miles to a hotel on the service road and from here I am hammering out this piece.

So on the way to Arizona after the Thanksgiving weekend,
The family and I encountered a ‘deer run-in”
Just shortly before Monday morning was to began.
Guess who may have to unpack and repack again?

It looks like a bad deal, but when life is spared, there’s no bad luck;
Unless you harp on the fact that our vehicle is a 20-ft moving truck.
What a PHYSICAL LABORING rut we may be in for. So we’ll sleep hard tonight,
knowing we may have major business to take care of by day light.

UHAUL will be here to assess the damage in the morning at 7 a.m.
And we’ll get up promptly with the help of coffee and be ready to meet with them.
Still the silver lining shines through the horned dim:
OUR LIVES WERE SPARED – No human life was hemmed.

It’s after mid night now, and I’m about to lay it down,
I’m Qui
A tad bit deferred
from arriving at our Arizona town.
…other than that — we’re safe and sound.