You better fret – He’s a LEATHERNECK

In Communication, Griot, News on December 29, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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Oh yes. Be very afraidyou know them Marines don’t play.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few along my merry way.

I said: “Hey-ey” and They said: “Hey”. back.
I gave a pleasant nod & we ended it like that.

No I kid you, I admire them a lot, so I tend to engage
I speak to their mind without restraint or behave.

And I don’t really know what they were thinking about me,
but please believe they did oblige and duly talk to Miz Qui.
Oooo wee. lol!

Charmed and now alarmed at the recent headlines:
Marine gets shot 3 times by robber, and all is fine‘.

It all started on Craigslist, add some kids and some guns.
The unarmed marine was shot thrice and in the end the marine won

Peep the details:

Lt. Col. Karl Trenker

A U.S. Marine veteran is recovering from a Craigslist transaction gone bad in which he was shot and then forced to plug the wounds with this fingers, benefiting from a military background that police say possibly saved his life.
“Thank God that I’m here,” Lt. Col. Karl Trenker told ABC News’ Miami affiliate WPLG-TV from his hospital bed in Florida. “I could very easily not have survived this.”

Trenker, 48, had arranged to meet with a Craigslist buyer in Miramar under the name “Galven” who he believed was interested in buying a men’s chain necklace his fiancee had posted on the online marketplace.

Trenker thought he was meeting the man in a well-populated plaza, but it turned out to be an apartment complex. He met two men outside on Dec. 21 and showed them the necklace.
“He just picked it up, looked at it and then just started running. I said, ‘Listen, we can just drop this now. You set that thing on the ground, walk away, we’re done. Police are going to be on their way in a minute,'” Trenker said.

Instead of dropping the necklace, the two men took off running and Trenker pursued them for several blocks before one of the suspects, Jeff Steele, “turned and fired several shots at him,” according to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office police report.
“I got shot. I didn’t know I was shot as many times as I was shot,” Trenker said. “I felt the one go into my chest and then one through my abdomen.”

Trenker was hit three or four times and shot at four or five times, Broward County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella said.

“I put my finger in the bullet holes, the big ones, and then I ran back to the car and I made sure the kids were OK and I told them, ‘Listen, Dad’s been shot. There’s an ambulance already on the way,'” Trenker said… Click Here to continue the ABC News feed.

There’s good reason to fret those LEATHERNECKS.

  1. What an amazing share! Don’t mess with a marine, right?

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