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Here it comes

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Tick Tock – Tick Tock
The minutes pass but time never stops.

The moment at hand is a moment of good cheer.
Jeers start to heal at the beginning of a new year.

But it is not come yet and we are in the New Years Eve.
The future holds good for all men that still breathe,
when 2012 rolls in with a prosperous breeze;
Job openings and Universal Healthcare will be yielded with ease.
This I pray —PLEASE.

I believe 2012 houses something good and so I’ll post up and dock.
Happy am I to have made it thus far – to watch midnight strike the clock.

Living Life in the Positive ROCKS!!!!
Don’t stop.

And so….Here it comes – the year 2012.
Republicans scramble but the incumbent is stealth.

The pendulum swings for the common man and not corporation wealth.
Time is ‘a ticking’ … and only time will tell.

Are you ready to swell in prosperity and come up onto something new?
I’m Qui
Hooking up with thee in the 2012 sweet. Until then — I bid you adu.

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….

You better fret – He’s a LEATHERNECK

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Jarhead - "The Baddest" Scene feat. Jamie Foxx, Jake Gyllenhaal - Click the Pic to PLAY

Oh yes. Be very afraidyou know them Marines don’t play.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few along my merry way.

I said: “Hey-ey” and They said: “Hey”. back.
I gave a pleasant nod & we ended it like that.

No I kid you, I admire them a lot, so I tend to engage
I speak to their mind without restraint or behave.

And I don’t really know what they were thinking about me,
but please believe they did oblige and duly talk to Miz Qui.
Oooo wee. lol!

Charmed and now alarmed at the recent headlines:
Marine gets shot 3 times by robber, and all is fine‘.

It all started on Craigslist, add some kids and some guns.
The unarmed marine was shot thrice and in the end the marine won

Peep the details:

Lt. Col. Karl Trenker

A U.S. Marine veteran is recovering from a Craigslist transaction gone bad in which he was shot and then forced to plug the wounds with this fingers, benefiting from a military background that police say possibly saved his life.
“Thank God that I’m here,” Lt. Col. Karl Trenker told ABC News’ Miami affiliate WPLG-TV from his hospital bed in Florida. “I could very easily not have survived this.”

Trenker, 48, had arranged to meet with a Craigslist buyer in Miramar under the name “Galven” who he believed was interested in buying a men’s chain necklace his fiancee had posted on the online marketplace.

Trenker thought he was meeting the man in a well-populated plaza, but it turned out to be an apartment complex. He met two men outside on Dec. 21 and showed them the necklace.
“He just picked it up, looked at it and then just started running. I said, ‘Listen, we can just drop this now. You set that thing on the ground, walk away, we’re done. Police are going to be on their way in a minute,'” Trenker said.

Instead of dropping the necklace, the two men took off running and Trenker pursued them for several blocks before one of the suspects, Jeff Steele, “turned and fired several shots at him,” according to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office police report.
“I got shot. I didn’t know I was shot as many times as I was shot,” Trenker said. “I felt the one go into my chest and then one through my abdomen.”

Trenker was hit three or four times and shot at four or five times, Broward County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella said.

“I put my finger in the bullet holes, the big ones, and then I ran back to the car and I made sure the kids were OK and I told them, ‘Listen, Dad’s been shot. There’s an ambulance already on the way,'” Trenker said… Click Here to continue the ABC News feed.

There’s good reason to fret those LEATHERNECKS.

News Peruse

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Yes it’s been a while – but the news kept on going
Politics are still being made: GOP Caucus sewing.

It’s not looking good for the elephants home team:
Ron Paul leads the polls, by a hair and a seam.

But the seam is not tight and could unravel at anytime –
Which would surely bode well for Mitt Romney to shine.

Newt G. wants back in – and Rick Perry’s going to sue
If Virginia doesn’t add his name to the ballet spew.

He didn’t meet the criteria – he didn’t get enough signatures.
But he did bring his lawyer in tall hat and boot spurs.
Ahh the nerves of the privileged… Had you ever heard?

Korea is all up in the news because Kim Jong Il has passed away. 
They’re broadcasting grieving (tho it looks deceiving) – is this propaganda’s face?

Are the Korean people up against the wall in sorrow?
Will it be chalked up to an ‘ensemble display’ tomorrow?

I really don’t know.
But the broadcast views are one heck of a show.

And so, the US Warns Iran on Straits of Hormuz.
I had to do a little research to understand what all goes through…

Goods are being shipped through the straits of that port.
And if IRAN wants to be defiant, the US NAVY‘s a sport.
I don’t think this is a the battle that Iran wants to court.

President Obama and family are out in the H-I.
I’m so proud of the union between he and his wife.

It brings new light to the darkness of American domestic blacks.
Please believe my familial ease is so comparable to that.

The daddy hunts the food and the mommy cooks it up.
The kids are cared for and the politics are rough.
Yep! That’s us.

There’s not too much in the news past Christmas shopping and returns.
There’s not much in the news passed GOP politics and character burns.

There’s a little bit going on in Arizona with Sheriff Arpaio:
He’s being called out by the latino devout to just resign – YO!

SYRIA is doing something crazy. They’re under observation today
Opposition reports 39 lives killed across the country since Tuesday.
Whatchu say?
This is not the place you’d want to visit today.

The Young & The Restless is back on track – I am truly glad to see
that we’ve gotten Jeanne Cooper back as Mrs. Katherine C.
It wasn’t complete without the feisty she.

This is also the 100th Anniversary of the Titanics erection rank.
We also know of it’s fate – how the legendary monstrosity sank.
God bless those that stayed on the bank…

All news ain’t good news, I’m just reporting what’s on the wire,
I’m Qui
Sending sympathy
to the Connecticut woman who lost her family in a fire.

Back to the grill again

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Where’s MC Search when you need him on a chilly Monday morning?

I’m up at the crack of spawn
which is usually 4 hours before dawn

bright eyed, bushy tail and yawning.

We’re Back to the grill again – whatever that means for you.

I’m not working today,
so for me it’s more play

thus I figured I’d kick it with you. Ooo!

MC Search on a Monday Morning on the way to work "the grill"
Click here to jam MC SEARCH – “BACK TO THE GRILL AGAIN”.

How was the Christmas Holiday for you? Did you get a lot of love?
Did you get a coat, a scarf, a hat or new gloves?

The Arizona weather requires none of the (materials) above.
So I gave and I received excessive amounts of love;
via kisses, extended blisses, rich wisdom and hugs.

I didn’t make a Christmas list – everything I wanted was a need.
I copped a house and a car — yielding me a few more keys.

I had my two kids by my side, (the eldest brought home a friend).
The dining score was 4:1 — as in women to men. lol!
The fun never ends

Are you going into the office, o’ workaholic honey?
Ain’t nothing sexier than those committed to making money.

Somebody’s got to do it – I just do it at a leisure pace,
I’m Qui
Back to the grill again
: Cheering you on as you run the race.

Merry Christmas

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I’m sending out positive wishes to everyone with life:
Democrat, Republicans, and Independents alike.

The reason for the season is the biggest lesson at hand.
Merry Christmas to every man through out this massive land.

No gift is as big as the real reason we celebrate;
and the real reason we celebrate is: Jesus’ birthday.

I know Jehova Witnesses aren’t into it and other religions shun away,
but you don’t have to be a gift giver on this sentimental holiday.

You don’t have to spend any money, or even put lights on the crib.
Feel free to celebrate the day if you believe that GOODNESS still lives.

I’m grateful that unemployment benefits have been extended,
And pray that the days without jobs — is soon to be ended.

It’s not all about money, or cashing in on your wish list,
I’m Qui
Celebrating The GOOD in LIFE and wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Christmas in Ocotillo

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on December 21, 2011 at 7:53 am

Christmas in Ocotillo, AZ feels a lot like spring.
Though you can’t shake the good hearted feeling that the season naturally brings.

Neighbors with lights on house, in yard and on door…
Reminds me of another Christmas — the year before.

I was in Arlington, TX last year – Home of The Cowboys.
There were sleigh bells, high heels, boots and party noise.

Folks easily fall into the spirit of love at Christmas time,
which is the perfect setting for “its true meaning” to shine.
Ol’ JC is a navigator of mine.

Mm-hm. We go wayyy back
to 1971 [birth] and a 2 bedroom flat.

Yep! We’ve always been like that.
Tighter than Whitney was to crack. lol!

Speaking of – I’ve heard the sober Whit’ is coming back.
Forgoing to proclaim aloud that: anything is whack. lol!

Remember when she said that?
The interview energy was hot, but her CD Sales fell flat.
Hot diggity dang! I do remember that.

Hopefully this season will find Whitney feeling great,
and piling up a lot more ruffage onto her plate.

The mid size songstress looks good for her age.
I do pray that she’s [for good] kicked the crack/coke phase.

Back to Ocotillo – It sure does feel good
to finally get settled into my new neighborhood.

I’ve got the tree in the GR [great room] and a Christmas Menu in mind.
I’m preparing to feed 5, which is better than 6 or 9.

THANK GOD! I’m not on “grandmother shine”.
Nope. That title isn’t close to being mine.

Because my daughter’s bringing her “steady GF” home for dinner.
So I don’t think reproducing (at this point) is quite in her. lol!

The temperatures in Arizona are certainly those to boast.
They’re definitely kin to those beach’y warm winds of the sunny West coast.
Mmmm. I’m loving the temperatures most.

I’m missing Ag-Town too, but then you already know,
I’m Qui
and CHRISTMAS (for me) is everyday – so: Welcome Ocotillo!

Doing BAD all by themselves

In Communication, Griot, Politics on December 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

So Newt’s no longer new; he’s reached the point of slipping in the poles.
The entertaining Herman Cane lasted longer at reigns – truth in politics to be told.

It all looks like fools gold.
The game is to be sold and not told;

Thus President Obama’s administrative game is still in tact.
It’s about the wisdom of a man and not whether he’s white or black.

But Congress is divided down the middle in party sums.
The Dems yield compromise and the Republicans give none.

Those elephants are bent on making a wise man a ‘one term player’.
In their attempt to tie his hands – he emerges the ignorant slayer.

Well HEYA! – this morning Ron Paul is heading up the poles.
His vision is consistent… If only it could seriously be sold.

Repubs are playing musical chairs with their candidates (who are) seeking to lead:
Surging poles, deflate and swoll in likeability from week to week.
Ooo Wee. Who will it be?

Mitt is playing and still waiting to take the lead someday.
He’s hoping he’ll be the last man standing on nominee day.

However, Mitt will have to be patient. It’s all about patience y’all.
For Mondays polls clearly show – the party is now digging Dr. Paul.

Will Michele Bachmann come back around? Perhaps Jon H. will?
Do the Republicans know what they want? Really. What’s the deal?

The switching of the FRONT RUNNER title – isn’t fairing well,
and will likely shoot the Republicans chances of winning straight to hell.

They don’t need a Democrats PAC Team or anyone else to cause political campaign hem,
I’m Qui
their in-house counter attacks of character lack are being hurled by: them – to: them.

I believe in you

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I believe in you

A brand new day
brings good things my way

Good morning good bloggers and readers alike,
I’m giddy about this thang we call life.

So many just like us did not wake up.
So many in soil today lie face up.

But certainly not you and I.
I do believe good life is nigh.
I feel high.

Don’t waste one moment – get straight to the task.
If you’re seeking something in particular – I pray thee will ask.

Ye have not, simply because you ask not.
ASKing has yielded me most things that I’ve got.

I believe in prayer & meditation – being real with your maker.
I encourage LIVING OUT LOUD; no time to pose faker.
I pride myself on being a positive mover and shaker.

happy divider
A brand new day
brings good things your way

Unfold your arms and open up your heart to receive it.
You deserve it- but can’t have it – if you don’t believe it.

Today is absolutely your day.

Today is also my day too!
I’m Qui
Excited about life
and Encouraging you.

So, um…What are you up to?

In the Mercedes with Fab

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Wood grain, black leather, and chrome — is standard inside of his mercedes ride. However it is the music and conversation that brands the moment:

Riding shot gun with Fab 5 Freddy down 5th Avenue and across town…
Reminds me that this brother gets around more than “BROWN“.

He plays the dopest joints and his conversation is always tight.
I’m usually keeping my composure while thinking, “this is the life”!

His a.m. route sounds like jazz and his evening route sounds like a party.
All that is missing is a venue, a top shelf bar and few pining shorties.
The ladies do love FabOooo Lordy.

Me too.
Not many can pull off all that he’s known to do.

Joint Preview:


December 2011

Click the pic.

So I’m thinking about my mentor in black;
Mercedes on stroll – jamming DaBrat.

Music marks the moment. Music always sets the tone.
And it’s always first class when you’re in the legends zone.

Yes! It’s grown music – yield yourself to it, kick back and relax your wig.
Because he’s branding the grown and sexy, I will duly jam it big! lol!

Take a swig of his vibe and jam the line up in stride,
I’m Qui
Reflecting on the ambiance that was thick in his mercedes ride.

Who are you riding with?

Jam the complete G-Shock Mix [44:44mins] by clicking here: F5F Joints

Guess who’s coming to dinner

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Suddenly I feel like ol’ Spencer Tracy and Uncle Bernie Mac
because my child has brought home a suiter – my child is black.

Though that’s not the problem, for I am black too.
But our daughter didn’t bring home some big burly dude,
dressed in wife beater who treats her rude.
Conversational chauvinist – whose ethics are crude.

She brought home a girl, (latina & cute),
and so the big hearted me, has welcomed her too.

They are officially a couple. Oh yes – a femme deux.
How should my face look? What should I do?

As Christmas approaches I’m glad to have guests.
I left my daughter in the South — she found me in the West.

Recently I moved from Texas to Arizona – for gained good;
my daughter then lived in a popular Houston, TX hood.
She located me promptly — as family is understood.
I’m on my best mommy behavior — as only I would.

So I birthed two girls and the eldest has brought us one more.
Now the dinner table will have 4 women amidst the dining score.

Will it be awkward? The Christmas dine will tell us more.
So far it’s been quite refreshing and anything but a bore.

So today they’ll awake to score some employment.
Because having no cash – yields little enjoyment.

My daughter is 20 and her suitor is 21.
They’re into socializing and having plenty of fun.

At 20 I was seriously committed and had a kid.
At 20: Whatever I wanted to do is what I did,
however, I had a job too…
Which is something we must find for these two…

While every parent wants to know their kids are okay and safe,
I think I’m even antsy’er to help them get their own place. lol!
Because Momma can love you – without you being in her face. Hey-ey!
So we’re looking for two jobs – moving at a sprinters pace.

They look a lot like Ellen Degeneres and her wife;
My daughter chose the provider role for her life.

Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t make money like Ellen does,
so they’ve both got to find work – or life will be rough.

This is what I’m telling them – via my dearest motherly love.
Through it all (the more the merrier) I give lots of group hugs.

So I’m seeking to lay two extra place settings at the table in just 12 days,
I’m Qui
Conducting myself like Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage”…
Good morning Spencer Tracy! I am duly ready to play!