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The kind of surprise I like

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Qui @ President Obama's LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

My guy invited me to lunch and was going to give me a surprise, but the cute lil’ Security lady at the front desk of the Ocotillo campus beat him to the punch:

Cute Security Lady: Wow! You’re quite the lucky guy. Congrats on the tickets.
Me: (lost in conversation, but aware that I’ve come up on some information that I DIDN’T KNOW. But I didn’t speak. My eyes grew bigger.)
My Guy: Well thank you so much.

Cute Security Lady: Gosh. I know of so many people that wanted to see him.
Me: (about to tinkle on myself, because I THINK she’s talking about ‘seeing President Obama’).
My Guy: No doubt. I’m excited.

Cute Security Lady: (noticing the size of my eyes), Oh. Did you know? You didn’t know? (Now looking at my guy) I’m so sorry. Did I ruin a surprise?
Me: (Reminding myself that I’m in public and not to act all black on ’em and start dancing – like I’m on a throwback McDonald’s commercial… I look at my guy in quiet excitement.)
My Guy: No, she didn’t know. I was going to surprise her with them over lunch.

Cute Security Lady: Oh gosh. I’m so sorry.
Me: I’m not! WOW! Peep: My Tickets!

I smiled the entire lunch hour. That’s the kind of surprise I like and Tuesday afternoon was the best! Of course I was up at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning prepping to be a part of HISTORY on so many levels: 1) Seeing The President Of The United States LIVE & in person. 2) Seeing The 1st Black President of the United States. 3) Seeing The President ‘the day after’ he delivered such an incredible State Of The Union Address. 4) All of this, on the very day that Congressman Gabby Giffords Resigned.

I just moved to South Arizona – I was praying and pulling for her God speed recovery and return. She’s recovering well, and like Congressman Wasserman Shultz said yesterday, ‘We look forward to her return someday’.

I was there, behind Fab 32 watching the president re-iterate his State Of The Union Address and encourage us to move forward and be progressive, and to stay in touch with congress about where we want the country to go. He was very thorough and to the point. He had a certain charm about him. Confidence was solid. You couldn’t help but feel comfortable in his presence.


President Obama Speaking at INTEL in Arizona 1-25-12

The good that President Obama has accomplished and is in the process of accomplishing during his administration is incredible. No one is perfect and he’s certainly not magic. Laundry lists are best accomplished one issue at a time. It takes time to complete a laundry list.

Your president is at work – please be patient.

This week so far has been a high for me.
Never mind the vodka and never mind the weed. lol!

I’m happier all the more, because all is going well,
I’m Qui
Appreciating The President & JOB CREATION at INTEL.

Water Cooler Chat

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The Indiana Pacers mascot breaks backboard on halftime dunk
The game had to move to another gym, but the crowd was crunk.

Seal & Heidi Klum have decided to call it Quits.
This is low news – because there public persona has been such a hit.

Joe Paterno has crossed over. He did so on Sunday
to the detriment indeed of the champion Penn State.

Everyone’s time will come – Everyone’s eventually gotta go.
But before you exit this lifetime, try this: healthier meatloaf.
It’s off topic but pretty good – Yo! lol!

Healthier eating is on the rise
as Super Bowl Menues grow bigger than your eyes.
Don’t let high cholesterol be your losing surprise.
Don’t waist it — WASTE IT! Grease & Fat aren’t worth your life.

No one wants to lose out because of that.
Now lets get back to the Water Cooler Chat
It’s always juicy when the headliners are black.

BlackPlanet is the snitcher and dare I say,
Todays juicy couture binds Amber Rose and Sir Kanye: — Amber Rose’s former publicist is putting her thieving ways on BLAST. Janero Marchand claims the stripper turned “model” stole money from him and others. And once Janero told Kanye West that Amber was stealing from him–THAT is what led to their break up. Not Kim Kardashian like Amber is claiming.

We spoke to Janero today to get more details….

Janero made some serious allegations today against his former client Amber Rose. He tweeted about not only introducing Amber to Kanye (whom he worked closely with behind the scenes), but about Amber stealing Janero’s “agent” cut when he booked her for ‘Ye’s “Robocop” video. She got paid $100,000 for the video, and he claims she stole HIS 20% cut as well! And was plotting to steal from Kanye too.

Mr. Marchand gave the additional juicy details. He revealed that Amber’s infidelity and stealing are the real reasons behind their breakup. And since he hates seeing how Amber is dragging other people’s names through the mud to cover her own wrong doings, he’s revealing ALL.

See while Amber Rose was stealing
Kanye was butt gripping,
and writing and taunting,
and later Kardashian flaunting.

Janero was the publicist
who took the $20,000 stiff
from Kanye’s ex-stripper Ms. —
who (now) stands super pissed.

She and Kanye are over
But Ambers frame is a shiny clover.
There’s some other dog (I’m sure) name Rover
that will find and ultimately hold her.

In Ambers life – not much will change.
Every dog like’s hand palming a nice frame. lol!

Ahhh, the lives of the ‘brown & upper crust’.
If I made it into a SOAP, would you eat it as much?

I’m holding up the Water Cooler like its study stand doesn’t work,
I’m Qui
Sipping filtered water and considering a soap opera flirt.

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News Peruse

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Italian Cruise Captain says he ‘Tripped’ into Lifeboat & Couldn’t get out. [?]
Oh that’s what that whole”Abandon the boat with 4000 guest afloat” – was all about.

The Keystone Project had it’s neck on the chopping block…
The President has killed it and the Reublicans are hot!

ABC’s Modern Family is a show of familial modern day love.
On Wednesdays funny episode, Mitch & Cam’s daughter said “f*ck”.

Their 4 year old daughter, Lily said “the word” about four or five times.
It’s got the Parental Control Community up in arms about script lines.

Two hands were found in an LA park where a human head was found –
Recently someone cut up a middle aged man and spread his body parts around.

Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh Rick Perry done quit
And its noted he’s going to be backing Gingrich.

Rick Santorum’s on the surge again.

This GOP race is quite the show.
Thanks ROLAND MARTIN for twitting out ‘the know’.

Single Ladies new season series – will be slightly different from the past
Denise Vasi has a look that’s quite catchy & she’s replacing Stacey Dash.

I sure hate to see Stacey dash out on us,
I’m Qui
I had hoped that keeping “that gig“, was worth the fuss.
She’s young. She’s fabu. I wish her love.

PS… Stacey Dash is on Twitter.
Hit her up if you miss her. (-:

Laughing at Your Moma

In Communication, Networking, Self Improvement on January 18, 2012 at 1:09 pm

I didn’t name the title of the video [“Shit Black Moms Say“], but I promise you those are my real life actions (and responses). Trey Moe is a young comedian on the rise. He has an Awesome YOUTUBE VIDEO line up. Watch his videos and work on your abs. Laughter is good for the soul and the abdominal muscles.

Laugh at your Moma today:

I am both tickled and embarassed – mostly because
I constantly tell my kids “those things” – out of love.

I am a fan of laughter if the content is fresh and funny,
I’m Qui
and we ain’t stopping if you ain’t got Mc Donald’s money. (-:

A Happy Show for the 1st Lady MO

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Happy Birthday FLOTUS Michelle Obama

I can not say enough about this young lady – and there’s surely not enough good press
To describe the way she represents – so I thought a sisterly view would paint best.

I am but her sister, and it has nothing to do with the color of her skin.
I’m proud to call her sister because Michelle is from the stock of: WIN.

You can’t beat this sister doing good – she’s younger than the Pres, but did you know
she used to be his career mentor before he was ever her beau?

She courted the law first of all and Barack Obama was an addition to the game.
She shared with him knowledge that schooled him like college & ended up carrying his name.
Their core commonality: BIG BRAINS.

By no means is she a wall flower, though she knows how to walk with grace.
I love her position in the medias vision – she keeps a warm smile on her face.

Alas today is her birthday – so I had to compose a griot shout out.
I know it’s not “noted news”, but I’ll bet you there’s ‘gone be a party at the White house.

Oprah and Gayle ‘nem will likely be there & they’ll be toasting to positive hoop’la.
Mika from Morning Joe, Soledad, and Suzanne Maliveaux – but maybe not Rush Limbaugh.

I don’t know. I just wish my name was on the elegant guest list.
But because it’s not, I won’t be a snot – thus I’m sending my fondest wish:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOTUSFirst Lady Of The United States,
I’m Qui
Glad to bear witness to thee and admiring your style and grace.

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Why he’s still important

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream –> a dream that he shared with us;
then life for him grew increasingly dim, and became much more difficult.

As if it weren’t enough that he was born non-white
He was given the daunting task of heading up The CIVIL RIGHTS.
A task that duly cost him his life…

But let’s just say, he hadn’t been born
and racism ruled with no civil alarms
and you and I shared no equality charms
and the word “unity” was still riddled with thorns.

The world would be different.

If Martin Luther King had not taken a firm stance
and declared equality for each and every man…

If he had not been progressively charting on that – his last day,
I don’t think we’d have to much to rally around and celebrate.

The world would be filled with even more unbridled hate.
I thank God for Dr. King’s bravery towards his life and his fate.

And that is why without deny we calendar acknowledge MLK.
He’ll always be important – as long as there’s more than one race.

His larger than life bust is a welcoming face.
I see Washington, DC went big with his memorial space.
I’ve got to get out and visit that place….
Race issues still need a lot of space.

A lot has changed since the year of 1968.
Our Commander In Chief has a charming brown face.

Possibility was born when that preacher had a dream.
That Civil Rights Preacher was Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you’re enjoying the betterment of race relations that forego ignorances sorrow:
Then let me see you waving your hands at any of the scheduled parades tomorrow.

I’m sure to be filming and enjoying the day,
I’m Qui
Glad to be in unity as we celebrate MLK.

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INTEL in your Smartphone Cell

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ARM (The Architecture for the Digital world) has owned the internals of the general cell phone with the exception of Apple iPhones of course – however, that is soon to change.

Recent TECH NEWS cites that INTEL has teamed up with Lenovo & Motorola and is investing in ‘The Smartphone game’, and that’s not all —> they’ve also been working with DELL on a crazy Ultrabook piece with multi functional screen positioning as well as some type of 3D holographic thing where you can motion swipe your projected view.

The holographic type thing is being pitched for use in shopping. The concept: Imagine seeing a sneaker in 3D, 360 rotations, or even how it would look on your foot. I liken the thought to the type of technology Tom Cruise used in his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series. You know, the mid-air swipes Tom made at the holographic screen that was his computer? Or something like that.

The game changer: The difference between the semiconductor chips that Apple products are based on, or that ARM products are based on versus the semiconductor chips that INTEL will be using is that — Apple and ARM outsource their semiconductor work while INTEL does it all in house. That has the potential to save millions in production and reflect an affordable price for the consumer. So top notch innovation at an affordable price… Who wouldn’t welcome that?

I’m a MacBook Pro girl, but hey – I’m peeping the PC game.
Determined to change it up, INTEL adds KNOWLEDGE & their name.

Peep a couple of the links that I’ve listed below
if you’re “the gadgety type” who likes to be in the know:

Intel at CES 2012
CES Crowd with Ambitious Plans
Watch INTEL’s CES 2012 key note livestream!

I’m all over my new Apple iPhone 4S.
I’m an Apple head because Apple’s the best.

That’s a personal opinion. Though I think it’s enough.
I think their Fourth Quarter Earnings will back the fact up.

But this isn’t about Apple Smartphones – they’re doing fine and well.
This is about a new player in the game – this is About INTEL.

I don’t think ARM is all that messed up about it. They own the cell phone world,
I’m Qui
That researching she – documenting ‘whats to be’ – because I’m a gadgety girl.
….with a seriously moist “IN THE KNOW” pearl. (-:

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Who killed Diane Jenkins

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Who killed this woman?

Even though Victor Newman sits in a jail cell
after having confessed to the murder of Diane Jenkins — HE DIDN’T DO IT. Even though Nicholas Newman had a tiff with Diane Jenkins prior to her getting her head bashed in at the creek — HE DIDN’T DO IT. Victoria Newman didn’t do it. Nicky Newman didn’t do it. Deacon didn’t even do it. I’m no sleuth but I am an avid Y & R follower and I’m pretty sure the crazy arsed Patty did it. Patty is Paul’s sister. She’s crazy and insane and I think Adam Newman incited her to do the murderous thang that was done to Diane Jenkins.

Now there’s no NEW CONFESSIONS out yet that support my theory, but Patty has recently been worked back into the scene as “Myrna” — Genevieve‘s housekeeper, who recently had facial reconstruction after surviving an explosion that Colin (Genevieve’s ex-husband) allegedly caused. Before the explosion happened, we always heard Jack Abbott speak of Myrna to Genevieve in passing conversation, but never really got to put our eyes on the seemingly shy housekeeper, until the writers decided they needed to finally close the chapter on “WHO KILLED DIANE JENKINS”.

I imagine they didn’t want to pen it on a staple cast member, so they brought the loony toon Patty back from padded lock up to take the blame. It’s not so much a ‘classic move’ as it is an easy move. BLAME IT ON THE VILLAGE IDIOT – or at least the town loon if you need to close the case soon. I also predict Adam Newman had something to do with commissioning her to kill Diane. Ahhh, Adam is so good at persuading, (or so the writers WRITE IT as so). I’m never sold on his bird brain schemes — but without them, it wouldn’t be “the soaps”.

The facts are not all in and no one has been seriously charged for Diane’s murder. Victor Newman sits in jail under blame, at his own hands. In his mind, he thought Nikki Newman killed her while under the influence of alcohol, (she’s a recovering alcoholic). Nikki couldn’t remember if she’d killed her or not, so Victor swung into action and took the blame to avoid his former favorite stripper and ex-wife from going to prison for murder.

Alas, Nikki didn’t kill Diane and Victor sits in denim behind bars for nothing. With so much time on his hands he’s recently asked Sharon Newman, (his former daughter-in-law) to marry him and he put at least a 4 carat rock on her ring finger. Nikki and Nicholas are outraged that he proposed and that Sharon is wearing the ring. Victor stands to confuse his grand children born between Nicholas and Sharon, as they currently call Victor ‘Grandpa’.

We’d all classify this as trailer trash or Jerry Springer type stuff,
If the writers didn’t make the characters bank balances so rough.

They are stinking rich and their trash supersedes a trailer.
They are a hoarders dream –> they stack legacy paper.

They’re fictional and exciting and filthy alike.
They are the staple to so many who love the afternoon soap life.

Aye! I am one who loves soap in the afternoon. Perhaps because I’m a writer.
As trashy as Victor Newman is acting – he’s quite the distinguished exciter.

So Who killed Diane Jenkins? Well don’t be looking at me.
I’m Qui
That Young & Restless She & I’m pretty sure the answer is Patty.

Buckle in

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Alas it’s Monday: Holidays are over & school is back in session again.
I love my teen but miss “free time” for me … school days are my best friend.

Buckle in – it’s a new day and so much to conquer already.
I’m sipping jo while composing griot – My mind is alert and steady.

I’m back on the taxi stroll, I’ve got plenty of driving to do;
In search of a gig for my eldest kid – so we’re job hunting too.

She’s in the medical field, so I hope we’ll be in luck.
Independence is the goal – a bank account on swoll;
she needs to make her own bucks.
Being 20 and broke kind of sucks. lol!

She’s not the only one seeking a new gig – I’m looking to take on more clients.
The film industry skill is my element [for reel] … I stay current and compliant.

If you stay ready – you ain’t got to get ready” <— For this is my true motto.
So Buckle in for this Monday’s spin, a charted WIN is Good-To-Go.

Go for what you want. You’re the driver – so duly Buckle in,
I’m Qui

That shotgun she – riding with you & encouraging a WIN.

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It isn’t EASTER time but

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
I’m wishing you a GOOD FRIDAY, and it’s only the first Friday of the year.
I pray this new years beginning yields you lots of good cheer.

I’m happy on today, because I’ve got my life, my health and strength.
I’m happy on today because I can duly afford the rent.

I’m happy today because my children are in good health too.
I’m happy today because I’m kicking it with you. Ooo!

And so — it is GOOD FRIDAY after all.
Get up quickly if you stumble and fall.

Be like Herman Cain and his resistant 999…
Walk about in bliss – like all is well & fine.
(even if its only in his –and your– sublime).

It isn’t EASTER time but anytime is a good time to have a GOOD FRIDAY,
I’m Qui
That blissfully happy she – encouraging you to make this one a HIGH DAY.

Qui Loves Ya!

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