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Don’t drink the AZ water

In News on November 30, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Wow! I found out the HARD WAY about drinking HARD WATER – it can send you to the emergency room in short order.

I’d only been in Az for 2 weeks before going to the nearest emergency room because I’d been regurgitating for an hour straight. First up the esophagus was the chicken pot pie I’d eaten hours ahead and then up came the liquids, bile, bile and more bile (followed by dry heaving) and then — alas blood! What a frightening experience. The emergency room doctor told me that “after throwing up for an hour it’s likely you did some mild internal bruising and blood regurgitating is likely to follow”. Woah!

I’m not a 911 girl, but I was about call them out to my home – that day,
because blood is nothing I’m used to seeing before my calendars 28. lol!

*Not actual water from my AZ faucet, just a nasty visual of what the AZ water tastes like.

I was scared out of my mind and wanted to blame my earlier lunch,
but the smell of the AZ water kept my stomach on nauseous crunch.
(the chemicals therein must be ‘a bunch’).

They inserted an IV into my arm, after sticking my rolling veins 6 times.
I was so sick from the nasty water schtick — I didn’t even mind.

I ran into a dear friend over the Thanksgiving holiday
Whose been living here for 11 years — and still gets sick to this day.
Whatchu say?

He’s been drinking the darn water.
At what point do we get smarter…?

There’s Hexavalent Chromium in it as well as other nasty stuff
that probably shouldn’t be drank – less your smooth sailing goes rough.

I’m not into “the rough” – my strength is HARD but the AZ water is HARDER,
I’m Qui
Buying bottled water for now, because a sister has got to be smarter. lol!