A New Car – for me?

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on December 11, 2011 at 8:08 am

Well maybe not so much “new”. Of course I’m looking for a vehicle, but I don’t think it will be new – maybe it’ll be “gently used” as I’m looking to pay cash for it. I hate car notes. I hate bills. So I try to avoid them at all costs. However I need a car. I’ve saved up several thousands of dollars and I’m pretty confident I’ll find one, even if I have to finance a small portion of it.
Bottom line: I’m really looking forward to rolling soon.

Yes I yearn to roll. Yes I yearn to be:
Highly Happy on 4 wheels in transit extacy.

I don’t want to take a pill – don’t want to feel like a rock star.
All I want in exchange for a few grand is a decent dependable car.

I’m stopping by the dealerships, craigslist, auto trade & green sheet too.
I’m hoping to come up on a sweetheart of a deal and pay only a couple of thousand or a few.

Economical strains negotiate prices and I’m looking to reap the reward.
I don’t mind the car being a few years old, but hopefully NOT driven too hard.
Please Lord…

Besides, I’m pitching to the future and the honest truth be told,
in a year or two the car will belong to my (now) 14 year old.
Early independence? I’m positively sold.

A New Car for me? Well not exactly, though I’ll treat it just as such,
I’m Qui
Aggressively in search of a vehicle, but certainly not in an illogical rush.

Are you selling?

  1. Good luck! A Batmobile would be cool for you!

  2. You know HOOK — I think you’re right. lol!

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